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  1. WOW stainless steel polish and cleaner works great to spray it on and wipe it's better than goo be gone or goof off. Can be found in home depot or Lowe's I use it to take stickers off of restaurant hoods.
  2. I have spent the last 2 hrs trying to type this post and I'm at a loss for words as we are all at a loss of a friend. My heart sank when I seen this thread, i was looking forward to talking to Bob again, I guess that will have to wait. I'm still at a loss for words
  3. thank you everybody for the thoughts and prayers Bob yes i do need help but Marcarl said he was not appling for a job lol and uncledj i knew you would know about this and yes i have figured a way to just offer a cleaning service alone on these units my company can go in and clean the coils drain pan and sleves on all the units on one visit versuse going out to clean the unit when it stops working while i am in there i can inspect it and have the hotel call out certified hvac techs to fix it if there are other problems like refrierant leaks or bad swithes and boards since im not certified to do that work (at least not yet) but i can clean the units and will be getting mfg certified for each mfg like goodman ge in the next 6 months to 1 yr. as for help im trying to raise the rest of the funds i need thru gofund me and SBA loan but my first job will allow to start without an SBA loan i prefer to be debt free rather than a slave to the banks but sometimes you have to make the sacrifice for the short term for the long freedom of owning your own business and being debt free i just wish i would of done this back in the begining of April instead of the end of may i would already be working lol i do have some of the equipment just waiting to get the rest to start it will indeed be a good adventure that i look forward to and will feel the need to be needed again the good thing about this is i will be able to travel all over the country with this again thank you all
  4. Brad glad you and Mrs Squidly are ok i still need to get to Houston to meet up with yall and go for a ride oh Gunboat passed the word you were not ready to ride with him yet you still need to a lot more riding experience before you can go! glad yall are still around the bike can be fixed or replaced yall can not
  5. hello my Venture family im still alive and i have indeed missed yall!. i have (like im sure most of us on here have) been going thru some hard times with imediate family and job ( i got laid off in April) its been a rough 4 months jobs are out there but they want you to work cheap min wage cheap at 20hrs a week so i have decided (back in may) to start my own business, even that is tough to lol i have been able to aquire some equipment needed but still need more and i will attain that in the next 2 weeks if all goes well unemployment of 106 a week runs out in 2 more months (MS is cheap lol) but dont want to exhaust that. im excited to get this moving as i will have 8 contracts after i prove my company's quality and rep after the first one i cant wait !!! on a side note the bike is down diaphrams and sliders so the bike has been on the back burner and my suburban is down to no spark and jump time if its not one thing its another but no crying only laughing here so live, laugh, love, and laugh some more. i hope everybody has been doing good! oh my new business will peryain to hotel/motels i know this group especialy would understand and have been there smelled it and left as quick as posiible my company deals with cleaning the ptac units in the rooms when you walk in the room and it smells moldy musky with mildew that comes from the (ptac) Pacage Thermal Air Condition not being cleaned properly those hvac guys know what im talking about coil cleaning and only 30 companies do this nation wide dont get me wrong hvac techs clean them when called but that is what my co. will do on a reg. maint. schedule for hotel/motel only. ok enough of that got to go raise some things and finish working on the suburban hope everybody is doing great talk to yall later.
  6. those boards are known for going bad especialy if its one with a digital read out and the cost of one is asd much as a new frige
  7. 10:30 in Diamondhead i was only 15 min from you at work well maybe 20 min you had passed right by me sure would have liked to meet you and see bid red
  8. pmelah

    New Site

    my book marks are not the same the page would not load and then after i tried to log in i was welcomed but also in a little box told me i did not have prmission to do something maybe i did something wrong i dont know Boss the site looks good just going to take a little getting use to for me
  9. pmelah

    im back

    thanks slowroll they are in a better place now
  10. pmelah

    im back

    sounds good i should have the bike back up and running then she sat for the last 4 months took a while to get her to run half way desent she is hitting on 3 got 1 slide not working right
  11. pmelah

    im back

    well i never really left just havent been on here to read and comment on post since July lost a few family members and dear friends not an easy one to take but they are in a better place now had to take time from work for all this but now im back and internet is back on oh and lights too ist amazing how the electric company will turn everything off at the drop of a hat around here when you dont pay your bill but ask them to cut it off because your not going to be there and it takes them forever anyway lights are back on and back to work. now to break red out of her 3 month slumber
  12. You will getter done I have faith in you Heather oh and the 2nd gear thing too Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. fuel im now almost out of gas now and its running much much better now had to adjust the idle screw up so she will idle on her own while she sits but still much better now the ide jets need to be cleaned with the seafoam stuff
  14. almost done walking :rotf::cool10::bighug:its been sitting for 2 weeks with a very heavy dose of berrymans in it every day i crank it at full choke she will run but no other way well now i have as of today been running it with no choke but she does not idle on her own im almost at 1 bar on the guage but she is running better now hope to be riding tomorrow :cool10::fingers-crossed-emo
  15. nope the fairing has to be split breather off to get them all out no easy way
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