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  1. Don't have the Venture anymore (wreck) but still check in.
  2. Hazards do work with the ignition off. I will clean the battery terminals.
  3. I have an 89 VR that hasn't been ridden in a few years, but I do start it at least once a week. Last week I started it with no problem. I went to start it yesterday and it wouldn't crank. The fuel pump clicked, All the lights come on,and the kill switch is in the run position, the radio works the hazards work, but not the turn signals , the horn doesn't work and the brake light doesn't work. The battery is less than 2 months old. I think that's all the details I can think of, any thoughts on what happened in the few days since I last started it?
  4. I sent you a PM, put it wasn't in the sent box. But I do still have them. Shipping using USPS flat rate medium box is $14.35, since you have bought other thins from me I'll pay $7.00 of it. Do you need any small items that might fit in the box? Contacting me through email mralex714@yahoo.com or call or text 850-499-2716 might be better way to be sure I get your response. I have an owners manual $5.00 will fit in box with the speakers.
  5. Progressive no longer makes the rear spring for the Venture. I actually got this with a group of parts I bought together. I also have 2 other rear shocks with the stock springs. If the shock is loosing air I would ckeck the lines for leaks. Not sure if your bike is a Royale with the CLASS. My mine was constantly loosing air. I removed the CLASS and added schrader valves , never had any issues after that. Also I was under the impression that non Royales were air only rear shocks and had no spring, but not sure.
  6. I still have a lot of first gen parts for sale and really need to get rid of them, I have moved on to a Gold Wing. There are also many other parts not listed just ask. I also have a running parts/ project 89 and an 86 that is nothing now but an engine and frame but did run when I got it, I believe it had less than 15,000 miles on it, a 10x5 trailer with wheel chock. Message me or call/ text me at 850-499-2716, I'm willing to deal
  7. I do have it. It fits a USPS medium flat rate box.
  8. I am pretty sure I do, I'll check and let you know.
  9. Not an answer to your question but related. I bought my first Venture an 84 new while I was stationed in the Philippines from the Navy Exchange at Subic Bay. I bought the bike for $5360.00 (not a Royale). About a month later they called me and said the bike was not a US spec bike and ordered me another one. About a month later the replacement arrived, I went to get it the day after they called. When I got there it was still in the crate. While I waited for them to get it ready (about 45 min) I waited in the managers office and saw the invoice from Yamaha. The Navy exchange paid Yamaha $2550.00
  10. Rear shock with progressive spring. Dampener knob is missing.$75.00 OBO PLUS shipping
  11. False tank cover from 89? VR gold in color.$45.00 OBO plus shipping
  12. Yamaha air wings, no mounting hardware(screws). $55.00 OBO plus shipping
  13. Right fairing compartment with door, lock and key.$25.00 OBO plus shipping
  14. BlBlack left and right engine covers, Mounting studs intact.ack left and right engine covers, Mounting studs intact $100.00OBO plus shipping
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