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  1. I've been reading the posts on modding the cassette. I just want to replace mine. I was able to remove the old deck because the cover was broken. I can't get the replacement deck in because the door will not fit through the inner fairing opening. I've measure it and it is taller than the opening. I've tried it with the door closed and open without any success. Has anyone found the trick to this?
  2. Guest

    CD in dash

    Is there such a thing as simply removing the cassette and installing a CD in its place?
  3. I'm removing my cassette deck and putting in a mp3 jack on my 87vr. I found a few threads about this but am still a little confused. I understand jumping pins 1 and 7 to bypass the deck. Which ones do I wire in the switch and jack to? Does anyone make something I can just plug into the old cassette wire and go? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm mechanical but no electrician, so please be as specific as possible.
  4. I put one of those fake cassettes with the 3.5mm jack to play music through the cassette desk from your phone or mp3 player. How do I switch to radio without removing the fake cassette? The cassette deck is super horky (named for Svetlana Horkina), does anyone make a more useful replacement for that slot? This is for VR MK2.
  5. New owner of a 2007 midnight venture and have a couple questions 1. What can I do about the wired com system. Can't seem to find any info online ... are the headsets universal? Are they yamaha only? Where is the best place to get info, shop etc. The bike only came with the wires ... no headsets 2. Is there any way to remove the cassette deck and upgrade to CD? Or just pull the cassette deck and create an empty pocket for the droid and or MP3 player? And who's idea was it to put a cassette deck in a 2007? Seems a little past time to me. I dunno Thanks for the help.
  6. I will be removing the cassette deck and turning it into a storage box. It just so happens that my crackberry will fit in there perfectly. I would like to add a power outlet in the back of the box for charging the crackberry. Does the cassette deck have a power line running to it? If so can I add a power outlet to the end of that line after I take the cassette deck out? If so is there a separate fuse for that line and if so will I need to change the fuse for this? Finally if so which line is it on the back of the cassette deck? Thanks for your input on this.
  7. Have 1990 Venture. The CB comes on, it transmits and receives, but the volume is so low you can hardly hear it. Have checked all connections and they appear fine. When you turn on the CB, you hear it come on but volume is very low. The squelch works normally. Any ideas? The AM/FM and cassette have normal volume.
  8. Wife got a new Tahoe, while we were working the deal the salesman asks me what else I needed so i threw out that it did not have a cassette deck . . . . The stare was priceless, I did say it with a strait face and he went to see the accessory guy. Now this is the wife's and she wanted me to stop messin with the guy and just get the car. When he came back I told him I just bought a bike and it had a cassette player. He tells us he has never even seen a cassette tape. . . No more 8 track, no more cassette ( Unless U ride a Yamaha ) . . .
  9. What is the easiest way to add an aux input to the stock gen 1 stereo? I am currently using a cassette interface for my MP3 player but it really bites since every time I hit a bump it knocks out the sound & I have to keep hitting the reverse tape switch under the mute. I never use the cassette so removing it would not be a problem. Please keep in mind I am electronically challenged so pix or specifics would be real helpful. Thanks
  10. I’m desperately hoping someone here can give me a clue, my radio has died and I have no clue what to do. I pulled out the cassette player to make a spot to stick my iPod. When I put everything back together the radio no longer works. It acts like the antenna isn’t there, the aux input plays fine, but I get nothing on FM and only static on AM and CB (though I never use the CB so maybe there just isn’t any traffic around here). The connector is plugged into the amp. I checked continuity back from the plug that goes into the amp to the antennas. Both the base and the antenna on the CB side checked out. On the radio only the base checked out, but I don’t know if that’s normal or not. There isn’t any connection between the cassette and the radio is there, I hope? Anyone have any ideas? Oh, this is a 2005 Venture.
  11. does anyone have for sale/trade a left side fairing cover for an MK1 standard? i removed radio and cassette. sorry, Earl got cassette, but i have the radio. also, i imagine the pocket is different also. i would like one in original condition, no cut-outs.
  12. Did somebody had the problem I have right now. I cannot close the cover of the cassette receptacle. Any suggestions?
  13. I decided to install a set of rear speakers on the 1986. Several tears ago I ripped out the cassette player guts and had wired the XM from my Garmin into the cassette input. Which worked very well. However the co-pilot did not have good volume since there are only 2 speakers. I purchased a Shark Audio kit with a wired on/off and volume remote and set about revamping the system. Tapped the front speakers and installed a line level converter. Sent that to the amplifier and on to the rear speakers. Consolidated my fm radio/xm input switch to one small 3 pole unit. Stuffed the entire mess into the metal cassette player shel and made a top for it. I still need a grommet for the remote wire. Also the yellow around the edge is grease. I put RTV on the plate and then greased the cassette box. Hopefully this will create a gasket that stays on the plate and is re-useable. I then picked up switched power and adjusted the line-level converter. It has potentiometers to set the input level. Right now I have it where 1/2 volume on the rear speakers sounds about equal to the radio at 1/2 volume. Trying not to rob too much from the front output. I am satisfied with the appearance and the sound. It is really very good! Total cost for the project was about $100.00. Don't believe the 100 watts! That has to be peak at full volume! I suspect about 15-20 RMS. JB
  14. Hey Y'All! Lately we have been having issues with the audio system on our '91 VR, mostly with the cassett deck. To get music we have been using an iPod and a cassette adapter. That worked really well until the cassette deck started having issues. The main problem was some times the drive system would not run and this caused the auto-reverse mechanism to cycle repeately. Each time the deck cycled we would hear a click in the audio. I tracked the problem down to the drive belts. Some times things were fine, but as time went on the problem grew worse. Then a problem with with my head set reared its ugly head: I had an intermittent connection and would loose the left speaker... To "fix" these issues we decided to get a set of Scala headsets... That turned out to be a bad move. Not only did the head sets not function as advertised, I couldn't stream audio from my iPod to both headsets at the same time, so I fixed my headset cable and we sent the head sets back... But that's another story... Anyway, I hit on the idea of getting an FM transmitter and forgetting about using the cassette deck. After some research, I decided to get a Griffin iTrip. That was a good move! This thing is sweet. Its small, it connects to the iPod/iPhone docking port, there is an app that will run on my iPod Touch 4th gen and our iPhones, and so far the audio is pretty good. When you compare the price of $30.00 for the iTrip to the $242.99 for the Scala head sets, its a no-brainer. If you're worried about battery life, the iTrip has a mini-USB port, and if you have a 12 volt cigarette lighter style outlet wired to plug in to your Battery Tender cord (Hint Hint!!), then all you need is a 12 volt to USB adapter, the appropriate USB cable and you're all set.... I haven't had the chance to do any road testing yet, but I might get some time to take a ride later on today and I'll post my results. Y'All ride safe...
  15. While looking for a part on a Yamaha website I saw that the loyal and trusty cassette player is no longer available.........now they can go on and make a new RSV finally!!!!
  16. been working on this for a couple of weeks..........i added gauges where the cassette was...still kept the mp3 jack...........just did a test run....wadda ya think.......
  17. Hello from Vancouver, Canada: Just a little over a year ago, I purchased a gauge set from Ponch (tach, oil pressure and water temp) for my ’07 Venture. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I didn’t start installing the set until just this week. With the dash now apart - and cut, I've run into a snag which I hope someone can help me fix. Specifically, I have the Clarion CD Changer installed on my bike. As part of its installation, the multi-pin connector was inserted into the green-tagged cable on the Cassette deck. With the Cassette now "toast", where do I plug the CD connector? Is the grey-tagged cable which used to link the deck to the radio? I'm hoping that's the answer. Another challenge: my old Craftsman 7.2 v drill is too large to fit between the bottom of the upper fairing frame and the inner fairing wall (re drilling new holes in the former cassette frame and gauge set brackets). What size of drill is recommended? Would a new 18v or 20v cordless unit be of sufficient slim profile to do the trick? How about a Dremel tool? And last but not least: Since a water temp gauge is part of my cluster, is it best to wrap the capillary water tube in layer of thin insulation since its bound to get hot? If yes, what material is recommended? That's everything. My thanks, in advance, to any and all who can answer these questions and help me get my RSV back on the road. There are highways waiting for me! In appreciation, Eric S. "alta55rsv"
  18. i want to remove the radio, cassette, cb, and air ride controller ( air ride disconnected). what parts will i need to convert it to a Standard? fairing pockets and covers? i tried ebay but couldnt find exactly what i needed. does anyone have these parts?????? ps: i have a working radio, cassette, and cb.....
  19. Hi All I converted the cassette deck to a storage area this afternoon. It worked out quite nicely which I plan to keep my Ipod and garage door opener in. I followed the the instructions from the following link to ventures.org. http://www.venturers.org/Tech_Library/index.php?action=article&cat_id=002003&id=386 I attached some photos after the project. Dwight
  20. Still a newbie.....stupid question...the cassette door is stuck closed...not a bad thing as posted here but would like to access the aux jack...any easy fixes ..have tried wd40 spray...pushed the stupid thing every way...can this be accessed behind fairing to trip door loose thanks les
  21. Saturday morning a few of us rode to a dealership about 40 miles form where we live. While I was there I thought I would check out the 2012 Venture. It was a nice bike. Just like the 2011, 2010, 2009....... I was very surprised to see that it still has a cassette deck. What is Yamaha thinking?
  22. I am going to add a Zumo 665 to my 2004 RSV this spring. I wish to plug this into the aux of the radio. My question is can I unplug the the connection from the back of the cassette and plug it directly into the Zumo wire harness. I don't need any other aux inputs or the cassette player? Thanks for your help.
  23. Try as I might, I just can't find the cassette deck. I've looked everywhere! I found the ABS system, fuel injection, throttle bodies and all sorts of useless stuff... but no cassette player to be found! http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w337/Owen064/photo.jpg
  24. Any one got a site for good quality cassettes I looked on e-bay and any thing good like Pink Floyd dark side of the Moon, ZZ Top AC/DC/ Led Zeppelin etc... hell they want like $10 plus shipping Back when I was buying them NEW I think they only cost lik $3.99 or in that area. I thought maybe 50cents for a cassette I even went to the flea market today here in Tampa not a single cassette to be found. Don't have a MP# player and don't want to buy a CD player, just want a few tapes for those long distance can't find a good radio station rides
  25. Well I finally did it. I took out the cassette deck & gutted the box of the inards. Then cut out some sheet metal to cover the bottom and added a backstop that goes back about 3". Did that since you can only get your hand in just so far and wanted to be able to reach whatever ends up all the way in. Also covered the inside with some nice black vinyl material I had on hand. I thought of saving that cassette assembly & build a box but who would want one. It was just easier altering the exiting box and not having to fabricate something for the door. For sure now I'll get some use of that part of the bike. Larry
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