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  1. Guest

    Sena Users

    Sena is introducing a new SM10 Bluetooth Stereo Audio Adapter- Interesting to see it will interface with the Goldwings on board audio system-DIN 5 pin to 3.5mm 3 pole audio cable- I am hoping it will work for the Ventures on board audio system..I am very pleased with the SMH-10 and if this does work, it will be the cat's meow...
  2. Just picked up some parts off guy in Fenwick Ont. last night.Got left and right outer fairings-left and right lower fairings-side covers left/rt and front fender for $160can.I told him I would mention that he has some more parts to sell before he scraps what he doesn't need.So if any one wants his ad is on Kijjii under St.Catherines. look under Venture.Parting out two Ventures
  3. Can someone tell me what size the handlebars are for the cheap cruise control throttle locks on the 83 ventures? 7/8 or bigger.
  4. Wish I was there to ask the Venture's Rider some questions haha!
  5. I liked it. But OTD price was 26k for the 4 door. Intellichoice rates the 5 year cost as as excellent. Any opinions out there. I know there are TDI forums and I ve looked at those but that's. Like coming here asking about Ventures. Anyone been down this road and bought something else? Thanks RSTDdog
  6. Venture MP3, the same company that made the Mp3 player for the newer ventures has just put together an easy to use and install Bluetooth/Mp3 player for our 83-93 ventures. I dont know these guys and have nothing to do with them, but thought I should post it for anyone that wants an easy upgrade, I am ordering one soon, info is below. He does have special prices for anyone wanting to order in quantities, just send an email for pricing. Here is Video with Nacho from the Venturer site. ONLY CENTRAL UNIT (SINGLES ORDERS) Cost: 49 USD Delivery signed-for: 20 USD 4,5% Paypal fees: 3,11 USD Total: 72,11 USD FULL KIT (SINGLE ORDERS) Central Unit, Bluetooth Receiver, Male/male 3,5mm Jack Cost: 77 USD Delivery signed-for: 20 USD 4,5% Paypal fees: 4,37 USD Total: 101,37 USD ONLY CENTRAL UN) CoIT (SINGLES ORDERS) Cost: 49 USD Delivery signed-for: 20 USD 4,5% Paypal fees: 3,11 USD Total: 72,11 USD For order, please send an email to info@venturemp3.com (this is the same VentureMp Interface that did the units to replace the cd player in the Newer ventures. It looks like a nice easy fix for our older machines.
  7. I have a page that shows me all the Ventures up for sale on E-Bay. Lately therer have been a lot more 2nd Gens than 1st Gens. Guess they are finally getting tired of the Imitation Ventures.....:whistling:
  8. OK, I've heard some remarks about VR.Org being an Eating Club with a Riding Disorder. Wondered if anybody has been watching 'Hairy Bikers' on the HISP cable channel. They ain't riding Ventures, but would fit in here really well..... Even the wife get's a kick out of them, and I find myself laughing.... a lot.... My kinda folks...
  9. Went for a ride up to kitchener today and spotted three ventures 1:45 PM going east on 97 out of cambridge 6:45 pm going north on HWY 8 towards Cambridge 7:00 pm going west on HWY 5 going towards Hwy 8 Anybody from here
  10. I gave up on buying a used venture and got a new Victory Vision today. Just got tired of all the bs dealing with sellers who dont want to be straight up . Anyway I got the bike that impressed me the most , and 3 years of payments to go with it. Thanks to everyone on this site for the tips. Please understand Im not in any way kicking on Ventures , its just that for a little more money for new vs. new I think the Vision is the best for me. Now Ive got to go to the roadstar forum and say goodbye to some more great folks.
  11. When you're thinking your Venture is too heavy, think about this guy!
  12. Good afternoon all, How many Ventures are going to be going to Americade this week. Lou
  13. Has anyone put two Ventures in a trailer, ( I know what ashame) Enclosed that is . What size did you get them to go in ? Im looking for a new trailer . Not to big . The title should be Hauling two Ventures .
  14. Two Ventures riding south on Hwy 27 in Broward county, with a few Harleys a Victory and a Yamaha Spider, about 10 am Yesterday. One Blue and one Grey/Beige ( about 8 bikes total )
  15. Is there anyone out there refurbishing radios frm 1st generation ventures.
  16. Well this is muffin's new garage set up. At least till we move somewhere else. Needed somewhere to keep all the bikes we're collecting. No they aren't all ventures, but the ventures in here are all 1st gens. Margaret
  17. seen two ventures in the parking lot of the overlook dinner in leaveworth indiana as we rode by to cordyon saturday. anyboby from here? why do i always see ventures at a place of food and drink? we also were headed to eat! when you ride with a pack of wolfs / i mean goldwingers its nice to see a venture now and then.
  18. anyone from houston been to the texas cycle chrome store on northwest freeway? got any goodys for ventures
  19. I have a disagreement with a vendor about when the FIRST Royale was introduced. He has parts listed from 1983 as Royale parts and although most of them would possibly fit, I say it wasn't until the Mk2 came out in 1986. Prior models were known as just plain vanilla Ventures! Who's right? I looked at the Venture History and it doesn't specifically say, but I think I'm right! Help me out. It isn't an argument, I'm just a stickler for details.
  20. Don't know if anyone on here has ever read the stuff at the following link: http://www.pashnit.com/gs850-wht.htm but I found it interesting. This guy starts with his Suzuki GS850 story, then continues on about Ventures, then on to a story about $1000 motorcycles on a 1000 mile ride. For what it's worth, I liked the stories.
  21. we just got back from deals gap, rode the skyway and everything back there. we have been there eight times thru out the last three years. i always look for fellow venture rides where ever we go, but this weekend there had to be twenty thousand bikes around that mtn. only seen one venture? mostly HD and goldwings.my so call riding buddys always make fun of the lack of ventures we see. there goldwingers and always try to get me to change over. there nice bikes but not comfortable for me. but i do fell like im the only one sometimes. was any of you venture rides in that area, first or 2nd generation. surely i was not alone.
  22. Guest

    2011 Ventures

    Does anyone know or have heard when the new yammies are coming out this year, I don't care what they might have on them as much as a date on when.. Seems like last year it was around mid Sept.
  23. How do I determine when my enlistment is up ? I understand that the re-enlistment bonus is all the information I could ever ask for with regard to Venture's and as well, lasting friendships are part of the bonus. :thumbsup:
  24. Will anyone be attending this? Its August 7th. Supports a great cause! I have gone for the last three years and would love to meet up with any fellow Venture Riders while we're there! Saw sevral Ventures there last year. http://www.benefitride.com/
  25. I was down at the North Star Power Sports last Thurs at noon picking up a new speedometer cable for my bike. There were about 4 people ahead of me in line. Anyhow, the guy being helped was ordering parts for a Venture. Was that you? Just asking as there aren't many Ventures in the area.
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