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  1. Bought a couple of used parts and check the dealer price. Wow.... I wonder what a MKII would cost part by part at the dealers. Anyone knows this trivia? Or want to take a guess?
  2. As many know from my past posts, I picked up a pair of 1986 Yamaha Venture Royale’s back in October of 2014 to have an excuse to spend time with my Father turning wrenches and restoring these wonder pieces of Yamaha engineering with the intention of getting him back in the saddle again after a long hiatus of him riding. My father has ridden motorcycles all his life and was the reason I too have the bike bug. He taught me everything I know. My Dad and I had a great time restoring our matching Venture’s and spent some really memorable times on the road during the summer of 2015. As you can see, he started me young (picture of me in my knitted "helmet" circa early 1970's on one of his bikes) But I need to clarify one thing….My Dad is 75 years old this year and getting him back in the saddle of a large and heavy bike like the MKII Venture Royale caused a bit of stress for him. He was once a big burly police officer that road Police Harley’s on the street, in high speed pursuits, rode dirt bikes on the many trails we have here in the mountains of Alberta Canada…..but unfortunately he is not the big, strong man, with razor reflexes like he once was. Although he is in great shape and could probably still kick my butt, age catches up with all of us unfortunately. The point of riding is to have a pleasurable, relaxing, and fun time. But if you are constantly worrying about dropping your bike or avoiding roads with traffic lights that make you stop and balance your bike then that is not a good thing, and that is where my father is unfortunately coming to this 2016 riding season. So I saw this as a challenge and quest to find a way to keep my Dad riding with me, but to hopefully take the stress out of it for him. So I set out to trike his bike. Being that we only paid $500 each for our lovely Venture’s I could not justifying spending thousands of dollars on the many trike kits and conversions out there. Nor did my Dad want to shell out the money for a already triked machine since he doesn’t know how many years of riding he has left. So I thought about alternatives, did a lot of research, checked Craig’s List every day, and even bought some DYI trike plans off the internet to see if I could build my own. Well, one lovely day in June 2015 I was sitting in my office in Calgary Alberta Canada and was checking Craig’s list for Phoenix Arizona and found an ad for “Motorcycle trailer Insta-trike”. I reached out the the very nice fellow in Casa Grande Arizona who said that he had bought a property and in one of the sheds there was some assorted metal and a trailer for a motorcycle which had a sticker on it calling it an “Insta-trike” and he would sell it to me and the scrap for $100. Well from my research I know this was not trailer at all, but a trike kit for a motorcycle….Eureka I found a solution for my Dad and for only $100!!!!! Yippie. Now the problem, the Insta-Trike was located in Arizona but my Dad's Bike is located 2550km away. Plus the trike had been modified to fit a mystery bike that was definitely not a 1986 Yamaha Venture Royale. Being that I sometimes overestimate my mechanical, fabrication, and transportation abilities, I purchased the Insta-trike and scrap metal over the phone and told him I would pick it up the next time I was in Arizona. We were schedule to head down to our house in Phoenix for a Summer vacation in July so the seller was kind enough to store the “scrap metal” for me for an additional month. Well July rolled around and this is what greeted me when I picked it up. Well I then proceeded to spend many hours cleaning it, repainting, and upgrading the bald tires and larger rims so my Dad wouldn’t think I was putting a set of used “training wheels” on his nicely restored Venture. Got that all done and was very proud of myself and the project……but then it dawned on me “how the heck do I get this home to Canada” as it weighs a ton! Plus “How the heck do I connect this trike to my Dad’s bike since it clearly was meant for a different bike and was missing brackets!” I proceed to tackle the “How do I connect it to my Dad’s Bike” first. I contacted Tow-Pac the makers of the “insta-trike kit” asking if I could purchase parts and possibly a bracket kit for the Yamaha Venture. They instantly refused me saying they only sell the brackets for a specific bike with a full trike kit. I then asked if I could purchase a few replacement parts…they asked me to send them a picture of my insta-trike for reference before they would sell me parts. Once I sent them pictures of my “$100” find then proceed to send me a refusal email saying that my trike appeared to have been modified and they would NOT sell me anything related to parts or accessories. Plus they were rather rude in the process like I had violated a cardinal rule of purchasing a “used” and “Butchered” product of theirs. That total Pissed me off! I have never been refused by a vendor to sell me parts for their product! Well, that was the last I will ever try to work with Tow-Pac ever again. So it is up to me to fabricate brackets….I can do that….right? I own lots of big scary tools that can cut, grind, weld, and drill metal…it is only my Father’s safety going down the road at 110km per hour….how hard could it be? Next challenge….”how the heck do it transport this 200lb metal contraption to Canada from Arizona?” I checked into all kinds of transport options and they were all Very Expensive!!!! My Shipping options ranged from $1200 to $600 to get it across the border and moved 2550km away. Kind of defeats the purpose of going cheap if shipping it would cost that much. Plus I didn’t feel like driving, nor do I have the time to drive 48 hour and travel 5000km round trip in my truck to pick it up personally. So I decided to see if I could take it on the airplane with me! How do you eat an elephant….well one bite at a time…so I decide to use the same approach with getting this thing home on the airplane. I stripped the trike down to it’s smallest parts possible and took a part or two in my suite case or box every time I went down to Arizona. Both my wife and the airlines thought I was crazy, but if I kept the size and weight down to their maximum levels then each item would only cost me $20 to take on the plane…..AND if I could fit it in my carry on bag it was free! I like FREE!!! Have you ever went through Airport security with a full torsion axel and hub in your carry on bag? Well I have, and had to do some sweet talking with a supervisor at the Security check point to prove it was not hazardous, or could be used as a weapon on board the airplane. Luckily Airport security supervisor was a motorcycle guy too and let me pass after some very detailed questions about my Yamaha Venture’s and my personal intentions with the part on board. Plus I made him chuckle with my story of how I was transporting my Dad’s trike kit one piece at a time. Unfortunately, my wife did not find it humors waiting for me to clear security and thinking I was getting strip searched in the interrogation room! After 4 trips to Arizona and $100 in extra baggage fees I finally got the elephant eaten and the kit made it home to my shop in Canada! Yippie!!!! Now time to fabricate the Brackets to attach it to my Dad’s Bike. To be Continued!
  3. I was at the Home Depot electrical dept. today and spotted these, and my first thought was they could be used as a replacement for the rubber straps that hold the side covers on the MkII Venture. It seems to be a small bungee cord with grommet, and about the perfect size for the application. -Pete, in Tacoma WA USA
  4. Does anyone know if the chrome front fender extension piece are interchangable on the MKI sv MKII?
  5. Wondering if you would share the type of hyway pegs you've installed on your MKII and why you like them.
  6. Hi All you guys with parts bikes... I was wondering if anyone has a set of forks for a MKII they would be willing to part with? Got a project to work on...
  7. Anyone have a MKII right handle bar grip end section just laying around. It can be in really bad condition. My wrecked 91 VR right handle bar got bent down vertically so bad that the bike is unmoveable. I just need one so I can move the wrecked VR in and out of the garage when needed. I'm not sure but maybe the end I need are interchangeable left or right.
  8. Folks, Wondering if these MKII items will fit on a MKI... Travel trunk? (My helment won't fit in my MKI trunk, and see that the MKII trunk is much deeper). Will a MKII trunk fit without much trouble? Passenger footboard mounting plate? I really like the MKII style of flip-down/flip-up footboard, compared to the MKI things I have. Will a MKII mounting plate fit without too much trouble, and will the muffler mounting be compatible? Thanks to all for your input.
  9. I'm not sure of my memory on this one but both the MKI and MKII inner fork tubes are 40mm or 41mm diameter? Mike
  10. Has anyone in the last couple of years purchased a set of Chrome Intake Air Vent for an MKII on ebay? If so could you tell me what you paid for them. I need some reasonable price comparions for an insurance claim.
  11. Has anyone in the last couple of years purchased a set of Chrome Roto Covers for an MKII on ebay? If so could you tell me what you paid for them. I need some reasonable price comparions for an insurance claim.
  12. Has anyone in the last couple of years purchased a set of Markland Floorboards with Heel/Toe Shifter. for an MKII on ebay? If so could you tell me what you paid for them. I need some reasonable price comparions for an insurance claim.
  13. Has anyone in the last couple of years purchased a set of Chrome Caliper Covers for an MKII on ebay? If so could you tell me what you paid for them. I need some reasonable price comparions for an insurance claim.
  14. My fan is not working, I have isolated problem to the thermostat switch in the coolant tee. Anybody have a spare one ?? I need an 1st gen MKII version with 2 contacts on it. See attached picture. I can bypass it for now with a switch. Gary
  15. a set of MK1 Carbs instead of MKII Carbs. Well, my dad thinks so. MKI carbs are 34MM and MKII Carbs are 35MM, does anyone happen to know of any OTHER differences? Interchangability etc?
  16. In the two years I've been a Venture MKII owner, I have not ever seen a set of these every for sale anywhere. Infact I think I've only seen them on 3 Ventures so far. So before I investigate the process to maufacture these, it would be helpful to know how many MKII owners would really be interested in a set. I've already collected some data on the dimensions. So if you are interested please post here. I will assume 1 set unless you specify more than 1.
  17. Can anybody tell me if a hitch taken off of a MKI fit onto an MKII ?
  18. Anyone have an extra Right Faring Cover to sell that will fit a 91 VR MKII? A couple of the screw holes cracked into pieces. I could try to plasticx fix it but thought I would as the group first. I need the one with the openings to accommodate all the standard OEM electronics.
  19. So Hinshaw in Auburn Wa had Honda Demo day. So a friend (85 Goldwing) and I (91 MKII) rode out and I test rode a 2012 Wing. The last time I was on a Wing was my 1980 (Bought New) then sold in 83 and went to raise a family. The 2012 Wing is all that I've read and heard about. Smooth, Smooth, Smooth. I had it in 5th and took it down to 5 mph and throttled it and it was stlll smooth. All Power, Power, Power. Wow lots of torque. Agle and nimble, nimble, nimble. Very responsive to curves and any little push of the handle bar. Balance, Balance, Balance. I couldn't believe that at a stop light, I was sitting on one of the heavest production touring if not the heavest and I was tossing the Wing left and right with easy. With a little more time on the Wing, I think I could make most complete stops without my foot ever leaving the foot pegs. Slow speed crawls are so effortless. When I first sat on the Wing. It seemed like I was sitting on top of the Wing and I'm only 5 ft 8 inchs. Everything seemed like I was looking down on it. But it took only a few miles before I quickly adjusted to the Wings sitting and gage position. It was something that I been wanting to do for many years. So now I can put it to rest. Would I trade my 91 MKII for it......no... The Wing is Smoother, but so is the MKII. I can ride my MKII 500 miles in a good day and do the vibration test. Which is to touch some stationary object with my hands and my hands does not zing. The Wing has more power. Well that is a given 1300 vs 1800. My VR MKII can get up and really go also. I think the Wing seems to responds quicker and could be more manuverable. But the question is how much more. Like I said I think, but not real sure. The Wing definately seems to have it hands down on balance at the stop light, but then the Wing had foot pegs and my VR had floor boards. Not a real big issue for I'm almost flat footed on my VR with Floor boards and as soon as I get my seat back from Rick Butler I should be flat footed for the seat will be lowered a little over 1 inch. I do miss the smooth ride that the stock OEM springs provided on my VR when on ruffer roads. I just installed Progressive. So I really can't compare the spring acton between my VR and the Wing, but the Wing sailed over the bumps. After getting back on my VR, I prefer the seat position of my VR for I feel like I sit in the VR rather sitting on top of the Wing. All the gages on my VR are out in front which I prefer for viewing. I also like the way the VR engine thumps at low speeds a bit more like a typical m/c then really smooths out as one gets going. I also like the sound of the VR more when I get on the engine, the VR has a really nice throaty sound. The Wing with all that plastic almost seems to be in a slightly different catagory than a motorcycle. I like to see more of the bikes engine and stuff. The VR MKII seems to have the right balance. I'm always looking back at my Shiny VR as I'm walking away from it. The other think is that as my 21 year old VR, just gets better with each aging year like a nice classic car. While any new 2012 bike after the 1st year new newess is over then its just a used m/c with years of payments to come. Its kind of like for me I'm getting ready in a couple of years for a brand new car. My plan is to buy a nicely reconditioned 65 GTO rather than buying a brand new car. So I'm kind of particial to an older vehicle reconditioned that a brand new vehicle. Well there you have it. I'm glad I got the test ride out of my system. My VR pass the test for I still prefer the VR.
  20. Painted my Calipar Covers. I think it came out pretty nice. Going to do the "V"s on other accessories.
  21. Could someone post a picture of their MKII Tank Rack. I'd like to see what it looks like to see if I might want one someday. Also any undesirable opinions of it would be helpful.
  22. Does anyone have on their MKII the Chrome Guards for the Large Side Panels. If you do would you be willing to give me some dimensions. 1) Take one off your VR and trace the guard on a piece of paper. 2) Measure the diameter of the tube 3) Indicate on the drawing where the 4 mounting pieces go and their lengths. See Attachment. It might be a bit small.
  23. Does anyone have one of those shouldered spacers that is required for the installation of the chrome rotor covers for a MKII?
  24. I have a project I'm working on. My 84 has a very small trunk and I have the mounting bracket for an 85 trunk. I've also determined that any MkII trunk will fit the 85 hardware. The only thing I'm missing now is the antenna bracket. It needs to be longer than the 84. Questions are.... Does the MkII bracket fit on the 85 mounting rack? Does anyone have one they would be willing to part with? Failing that at least I would know if I could look at ANY MKII on eBay...
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