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  1. I was driving down the road today and had to flip a u-turn and follow this rig until he pulled in to a auto store. It is a Boss Hoss with a Chevy 350. The side car is how you ride?/drive? this rig. The driver/rider was the builder. He built it for a paraplegic friend. Took him 2 years. It is all custom made and he said only two exist since he has built one other with a Honda. A friend skinned it with the fiberglass. You actually drive/ride from the side car with all controls in the custom sidecar. The passenger rides on the bike. He had incredible suspension, disc brakes, shifting etc. He said he can disconnect the sidecar with 4 bolts ( they were big bolts) and all the bikes controls can be moved back t the bike. The bike only had 550+ miles on it. Unfortunately his friend passed away and the "rig" has been sitting. He decided to get it back on the road. The wheel chair ramp is electric. Just thought I would pass it on:
  2. A member who will remain anonymous for now is in need of all the prayers that we can offer. All I can say is that he is a long time member and a good friend to many. I will update you when I can but I pray that when I do, it will be good news.
  3. Thinking about getting started in reloading, and like a lot of things I thought I'd throw it out here for opinions. I guess I've been told enough to stay away from Lee - which was disappointing because of the pricing! I have a friend recommending a Dillon Square Deal? Any opinions there? Other suggestions? or things to look for? Thanks as always
  4. Do any of you have this light in the 5 or 6k lighting range and if so how do you like it. http://www.motorcyclehidxenonlights.com/Yamaha-XV1300-HID-Xenon-Lights/ My driving lights are L.E.D. and very bright and make my headlight dim and look yellow I see better with the driving lights on. So I am looking at installing a new headlight. I like the Kuryakyn phase 7 L.E.D. a friend has it on his Harley, but I cannot find any info to mount it on a Yamaha Venture. Your knowledge would be appreciated.......Ron
  5. While quenching a thirst at the local watering hole, I started describing my problem with fellow rider. The bartender advised he, had a friend who could probable help me out. To make a long story short, his friend came by my house with his truck and tig wielded my bracket in place. He also helped remove a galled bolt. For this he charged me $40. I considered this a bargain as the local dealer wanted $520 for a new bracket but offered me a deal of $399 as I was a good customer. With the tax that would have come to $440!
  6. Friend of mine is drooling over this one. I think this one is going to get some interest. Yamaha better stop sitting on the fence.
  7. dunvilsteev

    Al's Ride

    A photog friend has a few GoPro's etc. so we filmed this little video in honour of a passed friend, his favourite run. Around the 3:00 mark, if you look real careful, you can make out the Port Colborne Optical Illusion, whereby the factory in the distance gets smaller as you get closer. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/photo.php?v=437896996268684
  8. just picked up a nice 07 Victory Vegas 8 Ball, with 8200 miles! fun, fun, fun!! lots of custom stuff already...like paint, led turns, stop, and brake. HID, cust backrest, apes. this bike is quick!! my friend with a 09 RK SE 110, thought it was fast! im lovin life right now....
  9. Thank you Eck Last Monday a friend and I arrived in Welch WV at about 6:30 PM, with no motel reservations. My friend had miss placed the motel info and the motels were hid from site. We stopped at a couple gas stations, but didn’t get good direction. I remembered reading Eck’s post on his upcoming trip to Welch. I managed to get a call through to him, which was a miracle with no bars and a low battery charge. Eck gave me the numbers to several motels in the area. We were less than ½ mile from one and it was a nice place. Thanks Eck for the help!!!!!! Earl:clap2:
  10. I wish to have prayers sent for a friend named Eric Workman. He is a State Trooper in West Virginia that was shot in an altercation that left another officer dead. Eric is in intensive care with a gunshot wound to the head. I am a former police officer and this hits close. I know Eric from trout fishing in WV. He was a member of our group that met every April. I really do not know what to say other than Godspeed my friend and I hope for your recovery.
  11. Friend just bought an 09 Venture from PA that he will be getting this weekend and he needs a hitch to go on it. Anyone have any suggestions where he can get one? Thanks, RandyA
  12. Just wanted to say THANKS!....I have just enjoyed another year here. Great folks like you have made the $12.00 that i just paid all the more Valuable. I haven't spent as much time here as i once did; but, every time i "open the front door" to this place I find you, and you treat me like a friend or family. Just wanted to say thanks for that.
  13. A friend of mine invited us on a ride to Kerstings Motorcycle Museum in Winimac Indiana. My friend described how he and his brother in law stumbled on this place quite by accident, this trip was designed to end there. Links" http://www.kerstingscycle.com/muse.html http://www.teamchicago.tv/Kersting's%20museum.htm It was a nice ride, if you like bikes, this museum is awesome. No venture in the place but it was awesome seeing some old and unusual bikes.
  14. Last Friday my friend Terry went down. No one knows how or why yet. It appears that a very experienced long term rider simply veered off the road and crashed hard. (we do live in serious deer territory) He has a broken leg and collar bone as well as a ruptured spleen and serious kidney damage. He is being kept in a medically induced coma for now. Please folks, be safe out there. As was so rightly pointed out, prayers are better.
  15. Holy Hell Bro 106 years old ....you dont look a day over 70! :banana:Have a Great Birthday my Friend!!!
  16. While few of you knew Curt (he rode a Honda ST), I wanted to pass along this tragic news. Curt was a fellow LD competitor and a friend. He was one of the guys that picked my Venture off me when I went down on gravel in last year's MN1000 rally. He didn't even take a picture first or laugh at me afterwards (even though it was deserved). Curt Gran died Sunday morning as a result of a motorcycle accident that occurred Saturday night outside Minot, ND. He was participating in the MN1000 Long Distance Rally and ran into a storm cell with high winds. Per the local LEO, the wind appeared to have pushed him into the path of a pickup pulling a horse trailer. Curt was full ATGATT and a very experienced LD rider. He took 5th in the 2011 IBR and several trophies in regional rallies. Curt was also the developer/founder of the Fuzeblock auxiliary fuse block product/company. He married Cindy within the last year. Curt was a great guy and a good friend to be around. He will be missed by all who knew him. Godspeed Curt. He is now sitting at God's Waffle House in the sky, sharing smothered hash browns and a Dr. Pepper with Eddie James. Damn, Damn, Damn, this hurts!!! He was really one of the really good guys. Please include Cindy and the rest of Curt's family and friends in your prayers. RR
  17. My new best friend is ALEVE! I actually got some work done on the honey do list yesterday.
  18. Got the 89 loaded and ready to leave in 6 hours with the family to attend and funeral and PGR Mission for a friend. Sgt Brian Walker, Military Police , Airborne, gave his life on Mother's Day. Brian was a personal friend and was recently married to my daughter's friend Ashley. Brian and my daughter served together in Afghanistan 2009/2010. It is such an honor to be asked by the wife to serve in the PGR Escort. I hope I can at least ride straight with the blurred vision attack I am sure to have. Brian was a great man, husband, soldier and friend. RIP Sgt Walker, we'll take care of Ashley for you, I know you are pulling double guard duty from above.
  19. Wish I was there to ask the Venture's Rider some questions haha!
  20. Guest


    Hey Walt thanks for the help on the clutch yesterday, I got real lucky on that... I never seen poot like that thru the master cylinder....Anyhow thanks my friend
  21. California PGR Riders: A personal friend and Hero.. If you are a Patriot Guard Rider in the Lucerne Valley California area please know that you will most likely have an upcoming Mission for a Sgt Brian Walker, U.S Army MP, Airborne. Brian gave his ultimate sacrifice today for his country. He served with my daughter and her friend Ashley during her last deployment. It was after that deployment that they married and was on his second deployment with his wife Ashley and her sister, all Airborne. It seems it was a family deployment. Sgt. Brian Walker was a great guy, husband and friend to anybody who knew him. They just returned from mid-deployment leave and he was on a mission when his vehicle hit an IED. Sgt Walker; you served our country proudly. You will be missed. RIP my friend. We will keep you and your beautiful Hero wife and family in our prayers.
  22. I have a close friend that is having open heart surgery this Thursday, they are going to remove his heart, repair the aorta and replace it. Please keep my friend in your thoughts and prayers.
  23. Happy Birthday Hal !!! Hope you had a Great day!!!! Many more my friend!!!!
  24. a few weeks ago a friend of ours who has/had a 2000 zuki 800 intruder decided to sell. Deb was talking to her friend when she mentioned it was for sale and a couple potential buyers were looking. we talked and then made a higher offer that was comfortable for both us and our friend. she knew we like the bike and we were the highest bid - so the deal was struck. Debbie has an Intruder and I have the RSV. I put in a new battery and drained the tank. put in fresh gas w/sea foam and it cranked right up and I went for a ride. it is cold natured but it is a fun bike. It feels like a toy after riding the RSV, but it is responsive and fun. I scraped the left peg - I did not realize I was that far over but it was fun. we are the 2nd owners and we just hit the 5 thousand mile mark on it.
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