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  1. I have a 1996 Royal Star and will not shift into higher gears.. 1st ,2nd and 3rd are good.. I looked at slave cylinder and working fine. I tried playing with linkage some and Know luck.. Anyone have any thoughts..Thanks Joe
  2. I am in need of a set of original mufflers for my 97 RSTD. if anyone has a set lying around. My headers are fine. Just need the slip on. Thanks
  3. Hey all. It's been a while. Been riding too much to spend time in front of the computer! I think I have a problem. Went out to go for a ride this afternoon, and out of the blue, she wouldn't fire. ('07 RSV) Always fires on the first crank. I pulled the choke out all the way, and if I cranked it a while, she'd finally catch and idle real slow. If I touched the throttle or choke, she stalled. Then I started replaying my actions in my mind, and realized I never heard the fuel pump clicking. Off with the seat and side panel. Tapped on the pump with my fingertip, and when I turned on the ignition, the pump ran like the carbs were clear empty. Now it seems fine. Starts and runs like new. Is my pump trying to tell me something? Do they give warning before they fail? This was a New Old Stock bike, that might still be under warranty. Will the dealer replace the pump because I said it was having a fit? Looks like my Christmas road trip is out the window. Thanks for any help and opinions. Bert
  4. As some of you know, I have a problem,,,, I know what you are thinking, but this is a new one. I ride a 2014 Spyder and installed JMCB 2003 for a CB and intercom. The intercom works fine, and the CB broadcasts just fine. Now if we get 2 CBs close together I can hear the other, if they are more than 4ft apart I can't hear the other person. I can hear a tapping on their mic, but no voice comes through. Now hear is the next problem then. I contacted JM corp and they would like me to try to use one of their headsets. I use the Edsets with the proper cord, but they were wondering if I could try one of theirs. SO!!!! anybody in the area have a set they could lend me??
  5. So I have rode my scoot a couple of times this week and it was in the 20's, Had the carhart bottoms on and it was a nice ride. The temp gauge came up to operating temp just fine. It got almost to 50 today so of course I jumped on the scoot and with no kids and wife was gone I figured I would go get some shopping done. So got out there avoided the mad cars and shoppers at the mall and on the way back home the temp gauge didn't move. Not a thing bike ran fine but no gauge. So I got on the site and looked some things up and as I was checking for wires popping off and grounding the gauge and it jumped to the top. I left the bike running and hmm it came up to op temp just fine. All I can Fig is that it was cold enough to keep it down on the scale as I was riding home but man it was nice. I will have to say Christmas shopping is almost fun when you can ride. Just stay out of the way of the 4 wheelers, There Nuts!!!!!!
  6. Hello. I've just bought 98RSTD from a private party. The bike sat in his garage idle since 97. I had the carbs worked/plugs/fluids and it runs fine except it'll shut off without warning even down the freeway at 65mph. The lights don't go out. After you stop it'll start back up just fine, but it'll do it again. Anyone had anything like this?. Thanks, P.S I'm new to VR.
  7. installed awolo airhorn sunday morn, did everything accordingto what i"ve found in here,wired according to paper with horn,and what i"ve read in here! turned key on and horn beepedshort and sweetly without metouching the horn button,when i did pressthe horn button it worked fine! every time i turn the key on the horn beep"s.still have front one hooked up itchurp"s too. What did I miss or screw up:confused24::
  8. Has anyone had any problems with their TPS? I have the 07 RSTD which has been in the shop for waaaaaay to long. Anyhow as mentioned before in another thread they finally got the head gasket fixed and put it back together. But it is running like crap! Idles fine, rev's fine in neutral. Put it under load and open the throttle and it feels like hitting the Rev limiter. Does it more in higher gears where the load is greater due to gear ratio's. We have checked everything we can think of and everything others have mentioned here but to no avail. We have pretty much ruled out the carbs and timing. They checked the TPS and apparently the resistance was all wrong like no resistance. They are suppose to have one ordered and hopefully be in this week.. Has anyone else had a problem or can shed some light?
  9. Well she finally decided to come out. Venessa Leigh Sabin 7lbs 9ozs. about 2 hours ago. This is my first Grandchild. Mother and Daughter doing fine.
  10. No problem, I have Firefox and Chrome as well, but Windows installed an update last night and now IE opens but never finds my home page. It still works fine internally but I can't get onto the internet with it. I use IE as default. Anyone else having this issue???
  11. Chatting with a non-internet buddy with a 2007 RSV with about 30,000 odd KMs on it, who described an odd infrequent issue while starting his bike.. Once in a blue moon, when starting his bike, either hot or cold, the engine will turn over once but not continue turning, not getting in that first complete turn of the engine (best he can describe it is like the battery just has enough juice to get that one turn only and dies but it has a full charge..). When this happens, his trip odo will reset.. almost like he disconnected the battery, but the radio presets stay intact. A second press of the starter switch will always start the bike every time like nothing's happened, the bike starts fine like normal, it runs fine, his mileage is average, bike has lots of power.. But he says it's that once in a blue moon event that has him puzzled.. probably happened about three times this summer. He can't seem to identify a precursor to the event that might be causing it. The battery checks fine, being less than two years old.. Nothing to do with rain, he's checked the battery connections, checked wiring for anything that might be loose.. but it doesn't happen often enough to be a show stopper.. But could this be an indication of something getting old / weak / ready to fail?
  12. Linda has lost the ability to get on the internet with her laptop. It was working fine using her wireless and she moved from one room to another and now it will not work. Her wireless still works fine for mine and it even shows a connection on hers, but it will not come up. Even setting beside the wireless router, it will not do anything. I have even reset it to work in the wired configuration, but it still will not come up. I have gone into the internet connection and set the homepage on yahoo and other pages and it still will not do anything. Any suggestions? RandyA
  13. OK folks I want to go to the East TN to camp out next so I need to fix this quick. Back in March I started out to Norfolk on my bike got about 75 miles away and it stopped charging had the wife bring me the battery out of my other bike so I could get back home. Got back home and the bike was not charging took all the connectors apart cleaned them and the bike was charging just fine went another thousand miles and the bike was fine until I rode it to work one day and it was dead by the time I got to work. Charged the battery at work to get me back home, when I got home it was charging I checked the rectifier and it seemed to be a little out of specs so I replaced it with one Steel Horse Cowboy sent me (thanks again). Well today I pulled my trailer around for about 60 miles and I noticed at the red light I was not charging however when I turned off my driving lights it was charging again got it home and it was still charging but only about 13 volts. I have an extra stator (that Steel Horse Cowboy sent me) but I would like some confirmation before I dig into it. The voltages test fine when I have it loose but its not under load at that point. Thanks all and it sure is nice to be riding again. Joe
  14. the self cancelling stopped working on my 83 venture. anyone know where to find a new unit or one that will work on xvz12tk the turn signals all work fine i just like the self cancell for those time im forgeting
  15. What can it mean if the exhaust from the right bank is cool compared to the left side? I noticed it and checked the cylinder temp. It appears the right bank is running some 20 degrees cooler, at least at start up and quite a while afterwards. I checked the carb vacuums and they appear well balanced. Pulled a plug on the right and it looks practically new! Overall the bike seems to run just fine but a bit cold at start and slow to warm up...but then, that's how it's always been. Not sure if I should be concerned about it or not.... Any ideas?
  16. Hi all: Any chance anyone has had a problem with the passenger intercom. The radio/CB work fine and can be heard in the drivers headset fine. However, the passenger hears nothing. The two shops I use were of no help, didn't want to try to figure it out and pretty much sai I was on my own. Anyone have any thought where I might begin in trying to resolve this issue? Thanks
  17. Hope someone can help with this issue. Two weeks ago my speedometer and all other digital gages quit too. Took apart and checked for power. I noticed that if I disconnected the r/g continuous 12 volt power source wire and then turned on ignition key, all gages would work. And if I reconnected the r/g wire all was fine. But as soon as I turn off key and turn on again with r/g wire connected my gages will not work. Disconnect and turn on key all is fine. So I thought I would connect a toggle switch on the 12v r/g wire and test out on the road. Ok now hear is where the big problem is. I decided to go to gas station to make sure gas gage would work. Started down the road and ran thru first and second gears no problem. Started ramping up in third and when I got to approx. 45 mph the motor just fell on its face. It acted like u just cut off the power. Forth and fifth forget it it will not hardly run at all. Anything over 45 from third gear on will not run. The bike will run fine up to as fast as 65mph in second and not flinch. Shift to third and it will lay down til u get back down to about 40mph and u can cruise there and slower all day long. BTY. Before I started messing with the Speedometer the bike ran like a scalded dog,
  18. I'm so sick of being stumped on this 1st Gen I'm going to start arguing in favor of the 2nd Gens. Here's what happened this time. Bike had been sitting for a few months. Went down to crank it . It started without too much difficulty but I noticed the headlight wasn't burning. So I read through a few post and got a clue to check start button switch. So i did and noticed while cranked the light would come on if I wiggled the start button. Took the switch apart, cleaned it, put it back together. Cranked fine and light worked fine just like it was supposed to. I'm thinking problem solved and move on to something else. Reinstalling radio that has been disconnected for a while. So when I get the radio installed and begin to put it back together I turned the key and hit the start switch. The lights come on fine but now no engine start. nothing no click no starter spin nothing but the headlight lighting.:bang head: Nothing that I had done since last starting the bike should have effected the starter switch. But now with the key on and shorting the starter relay out it will crank and run but not by using the starter switch. What could have possibly happened?
  19. I've been "storing" the daughter's boyfriend's 2002 (or maybe it's 2003) VTX1300 for the past 3 years. Before that, it sat for a couple years in underground storage. I had it running 3 years ago but since then, not. Uncovered it yesterday and found that the gas tank was quite rusty inside, carb is all gummed up as well as the petcock. It's got rust on the spoke wheels and the buddy seat mounting bolts aren't original (somebody has been messing with this bike). There's a few scratches in the paint on the rear fender. It ran fine when I had it running. I'd changed the oil and spark plugs, put a new battery in it, fresh gas, and it fired right up and seemed to run fine driving it around the neighborhood ... (that was 3 years ago). Anyhoo ... I figgure it needs a fair amount of TLC to get it back into roadworthy condition. So, my question is, what do ya'll think it's worth as it sits? I'm contemplating buying it from him and fixing it up but I don't want to invest more than I can get back out of it.
  20. Ok tonight everything is working fine then I started getting a fast flash on right turn signal. Checked all lights and they are fine, left turn works normally. Any thoughts??
  21. I bought a 2005 Midnight Venture from a friend in Texas,elevation 1000ft,and brought it to Colorado Springs,elevation 6,000 ft.I've noticed that when decelerating,it will sometimes backfire.....not real loud,but it does backfire.Seems to run fine and don't really notice any loss of power at higher (12-13'000 ft) altitudes.Just wondering if any other people live at higher altitudes and whether they had to rejet.
  22. Yesterday I fired the VR to go to my DOT physical. She settled into an idle at about 1200 rpm when the norm has been more like 800 or 900. Later that day, after say 100 miles of running errands (I may have taken the long way, all day) it now seems to smell very rich, real gassy. As in gasoline, not gassy like me after Mexican food. And it may have a slight stumble on one cylinder. It ran fine when I shut it off the previous time it ran. I ran it Sunday, went to work Monday till Wednesday night and got on her Thursday morning. It just sat in the shed from the time it ran fine till it now runs differently. And not in a good way. I had the carbs cleaned and tuned after I bought it. I run ethanol treatment religiously and have sea foamed it regularly. Any suggestions? Maybe the diaphragms or one of them, went bad?
  23. I need a little help with my 2001 RSV. My radio controller will not shut off, change channels and none of the buttons work except the volume control. I reviewed a boat load of previous posts and therefore split the fairing and checked the connections and all were fine. On Weds I installed new speakers, removed the CD changer and installed an AMP and everything was working just fine. Today, I go out and about 2 miles into my ride the radio controller starts to malfunction. Here's a very interesting thing: the rear push to talk for the passenger will change the radio station when it's pressed. Now that's VERY ODD to me, especially when the radio controller won't do anything except adjust the volume. I will ateempt to trouble shoot again tomorrow. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. JAKBAG
  24. The cruise on my 99 RSV kicks out on hills and more easily riding 2 up. It did not work when I bought the bike and I have been through all the switches and diagnostics and found a carb cable out of adjustment a long way. My real feeling now is that I still have an adjustment issue and wondered if anyone felt that I have things too tight or not tight enough on adjustment tolerances. It seems that the cc can't respond fast enough and kicks out because of not holding speed up or down hills. On flats it's fine riding solo is fine also even in some small hills. Thanks for your thoughts.
  25. Mary's oldest daughter gave birth to our first grand daughter today. Mila was born this afternoon at 3:04 PM, 7 lbs 13 oz, 21 inches. Mother, daughter and grandmother are all doing fine.
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