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  1. I saw a couple of posts for stereo amps, but thats not what I was looking for. I am trying to boost the input on the AUX side. GPS dont seem to be to bad but if I use my phone for Pandora I really have to crank it up and then the quality suffers some. I have used a booteroo type amp in the phone side and it seemed to help but the battery dies in a few hours. I was thinking about just mounting it under the fairing when I install a splitter, but would have to fiure out a way to make a battery elminator and wire it straight in to a power source. I did see a fancy little unit with like 3 or 4 inputs and a volume knob but it was like $150. Any ideas?
  2. I was messing around the other day and using my cell phone for Pandora. After awhile I switched to regular FM radio. I had to really turn down the volume as it about blew my ears out. I flipped on the CD to listen to something after that and had to turn down a little more, not as much as before. Of all the music I would have to say the CD player has the clearest and loudest out put. The Aux the least. Why? Maybe because you have to run it thru so many cables etc to get anything? Just wondering, and has anyone else experienced the same?
  3. On a recent trip I had a splitter for my Aux input so I could run the GPS and Pandora off my phone. The volume from the GPS was fine but I couldnt seem to get as much out of the phone, even turned way up. I did have my boosteroo with me and tried it but that didnt seem to help much. Is there any kind of amp that can be installed inline or the like for the Aux inputs? If I turn up the phone volume to say the very top the out put get sort of distorted, so I have to give it a couple clicks down. But then you have to run the volume on the bike @ 28-30 to hear it at 70mph.
  4. I think some time ago someone said they would appreciate dead radios to experiment on. I’ve got one, send me your address if you want it. It only receives AM stations very weakly. The AUX input works fine.
  5. What is the easiest way to add an aux input to the stock gen 1 stereo? I am currently using a cassette interface for my MP3 player but it really bites since every time I hit a bump it knocks out the sound & I have to keep hitting the reverse tape switch under the mute. I never use the cassette so removing it would not be a problem. Please keep in mind I am electronically challenged so pix or specifics would be real helpful. Thanks
  6. Well, I'm officially a Venture owner. Picked up my '06 with 8900 miles Saturday morning and rode it the 4 hours home. Never been on any sort of touring bike before, I was extremely impressed, almost felt spoiled I'm familiar with the engine (in Vmax tune) and was happy with the torque and horsepower. Never used a heel-toe shifter before...so felt like a complete rookie and mis-shifted several times I couldn't believe it doesn't come with a tach....that confused me for the whole ride. I seriously pushed every button I could find...no tach. But did find the 12 volt aux and the clock Wasn't happy with the high frequency whine at certain RPM's. The Vmax has it too....but the fairing an this funnels the noise right to the rider. I know it's a normal noise...guessing it comes from the valve train? Anyone have fixes for this...or should I be in a lower gear? I'm hoping some synthetic oil might quiet it down. I definitely need the driver backrest...at 6'2", I find I slouch too much. Lastly, I purchased a cheap MP3 player and plugged it into the aux (once I got home) and it's not working? The stereo and CB work...didn't try the cassette though....any simple checks? I read through installing the splitter behind the fairing, straight into the amp...and may do that. Didn't play much with the headset and the CB....couldn't do it all in 1 day Overall (so far) was exactly what I was looking for....now just want to get out and ride
  7. I love listening to my tunes on my Android phone plugged into the Aux socket. When the right channel went dead, I checked all the connections and the head phones. Tried the radio... STEREO! Checked the plug and lead. DAMMIT! The end piece of the plug had broken off. Found it! Inside the socket on the bike. Any suggestions on how to get that little sucker out of there? (2008 Venture.)
  8. I have just completed the test ride after the installation of my aux. fuel tank. All went perfect. Not a problem in sight...or hidden. Of course, I have done this a time or two before, as I have installed aux. fuel tanks on 11 previous bikes, so I kind of have experience doing this. However...this was my first time on a RSTD, so there is always something new...or things to learn. We all know about the stock tank...nothing new there. And if the bike is ridden at a steady and quick pace, it can consume fuel a little faster than I want to have to stop. Therefore...add aux. fuel. The tank I bought is the 5 gallon tank from Tour Tanks. Here is the link to their site: http://www.tourtank.com/TourTanks.html I am 100 % happy with the product, and the additional hardware kit that needs to be bought along with the tank. Everyhting is top notch, no junk here. As you can see by the pictures, I ride a solo bike. In place of the rear seat is a leather rear fender bib, and on top of that is the Yamaha rear fender rack (in place of the rear seat. On top of that rack...I mount a 10" x 18" aluminum rack I got from Aerostich. Then I mounted the Saddlemen bag onto that aluminum rack. All of the leather(fake leather) bag and aluminum rack are through bolted to the yamaha rear fender rack, with 3/8" u-bolts (4 of them) so it is very solid. Then the Tour Tank slides down into the Saddlemen bag...with an extremely snug/tight fit. There is no way that fuel tank is coming out of that Saddlemen bag unless three of us tug with all of our might. The vent hose up next to the filler cap is routed up over the top and far edge of the tank, then down to one of the side pockets of the Saddlemen bag, where I have hidden a catch tank, with secondary vent to the outside of the catch tank. The red petcock on the left side of the solo seat, attached to the yamaha chrome seat rail, works perfectly. I routed the fuel hose to a brass T-fitting that is spliced into the OEM fuel line about 4 inches above where the fuel filter is. The tank I chose from Tour Tank is tank design # 2, meaning it has two exit bungs at the bottom of the tank, one at either end of the bottom of the tank, so that all fuel is drained from the tank, despite cornering. I filled the tank with 2 gallons, filled my regular fuel tank up all the way, then went for a ride. I started out using only the aux. fuel tank, with the main tank turned off at the OEM petcock. The fuel from the aux. tank flowed perfectly, and after 82.7 miles I had used up the two gallongs I put in the aux. fuel tank, and had to switch fuel petcocks on the fly. Simply turned off the aux. fuel tank, and turned on the main fuel petcock, and after a moments hesitation, fuel was flowing again, and zoom... This additional 5 gallon fuel tank "could" give me a total capacity of 10.3 gallons, however I will not fill the aux. fuel tank up all the way, so the max I will put in it is 4 gallons...just to be safe. Even with that additional 4 gallons, I now have a very useable 8.5 gallons, without any concerns for running low. With that capacity, I can run...at speed...for 350 to 400 miles. That is what I am used to, and this will now satisfy my need to go as far as I want to. [ATTACH]68554[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68555[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68556[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68557[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68558[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68559[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68560[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68561[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68562[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]68563[/ATTACH] Take a look at the pictures. If you have any questions, let me know. And to answer the one burning question...my wife rides her own bikes...all set up as solo seat bikes, so I don't need to carry a passenger. Want to give your wife or girlfriend the greatest gift you can...give them the gift of empowerment, by having them ride their own bikes.
  9. Anyone... seen these? or tried them? http://www.alibaba.com/showroom/led-h4-high-low.html Or better... are they simply for "Aux" lights?
  10. On RSV and RSTD there is a switched aux power plug under the seat avaliable for use with small rubber plugs covering the pin holes. Does anyone know what pins to order to be able to use this? Dealer not sure what I'm talking about. Both of my bikes have it just sitting there.
  11. I am going to add a Zumo 665 to my 2004 RSV this spring. I wish to plug this into the aux of the radio. My question is can I unplug the the connection from the back of the cassette and plug it directly into the Zumo wire harness. I don't need any other aux inputs or the cassette player? Thanks for your help.
  12. I was on Adventure Rider (ADVRider) and came across this post, where a fellah sells LED spot/flood lights. (Vendor Link) They seem very bright and he has run them on his off road bike, so they would seem durable. I'm mulling over installing them off the front brake mount, to be on only when I have high beams on. Or maybe the 10w on all the time, and the 24w with the high beam. The photos through page 2 on ADVRider are pretty impressive. The other place I've wanted to mount aux lights are on the mirrors, but I am not sure how to do that. Maybe some PIAA HIDs would go there... or these. Just another option for y'all. Dave
  13. Do they make an adapter cord that will go from a standard earplug connector that go to the AUX jack of my '99??? Male on both ends. It's probably the same one everyone else is using to plug in their IPods into the system, and if it is, where do I find one??
  14. I have two different problems on my 2005 RSV. 1. When I plug my MP3 Player into the Aux Jack it seems that something inside is loose and I loose the connection. If I jiggle the wire a bit I get the connection back. Bumps also effect the connection. How do I tighten things up inside of the Aux Jack ? 2.Separate from that my entire sound systems locks up every now and then and I have to shut it down and turn it back on to unlock. At the same time my transmit button sticks on the CB and stops the system form working. I sprayed in electric contact spray and that stopped the PTT button problem but the system still locks up every now and then. I do have my Garmin Street Pilot III hooked up to the sound system inside of the fairing but dont remember if the system locked up or not before that.
  15. Jeff; So not to take away from your headlight thread I started this one for the Aux Gas Tank. NO NO the rear end; as in Frame work doesn't have to come off just the tour pac and body & running boards if you have them. The rear end ( pumpkin ) it self may have to be lowered ( basically removed, and sit down with axles still attached like putting in the drive shaft ) to do the welding there, but maybe not too. That could be done with asbestos blankets laid across the rear end. As simple as it looks it was done in a sort of complicated way. Meaning for an installer, it has to come off before the kit can be installed, and they supper locktited the mounts to the tank side, and you have to bend the rubber stand offs to the point of breaking loose to get the tank out of the frame to put the kit on the bike, and then go through it again to install the tank. I was able to break loose the stand offs, and eliminate 90% of that part. I think that there has been a retro fit of a couple from this board if I remember right, but haven't heard too much about it. This board is a little slow with activity compared to other boards, but the Quality of the threads makes up for that.
  16. Wondering if anyone experienced something similar or can confirm diagnosis. 2006 RSV. 46K miles. Many miles and a few years ago , I inserted a three-way stereo aux line splitter inside the faring...1) to GPS, 2) to Satellite radio/iPod, 3) to cassette aux jack. Also have a Buddy Rich cable. Stereo sound through any of the three stereo aux extension cables worked OK for most of the time, though have had to live with much lower volume levels, especially if two items were powered on at the same time (I.e. GPS and iPod) compared to the volume level of the AM/FM radio. Over time, the audio from the GPS has developed a lot of snap/crackle/pop and the audio from the iPod would drop in and out of the headset speakers (sometimes left speaker, sometimes right speaker) - not getting complete stereo. I would jiggle the male jack into the GPS or iPod and could hear the stereo fidelity cut in and out. I would replace the aux extension cable and use dielectric grease and everything would be good for a few months. Problem progressed such that I can't get stereo fidelity out of either GPS or iPod (I.e. half the sound in only one speaker). to the point where jiggling the extension cables doesn't fix it and replacing the extension cables doesn't fix it. I also replaced the three-way splitter to no avail. Through process of elimination I have found that the female aux pigtail that is hard wired into the radio is not putting out stereo sound, so every splitter and extension cable downstream is also not putting out stereo sound. Would I be correct in believing that the radio aux pigtail has failed? Should this be covered under warranty? Major bummer. Anyone experienced anything similar? Thanks David
  17. Does anyone know a part number or a source for a male plug that will fit the AUX DC output that is tied up beside the battery? I have a heated vest I want to get rigged up but the ends are different and I'd much rather splice the right style of plug on the vest then mod the bike's wiring. Thanks.
  19. Recently I split the fairng to install Sat Radio & GPS. I removed the tape deck to make a storage pocket and installed a 3 way spliiter for the aux connection. What I found out was that I could hear my Sat Radio fine until I plugged the audio cord into my GPS and then I could not hear the Sat Radio. Is there no way I can listen to SatRadio and have the GPS vocie over when turns come up? Anyone have a similiar experience / fix for this.
  20. On my recent trip to california my brand new Garmin stopped audio function through the internal speaker and aux output. Anyone had a similar problem. Only mod I did was to split the aux input behind the casette deck so I would not have to ride with the door open. Working fine till I shut it off then no output. Works fine through the FM transmitter I should add. By the way the audio books are a geat thing to listen too crossing the desert.
  21. The 5 gallon aux tank has been received, fitted, and mounted. My 3 gallon aux tank is now boxed up and ready for the next owner that wants to extend their riding range. This tank is a cylinder 8" dia x 16" long with a vented gas cap. It has the fuel line fitting already installed in the bung, an internal baffle, and comes with mounting straps. You can see the design at www.tourtank.com. The mounting used on my Venture was on a shaped board that was bolted to the passenger grab rails (need to remove the pillion seat). Easy to plumb into the main fuel line. All you will need is the mounting board, (4) U-bolts, (4) 1/4-20x1.5" bolts with insert nuts, fuel line, inline fuel filter, a ball valve, brass T-fitting, about 6 feet of 5/16" fuel line, and (6) hose clamps. It works well with gravity feed so no aux fuel pump is required (therefore, no electrical wiring at all). All these components can be purchased at any auto parts and/or hardware store (except the mounting board - you will need to make that - I can provide a pattern). This 3 gallon tank will extend your range about 100 miles depending on your riding style. I am entering some Long Distance riding events this year and needed to maximize my range. The max fuel load allowed in Iron Butt Association approved events is 11.5 gallons (5.9 in stock tank + 5 in new aux tank is close enough without going over). There is an ad in the classified. Ride safe, Ride long. RR http://2000rsv.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Misc/1000702/530232780_kAXFy-S.jpg
  22. Well, my 5 gal aux tank arrived today, my Russell Day Long seat arrived last week, completed all the maintenance (other than a Carbtune and brake fluid flush), and am ready to start the riding season. The aux tank fit beautifully on the 3 gal mounting board. Need to pick up a brass fitting and some fuel line at Fleet Farm, but other than that, the ride is gtg. I did find with the aux tank on the pillion seat, I couldn't get the trunk open. However, I removed the passenger backrest and could get the trunk almost to the locked open position. Just need to put some bolts with rubber washers in the mounting holes and I will be done with the tank mounting. I will post some pics this weekend. I am ready to go burn lots of dead dinosaurs! With the aux tank, should get 350 to 400 miles per fillup. Sorry, I'm rambling. Time for bed. RR
  23. I was buttoning up the fairing after several weekends of maintenance and mods and noticed something on the bottom of my passing lamp bracket. There are 2 little squares welded onto the bar that appear to have tapped holes in the bottom of them. This might be a nice place to add an aux light mounting bracket. If no one knows what I am talking about, I will post a picture. Thoughts? RR
  24. Got my notification that my 5 gal aux gas tank is on its way. WoooHooo. Should provide 350+miles between stops (IB rules state you must stop every 350 miles for certified rides - however, not rallies). The Russell Day Long saddle is also in the big brown truck. Should be a good weekend (if I can get the bike back together). Once the tank gets here, I will see how it fits on the current 3 gal tank mounting board. If it doesn't fit, I will post the 3 gal aux tank with the mounting board for sale and make a new one for the 5 gal unit. If the 5 gal tank does fit on the mounting board, I will post the 3 gal for sale with a mounting board pattern only. If you are looking for 100+ mile extended range, keep on open eye for a post on Saturday. RR
  25. Radio, CB, MP3 and other External Audio (still under construction) Q: How do I use an MP3 player or other audio device with my Venture? A: There is an Aux input jack right next to the stat-of-the-art cassette player in the fairing. In addition, many owners have used a splitter in the Aux input line to add an additional input jack right next to the Aux power jack on the left side of the fairing (be advised, however, that you should NOT connect two external audio devices at the same time, even if you have two jacks, unless you use some type of external isolation device to prevent probably damage to one or both of the audio devices). Please see the threads in this section of the Technical Library for all the answers: [ame=http://www.venturerider.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=74]Radio, CB, GPS, Etc. - VentureRider.Org[/ame] Q: My CB antenna is on a different side of the bike than my buddy's antenna - how do I know which one is right, and does it make a difference? A: The CB antenna should be on the left side of the trunk. It makes a difference because the CB unit is mounted under the trunk, and the antenna wire from it is not long enough to reach the CB antenna if it was mounted on the wrong side during dealer prep of your bike.
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