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  1. Safe trip.....My office is in Goshen, which 17 goes right thru the middle:) John
  2. What's your route once you enter NY? I'd meet you for a beverage if it can work out:) John
  3. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=69019&highlight=Headlight+bucket If you use the search engine it would have brought you to my thread. Good luck and if you have questions let me know. John
  4. Well, honestly I can't compare to the HID because I have never seen one eliminated on a bike, except for pics, which do no justice. I can tell you that it's a HUGE difference from the OEM bulb. My wife calls the lights obnoxiously brite, LOL! The Phase 7 LED is $250 compared to the much cheaper HID! I didn't look at the cost when I did the complete lighting changeover to LED. I was more concerned at cutting the amps and MUCH MORE VISABILITY!!!! I hope this this helps......and your absolutely right about the quality versus value of the LED bulbs. There are many junk brands, but I always believe that you get what you pay for!! Custom Dynamics is a TOP NOTCH company and their customer service is superior:) John aka Jakbag
  5. I have no complaints of any interference at all. I did research the LED bulbs prior to tackling this project and found that the "cheapo" brands will give the interference rather than using quality. I went with Custom Dynamics because they are 100% US made and they are top quality. They are expensive, but worth every $$$$$$$ spent! Also, the Phase 7 LED headlight is actually made by Truck Lite, who are located in Rochester, NY and also are made right there as well. As a matter of fact, all of my lighting has been replaced with LED's from CD. Hope this helps....... Jakbag
  6. I agree with Robert. Dave and his staff are great and their customer service is superb. I had an issue with a load equalizer and his Tech Dave called and we were able to troubleshoot and correct the problem within 1 day. John
  7. I have the Custom Dynamic Sun Spots (162) on my 2001 RSV and did not have any issues when installed. Although, I will say they were a little tricky and you will have to utilize a little patience, they will work. You are absolutely correct to think they won't work because they do not fit into the housing like the OEM, but here's the trick: You need 2 people, one holds the bulb and metal ring (partially tightened) while the other has the screw driver ready to tighten. I know this sounds quite remedial, but it worked for me. I'm attaching pics so that you can see they worked for me. I changed my entire bike to all Custom Dynamic LED lighting. If I can be of any further assistance please please call me because it's easier to talk than type. John
  8. Truthfully, I haven't a clue! You need to make sure yours isn't already outfitted with a changer? PM me your contact info and i'll get it in the mail tomorrow. John
  9. I have a stock Clarion CD changer free to anyone who needs one. I DO NOT HAVE THE CABLE, so you must either find one or use your current. First one gets it just pay the shipping......:whistling: John
  10. Nice! I have the same year and color with only 8,000 miles. Got it for a steal:) Good luck!!!
  11. I'm in the market for purchasing a Radio Remote Control Unit for a 2nd Gen RSV. I've tried Pinwall, eBay and thought I'd try here as well. They're quite expensive new so I'm looking used first. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jakbag
  12. Don, I would greatly appreciate that offer:))) I was struggling with the idea of buying one and if that wasn't the problem then I was stuck with an extra. Either later tonight or early tomorrow morning I will take the fairing apart once again and clean the connections and reapply D-grease. It's the weirdest thing Don and it's got me quite puzzled to say the least. I've learned so much from this site and without a doubt it's the BEST $12 I've ever spent:) I have a countless list of work that I've done to the bike since last Aug and I owe this site the huge THANK YOU for all of the tips, tricks and tech support! I will let you know I make out. If needed ill PM my address to you. Thanks, John
  13. Thanks Buddy! I will give another try tomorrow. I gave up for today,especially since it's quite HOT here in NY. It's just such a freaky thing since it all worked fine on Weds then when I went out yesterday it started to act up. Have you ever heard of anything like this? I actually thought it could have been a defective radio controller, but??? I will let you know....... Jakbag
  14. When I bought the bike used last Aug I was told by the previous owner that the CD player was disconnected inside the fairing. Up until last night I had never removed the CD, but had previously removed the cassette player last October. I've never had any problems with the radio controller up until yesterday. As far as the connections goe, I have taken them apart, cleaned, applied D grease and reconnected. After myself and a friend removed the CD and installed new speakers and an Amp everything was working perfect. I used the FM and aux input for my XM without any problems. Now the radio controller is only able to adjust volume up & down and nothing else. It's very weird that the rear push to talk changed the FM station??? I only found that by accident while leaning across the back of the bike and pushing the button. I do understand what you've said about getting the connections mixed up, but why would it work fine then stop? I also installed the Buddy Rich cable and thought maybe that caused the issue, but no because I removed the cable and it didn't make a difference. I'm completely baffled by this dilemma!! I've read thru a ton of old posts and most said it was a loose cable marked RED, but that wasn't it either. One old post even said that they were experience the issue with the passenger push to talk and found that wiring was being crimped in the fairing. I will go over again today in more detail. Any help would be much appreciated because I'm at a wits ends!!! Jakbag
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