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  1. I know that some dealers will mount them incorrectly. I was on a ride on Saturday and noticed one of the guys had his switched. If the radio antenna is connected to the cb cable and the cb antenna connected to the radio cable, will that cause reception issues with the cb? Here is what we experienced. We would be stopped at a stoplight and we could talk to each other just fine. We hit the highway and there was so much static couldn't make out what we were saying. It wasn't anything like passing over power lines or anything like that. We were next to each other for about 2 hours and it was like that the whole way.
  2. I sure hope you guys enjoy answering My super simple questions! Got a new one. What side is the cb antenna supposed to be mounted on?
  3. I have noticed, when browsing the Members list, that there are quite a few Amateur Radio ops on here. I am looking at possibly installing a Dual Band Yaesu FT-10 on the bike. Yaesu came out with this new weatherproof VHF/UHF Dual-Bander, and it looks like a good radio to mount on a bike. Comes with AM/FM receive too! (wont need that). You can get a handlebar mount, and a bluetooth headset/mic, and even an amplified speaker if needed. Has anyone mounted one of these yet? If you have this radio or some other ham radio installation on the bike, how about some pics? Years ago, I mounted a handheld on the tank of a Sportster, but it was not a good match. The vibrations the bike put out shook the radio too violently to operate well when moving. I did wire up a noise cancelling boom mic, and eventually solved some of the vibration problem, but I'm thinking the Venture and this new radio might be the way to go. I might look at one of the CB/AM-FM spitters to combine my broadcast receiver and the CB on the one CB antenna, then this would enable me to convert (or replace) the existing AM/FM antenna to a dual band (maybe comet/diamond) whip. Any ideas/experience?
  4. I have a 2011 STVS and would like to know if I can use another CB radio that has a built in SWR meter to adjust the antenna for SWR on my Royal Star. Thanks Bob
  5. OK, so upon uncovering my bike at work today for the ride home, I raised the antenna up and tightened the collar nut..............or at least tried to. It's stripped out now. Can't figure out why, it's only 24 years old. Anyhow, I've heard (but have never tried) that a CB radio antenna in place of the OE AM/FM antenna works far better as an AM/FM antenna that the OE stick does. So, I'm going to set myself to install a CB antenna. BUT! I'd like to have the option of either being able to fold it down like I currently do or at least have some kind of a quick disconnect so I can lay it across the bike when I cover it up. Anyone know if such a mount exists?
  6. Hi all Is there a easy way to put a meeter on the cb cable to match the antenna? cheny
  7. I ma looking for stock handgrips and a cb/fm antenna for 86-93 model. If anyone has a set laying around or knows where I can get them I'd appreciate it
  8. Hi guys I am looking for the cb/am/fm antenna. anyone have one they wnat to get rid of for an 88-93?
  9. Hi all, I'm a bit stumped. :confused24: I recently upgraded my '86 to an '89 and am working through the bike making sure all is alright. The bike was missing the tip of the antenna so I'm trying to "fit" a new tip. I cut an antenna about 20" thinking I can step it down until I get the SWR correct. Hooking up the SWR I found that the reading is pegged past infinity. I started troubleshooting but have not found any obvious issues. I'm now stumped as to what to check next??? Items done: 1) SWR : it is pegged off the scale on ch1, ch40 and ch19 :confused: 2) Antenna mount has continuity to the negative on the battery. 3) The antenna when removed form the mount it has continuity from base to tip 4) the cable has continuity for the center conductor to the antenna mount post 5) the cable shield has continuity to the antenna mount body 6) there is no continuity between the center wire and the shield 7) tested with the matching box both connected and bypassed After this effort I was thinking on buying the stuff for the Marshal Mod but I'd like tofigure out if the CB is good or not prior to sinking the $$ into a new antenna setup. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  10. Heading from Atlanta to DC next weekend on a quick business trip and wanted to take the Venture. I managed to break my CB antenna taking the cover off and wondered if anyone had one they wanted to sell? Hopefully for less than what I just learned a replacment cost . Thanks!!
  11. OK, I know most folks are not to interested In AM Radio Reception on motorcycles. However: If you are, I have hit on a simple ( but cost a few bucks ) way to greatly improve AM Radio reception on the bike, and also cars. Being a Ham Radio Op, helps a little here. ( I'm also an antenna, "freek" in addition to a Motorcycle adict) Anyway, by modifying some Unused, Ham radio Antanna's I have come up with a greatly improved AM Antenna for the bike. If interested, PM me for the Details, if you are interested in an Antenna project, IF, better AM reception is of interest to you.
  12. Is anyone here using the IMC helmetless headsets? I really like wearing a half helmet the majority of the time, and this headset looks like what I've been wanting. I had the JM/Yamaha sets with the '04 Venture, but sold them a little over a month ago before I knew I was going to get another Venture. In fact, the guy I sold them to is how I found out about the '99. I've been scouring the 'net tonite looking at them on several sites and most reviews lean towards using a mic mute, which the previous owner had installed. I'd be willing to give up a little of the audio quality to have the helmet flexibility. The wife and I have been talking, and she kinda wants to go back with what she had since she only wears an open-face. Any experience/info, good or bad, is appreciated. Also, does anyone have a '99-'00 style cb antenna? The chrome threaded "cup" that unscrews and lets them fold over was seized up on both. I got the radio antenna freed up, but the little hinge connector inside the cb twisted and broke. I'll probably never use the cb, but I would like to be able to fold both antennas down to cover it up.
  13. which side does the radio arial go? is it the one with the male tread or the female tread
  14. I am want to replace the antenna. It has a cb antenna on it(its big and white) and want to put one like on the goldwings. ive look at a goldwing today and it looks like i will have to change the mount and the cable. my bike does not have a cb. and it has a jvc cassett radio. i am wanting to replace it to. any pointers are leads would be great.
  15. I’m desperately hoping someone here can give me a clue, my radio has died and I have no clue what to do. I pulled out the cassette player to make a spot to stick my iPod. When I put everything back together the radio no longer works. It acts like the antenna isn’t there, the aux input plays fine, but I get nothing on FM and only static on AM and CB (though I never use the CB so maybe there just isn’t any traffic around here). The connector is plugged into the amp. I checked continuity back from the plug that goes into the amp to the antennas. Both the base and the antenna on the CB side checked out. On the radio only the base checked out, but I don’t know if that’s normal or not. There isn’t any connection between the cassette and the radio is there, I hope? Anyone have any ideas? Oh, this is a 2005 Venture.
  16. I need an antenna mount for my 84 if anyone has one to part with(I will be happy to pay for it). Otherwise I will give more money to the scabs on ebay.
  17. Guest

    Antenna buzzing

    Ok... So, I installed an aftermarket Radio and an antenna from my local CTC. The Radio is buzzing like crazy with antenna installed, but shuts up when it's unplugged. The antenna is installed correctly - I think. I thought it might not be grounded well enough so I removed the antenna and ground it directly to the frame... still buzzing. HELP
  18. don't use cb,haven't even got antenna on bike, if I remove cb unit from the bike and stash it away, will all of the other audio stuff still work? Just wondering before I go to the trouble.(unless someone has an old cb antenna laying around the want to part with kinda cheap) 2nd gen........
  19. I have a project I'm working on. My 84 has a very small trunk and I have the mounting bracket for an 85 trunk. I've also determined that any MkII trunk will fit the 85 hardware. The only thing I'm missing now is the antenna bracket. It needs to be longer than the 84. Questions are.... Does the MkII bracket fit on the 85 mounting rack? Does anyone have one they would be willing to part with? Failing that at least I would know if I could look at ANY MKII on eBay...
  20. I have always wanted to fly "OLD GLORY" on my bike, but have heard from others stories of broken antenna mast's one after the other. Has anyone come up with a solution to this matter?
  21. Took the Venture for it's maiden ride today and was impressed. After spending the last week working bugs out of it, all went well. I found myself searching for another gear but that's out of habit. I know the nature of this beast is it likes rpm's. Acceleration was impressive for a bike this size, especially when pushing to 7k before shifting. The ride was very comfortable. It was only 50 degrees and I had a side wind gusting to 30 mph so I couldn't be too judgmental. Still need to change the thermostat and do a little polishing. Think I'm going to de-link the brakes. Personal preference, please don't flame me. Couple of questions: Does the CB antenna also work for the radio too? I was able to play the radio in the garage but was cutting in and out on road. The antenna was missing when I purchased it. Are there any external parts on the carbs that would be affected by carb cleaner? Would like to clean them up a little before re installing the plastic. Thanks, Steve
  22. Several years ago my CB antenna snapped off my 06 RSV as I understand has happened to most RSV owners. I understand that the Yamaha antenna has 8m stud and most available antennas have 3/8" stud. I read somewhere that Firestik made a adaptor for this, model K-1A8M. I cannot find any mention of it on their website or anyone that sells it. Sierra Electronics makes an adaptor for Harley, but nothing for Yamaha. Could I buy a standard 3/8" fold over adaptor and rethread the male end to 8m x 1.25 and make this work with a Firestik Firefly antenna?
  23. .. and hello to the replacement Clarion CMS1. It's made for a marine application, so it can handle the weather. A little larger than the stock commander, but now in the modern age with inputs for sat radio, ipod, and mp3. Still within thumbs reach on the volume, and plenty loud. I yanked the entire original system out except for antenna, and have it posted in the classified section. http://i360.photobucket.com/albums/oo41/josephk300/ClarionCMS1Stereo-remotecommander.jpg The amp unit "under the hood" http://i360.photobucket.com/albums/oo41/josephk300/Fairingbackhalfrightview.jpg Cover for rear control made out of bondo http://i360.photobucket.com/albums/oo41/josephk300/Rearspeakercontrolbondocover.jpg
  24. OK, this may be "old news" but I found not fold over mounts for my antennas, but next best thing (thanks Highwayman!!! for the heads up).Flying J truck stop has twist off connectors for $9.99 each. All in all for antennas, mounts, co-ax connectors and the quick disconnects I spent about $30.00 per side, at Flying J to put new antennas on my scoot. I elected to use a CB antenna on both sides.
  25. I have a 2008 Venture. I am considering doing the Marshal Mod. The instructions refer to keeping the current two antenna set up. Can the AR-1A splitter be used to convert to a one antenna system on the 2nd generation Ventures?
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