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  1. I know the obvious answer is when it is wet and below 32 degrees. From a safety stand point, when do you consider it too cold to ride. I am not looking at hypothermia impact. I am trying to figure out tire traction impact. Thanks, Bob
  2. I just retired from full-time work and will leave San Antonio TX for Springfield IL...round trip of about 2500 miles. My question...how many miles can/should I REALISTICALLY plan on covering in a day? I've never taken a long trip on the RSV. I did ride from St. Louis to Wichita Falls TX back in 1977 on a Honda 450...but I was much younger then. I know many of you can ride a thousand miles in one day...I am 62 and I need to plan for what I really should try to cover. Thanks in advance for any input. Jim T
  3. i have a 84 vr and have a komfort kruz kit on it (something like a voyager kit) my air ride is not working properly and the belly plate bottoms out sometimes (not good) and it was sugested that i replace the air shock with a standerd shock--???? p.s. thanks to all for your help on all the threads i have posted ride safe ride free--dave
  4. This is the place to go for breakfast in NH. http://www.parkersmaplebarn.com/ My friends and I have gathered together more than once to eat breakfast here. Many riders meet and ride to this place. You will find scooters of all types there. even some classic old rides. It is worth the trip. your tummy will thank you
  5. US 550 into Ouray and Silverton. They call it the milliion dollar highway. I think it is because it cost that much per mile to build it. I think it is because it has million dollar views as you ride along it. It winds up and over several mountain passes and you will see crystall clear rivers and waterfalls. There are stopping points along the way and during holidays, you will encounter some traffic. The road has lots of curves and you might hit some gravel occasionally on the road from pull out areas. The town of Ouray has a public Hot Spring that is visible as you pull into town. Use i
  6. I got to take a ride on a leer like jet today just for the Joy of it!.We flew to Birmingham, Al. then to Nashville,Tn. Then Back to Cartersville, Ga. Topped out at 34,000 ft. Had a leer flying with us too it was very cool to look out and see him off our wing tip. It was one of the best days of my life!
  7. Hello Fellow RSTD riders. I mounted a Wompus Rack and aftermarket trunk to my 05 RSTD last night. Installation was quite simple. I have not had time to ride yet and need my wife to pass judgement on the comfortability. I will let you know what my thoughts are in a day or so. Ride safe!!!
  8. Got a lot going on and thinking of Dropping both the 08 Venture Royale and the Roadstar Midnight. Or at least the Venture for a FJR 1300 2013 ES. It just seems it would fit me better the way I ride and where I ride. I have hung out with the Concours Owners Group on some rides and I just like the Ability of that bike but not the few drawbacks it has. Considered a Triumph but ditched that Idea (1200 no go) So far as I look the FJR 1300 is near as perfect as I can get for single, two up and towing. So before I let my beloved beast 2008 go that I have spent so much time outfitting and buying e
  9. I'd like to know how do I know if I have a bad rear shock. When I ride with a passenger it seems to bottom out easily. But I'm 300 lbs. & my wife weighs about 140 lbs. So I realize there is some weight on there. I have one of those hand pumps and I give it a few pumps before we both ride, but it seems we still bottom out easily. When I ride alone it takes a pretty extreme bump to make me bottom out.
  10. A friend of mine pointed this out to me, I am not to thrilled about the name but being one of the roads I grew up riding it is a nice ride. http://backofthedragon.com/
  11. So a few months ago, a gal I work with (she shares an office with me) had asked about my bike (she sees my crash jacket & helmet sitting next to my desk every day) and we had a nice little chat about it. Turns out, some of her only memories of her and her father were of her riding on the back of his wing. She asked if I would mind taking her for a ride sometime, of course, I said no problem - just let me know when. Well work finally slowed down some (and classes are over for a while) so we planned it for today. I roll up to her place around 745 or so. She is out on the porch waiting for
  12. From Nashville home... GORGEOUS ride, colors were beautiful, perfect day to ride. We started out eating at the Loveless Cafe and then hitting the road.we had a heavy coat then went light jacket, then Short sleeve. It was so NICE!!! Kinda funny I've ridden the trace many times both ways, but saw things I've never seen . I told my wife it was almost like riding it for the 1st time.
  13. Thanks to those members who helped us plan last years trip to kentucky...This year plan to ride to williamsburg VA. via skyline dr..plan to spend 7 days in this area then home via coastal route...any ideas about roads to ride in this area or to avoid...williamsburg may not be final resting place.we book thru homeaway for 1 week..think will go to virginia beach ,civil war sites,..any suggestions would be much appreciated...thanks Les
  14. Middle of January, 0 degrees C and snowing (feels like -5 C)...and I'm at the point where I could use a ride on the bike. :-(
  15. Ok I just found out today, an interesting piece of information . What are the two biggest " cash cow " business's on the entire planet ?? And they are irreplaceable, and you can't buy stock in these two outfits !! But they are a neat " ride " to go take a look at !!
  16. As some of you know, I have a problem,,,, I know what you are thinking, but this is a new one. I ride a 2014 Spyder and installed JMCB 2003 for a CB and intercom. The intercom works fine, and the CB broadcasts just fine. Now if we get 2 CBs close together I can hear the other, if they are more than 4ft apart I can't hear the other person. I can hear a tapping on their mic, but no voice comes through. Now hear is the next problem then. I contacted JM corp and they would like me to try to use one of their headsets. I use the Edsets with the proper cord, but they were wondering if I could t
  17. Took a ride down to the Yuba River today. started out around 72 degrees and got down to 52 in the river canyon. No Snow or Ice to deal with. Sorry everyone, not bragging about our weather here but..... Oh Yea, Pictures Included.
  18. It is windy and feels like 17°F. Snow tomorrow. It will be in the mid 20's for a high for the next 2 or 3 days. This afternoon, I plugged my RSV battery on trickle charge. http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/15/01/05/72ff461ad8047aba8010ff8e039022f7.jpg
  19. April the 12th tentatively.... there is a group riding to Loveless Cafe In Nashville... Live in the Area? wanna meet up with us and ride after lunch? would love to meet ....this is the route we are taking back, join us and ride till you have to turn back...I will post times as the date nears.... https://goo.gl/maps/vzjsQ route to Loveless Cafe https://goo.gl/maps/Z4j73
  20. I am retiring today after 32 years in school transportation. It is actually a lot sadder day then I thought it would be. Hard to leave people you have been working beside for so many years. Will start working for a friend on a part time basis on Monday. Will be able to ride a lot more. Going to spend two weeks in Florida (Ft. Myers) in early March and the wife and I are going to ride the bike down to Key West. May be able to hook up with some of the south Florida riders while were there. I guess I'll end this now, starting to ramble.
  21. The tow company just left with my bike, actually it now belongs to an auction company. i am now officially without a bike . But an was looking over us on 12-13-14 when we totaled it. I can't express how much i've enjoyed and learned from this site over the past 6+ years. i'm torn whether to quit the site or continue to participate. the reason i entertain quitting is that it will be a constant reminder that my riding days are done and quite honestly feel somewhat envious of you all that still ride . i guess i'll just wait and see how it goes. i'm adding several photos of the bike as it was lea
  22. sleepy2

    day ride

    Went for 2 1/2 hour ride today.Was 3deg c. Only seen a dirt bike with passenger(NO Phantom was NOT with me) Seen lots of Harley clothing wearers around but NO bikes with them. Brother-in-law saw a bunch yesterday tho.Waiting to see what rest of week brings.
  23. Our Saturday CHIRSTmas ride is on... OK.. a small cold front came through but I am ready .... Every freezing mile will be in honor of those who prefer to keep that white stuff on the ground instead of the freezer like we do..
  24. How cool is that? Take a look! (And yes, Southerners, I know you are snickering.)
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