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  1. The wife and I are headed for San Antonio in March for a couple days and then to the Texas Hill country for 3/4 days for some riding then over to Austin for a couple days. Any suggestions of things to see and do in Austin and must roads to ride in the Hill Country area? Have friends in San Anton to help there. Thanks Rick & Shirley
  2. Looking for suggestions on "must see/do" things for northern Texas for last week of February-first week of March. On average, what kind of weather should we expect??
  3. Guest

    texas roads

    everybody that lives in the hill country of texas knows these roads, they are called the three sisters, 335, 336, 337, people drive down from colorado to drive on these three roads. ( imagine that ) not only are they great roads, lots of twists and turns, but some great biker friendly places to eat. some great swimming holes. great changes in elevation and a motorcycle museum run by a guy from new zealand. ( talk about getting lost ) during the week you can ride these and never see a soul, car nor motorcycle. on week ends you meet some great riders from all over i highly recommend the ride
  4. On this past past Thursday, April 26th, myself and LilBeaver (Rick) rode down to Abilene Texas to check out an all female acoustic jam session at the Lucky Mule Saloon. The Rankin Twins are a duet, April and Amy, (Amy is wearing the blue top) originally from Midland but living in Austin now I believe. Pauline Reese is a tall blonde drink of water who lives on a ranch..um...somewhere in Texas. Kylie Rae Harris, the brunette, has a deep soulful voice, and to me, she sounds and looks a lot like Sheryl Crowe. These girls are talented and beautiful, and hopefully will have a great career in Texas Country Music. For those who know about this: Rick's bike seemed to run fine, no problems with the ignition as far as I know. Our ride to Abilene was pleasant and uneventful, other than a couple of idiot cagers, a few missed turns in the Abilene downtown area, a detour thru a residential area, and a little fun messing with the Patels that rented us each a room. On the way back from Abilene to Lubbock, I think about half of the Texas red dirt near the edge of the caprock ended up on our 2 bikes, since mine was no longer a Midnite Black, but more of a gritty maroon color! It was VERY windy! A great time was had by all...meaning me at least. Thanks for the ride-along Rick...
  5. Hi, Is there a way to pay to join this erstwhile group, without using Paypal? I have been looking for two days to find a way to pay with an e-check, bank account, or some other way...but all I can find is how to pay with my Paypal account....which I don't have one of, nor really know if I want one of! a little help for the engineer in Texas??
  6. Temps here in North Texas today was in the mid 70's. Went for a long, long ride; about 160 miles or so. Blue skies most of the time. Glad I live in Texas.
  7. Just got back from Texas Hunting Exotics. I took an Armenian Mouflon and Barasingha. Hopefully the upload works. Going with a European mount for the mouflon.
  8. Looks like we will be blowing the dust off this Yuppyville North Texas area and heading for Ruidoso, NM. We have a contract pending on a nice chunk of property in the mountains, and if all goes well, we'll be heading out by November 1. Looking forward to some cooler temperatures! The next challenge is gonna be to sell this place in Texas. Been retired for a couple of years, and the DFW area just isn't our idea of a nice place to relax. Haven't had any luck finding the right kinda place down in the Texas Hill Country, so we decided to change venues all together. The new place in the mountains has a great big shop and lots of land, so maybe we'll see some of you out there! Goose
  9. Anyone that is interested in a biker friendly spot going donw Hwy 36 I can highly recommend West Of The Brazos. Its a great little joint in Damon Texas http://www.westofthebrazos.com/. Good little stop if your cruising down to Freeport for the day. I love their burgers and a cold beer! Check em out next time you head out that way!
  10. At the 2012 International rally in NY, someone from Texas gave me a bag of pecan coffee...I have a great memory, its just short ..Can't recall who gave it to me......well, I HID the coffee and drank it as if it was made of gold on special occasions....Sad to say, its gone........:bawling:Can the person who gave me the bag tell me where it came from as I don't have the original bag anymore and would like to find out where I can order some ......
  11. Here are the pictures from this weekend! We are still laughing about Honeybee's "birthday" at Texas Roadhouse! Yee Haw!!!:dancefool: http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y262/venturerider/Sleeperhawks%20Mechanic/2012/Sleeperhawks%20Mechanic%202012%20August%20Asheville/
  12. Saw this on facebook today. If it's real Texas has got it right.
  13. Almost time to go. We are leaving North Carolina and heading West to Texas. Although we will miss our friends and our little place out here just off the IP for drop zone Sicily at Fort Bragg we are looking forward to getting into our new place outside of San Antonio. The folks in NC and the East here have been great. I have no doubt I will miss sitting on the front porch at the house here as the C-130's and the monstrous C-17's fly over our garage so low you can almost reach out and touch them, then watch as they head over the forest until the parachutes blossom in a strings behind them. Or when the Marines come to town and shake the area with the 155's day and night. Well, maybe we won't miss that. In the last couple of years I've found myself literally falling apart but thanks to modern medicine, I have been mostly put back together. But still I retain a few problems that seriously affect my ability to work on my bike. I had a problem with the bike that really needed fixing. So I waited till an old friend stopped by and we took the bike apart, fixed the problem but another problem cropped up I did not foresee and I had to order a part that didn't come in till after he left for home on the other side of the country. Now I have my bike in 500 pieces or so and waiting for help to come from Texas to put it back together. But. The turning wrenches problem has been resolved. In San Antonio we will be living but a few hundred feet from an old pal, family, rider, member and one time evil companion (we have both reformed from our earlier days on VR.org ... or at least I have), who has sworn to turn wrenches for me when needed, share his stash of ice cream and generally be available to go with when I wanna ride. And away we go ... well, in two weeks or so.
  14. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/texas-highway-first-allow-85-mph-speed-limit-154924311.html
  15. Took me awhile to work up the courage to sell my 89 VR. This was my first true touring bike and I have throughly enjoyed it. I am looking for something a little smaller, possibly a FJR so I can do some canyon carving here in the Texas Hill Country. If interested in my VR check out the classifieds and inputs on what my next bike should be are welcome as well.
  16. I completed part of my ride of the Tour of Honor to visit 7 memorial sites around Texas. I signed up for this ride back in Dec. The sites became available April 1st. Dave Zipcode and I attempted back on April 6th when he had his rear tire go flat on the way to the first site in Fredericksburg. Then he went down with his wife a week ago. Sure missed having him ride along, but glad he and Jamie are ok. I was planning to complete the ride of visiting all 7 sites in an Iron Butt Saddlesore 2000 in under 48hrs. The ride was good, turned Hot in North Texas, great weather, finished the required 4 sites in 1000 miles under the 24hr. Grabbed one more site north of Dallas at 12:30am. Headed for home, stopped for some rest along the way. Amazing you can fall alseep on the bike lying on the tank bag. By then I was up for over 24hrs. Got home after 27hrs on the road. Decided on not going to south Texas to grab the remaining 2 memorials. Needed to get some good rest. Was about 25 miles short of being able to submit the ride as a Bunburner 1500 in 36hrs. So I went for a short ride to get me over the #. Here are some pics of the memorial sites I visited.
  17. Just got in from a LONG week in Taylor, TX, near Austin. Wish there had been time to visit some of our Texas members while there but this was a semi annual sales meeting and they have us busy from daylight until well after dark. I have tried to keep up with any requests here but if I have missed something, please let me know.
  18. An Arab enters a taxi cab in Dallas , Texas .......... Once he is seated he asks the cab driver to turn off the radio because he must not hear music as decreed by his religion and; in the time of the prophet, there was no music, especially Western music, which is music of the infidel's and certainly no radio ........ So the cab driver politely switches off the radio, pulls over to the side, stops the cab and opens the back door. The Arab asks him: “What are you doing man?” The Texan answers: “In the time of the prophet there were no taxis. So get your ass out and wait for a camel.” You gotta love Texas
  19. Hope everyone is ok down there. RandyA
  20. To all of y'all here in Texas. I am back and looking for some rides and good times. So chime in and let me know what's happening. Thanks
  21. It isnt whether you ride a Harley or Yamaha or Gold Wing or any other bike..Its about the friendship and friends you have met along the way.. January 22,2012 Downtown Luckenbach,Texas with Gary N and Mary. Listening to the guys pickin and singin in 70+ degree weather sun shining...Life is good in TEXAS!
  22. Hope this is the right place... I have a '83 Venture Standard. Anyone in the Columbus, Ohio area have access to a ultrasonic cleaning tank? Or someone on the list know of someone with one. The shops around here want $50 per carb body, with me doing the dissembly/reassembly. I used to send them to a guy in texas, but it has been a few years, and I cant find his info. Also, anyone have experience with the Harbor Freight (or similar) tanks? A waste of money, or worth it? Any input is appreacited. Thanks, Kurt
  23. hi all drove the trike on it's first long distance ride since i bought it. went out to west texas, to ft.davis. total of 1,400 miles round trip. used 52.7 gallons of fuel, avg mpg for the trip was 25.19. i would say that's not bad for two up and pulling a loaded trailer. avg speed was about 70 mph. left ft.davis sunday morning around 8:am & arrived back home just after 8:00pm sunday night. 690 miles in 12 hours with a bbq break at cooper's in junction, texas. (cathie tells me she will not be doing any iron butt rides with me) my lowest mpg was 21.5 to a high of 29.7. so what i have read about our trike's mpg, i would say i'am right in the ball park. had a great weekend. reguards don c.
  24. Making my second trip to Illinois this year...out of nowhere the rains came down! Same thing happened in June! If only that would happen in Texas! Other than the rain, it was a great ride...hoping for an equally good ride on the way home Monday.
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