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  1. As some of you know, I have a problem,,,, I know what you are thinking, but this is a new one. I ride a 2014 Spyder and installed JMCB 2003 for a CB and intercom. The intercom works fine, and the CB broadcasts just fine. Now if we get 2 CBs close together I can hear the other, if they are more than 4ft apart I can't hear the other person. I can hear a tapping on their mic, but no voice comes through. Now hear is the next problem then. I contacted JM corp and they would like me to try to use one of their headsets. I use the Edsets with the proper cord, but they were wondering if I could try one of theirs. SO!!!! anybody in the area have a set they could lend me??
  2. I was riding after dark when a car in front of me slammed on it's brakes and moved off to the side of the road a little causing me and the person I was with to have to make a quick move to the center of the road to avoid hitting the car. About a mile up the car rolled up beside us and said my high beams were on. When I told him (showed him) they were not on he said they were too bright (bright enough to cause him to almost run me off the road). When I got home I checked the aim of the headlamp and it was pointing into the sky - right where at proper following distance a rear view mirror would be. I had replaced the stock bulb with a silverstar and had not changed a thing. Lesson learned, from now on I'll check where the headlight is pointing...
  3. I was sold these as going on a MKII 1st Gen bike and since I have a MKI as well I can verify it goes to neither... any help out there with finding their proper use? http://www.bergall.org/temp/venture/floorboards/mc1.jpg http://www.bergall.org/temp/venture/floorboards/mc1a.jpg http://www.bergall.org/temp/venture/floorboards/mc2.jpg
  4. I have been trying to put in place the airbox assembly into an 83 venture. I cannot get those blasted hoses that goes from the box into their proper places . Anybody have any ideas to make the connections? I've worked on this and I have gotten nowhere! Help!
  5. A while back (2 mos) someone posted a thread showing how you push on the handlebar in a turn. Been looking awhile but can't seem to find it...
  6. A separate thread to post any and all pictures to the IR 2012, so that is going to be easy for others to find them. It 'll be in the Watering Hole for now, I will move it in a week or so to it's proper spot.
  7. Just fund $20 stuck in my pocket,,,, was supposed to give it to Don for membership on the Venture Site,,, now I just need to be reminded who gave it to me, so that I can forward it the proper party!
  8. is there a formula or calculation for determining the proper tire pressure in a trailer's tires for varying weights?
  9. Hey guys and gals, In the process of getting rid of my antennas, stereo has always sounded like crap, but wondering, what is the proper placement of them. If on the bike, stereo goes on right, correct. Going to the coiled copper wire in the trunk method.
  10. Anybody here have any experience with rebuilding them? I tore up the spider gears in my 78 this spring. I had bought a new ring and pinion to change the ratio from the 3.25:1 that was in it to go to 3.89:1 so it would be more ideal with the transmission gearing, peak horsepower, and tire size I would be running a while back. Now is a good time to get them in while I was replacing the diff case seeing as how the original one had holes punched through it. But now that I have everything together, I need to set the rotational force on my pinion and carrier bearings. But I don't have a torqometer, and a spanner wrench would also come in handy. Would anybody happen to have either of these and be willing to lend them or help out who lives in the Thorp/Eau Claire/ Chippewa Falls/ Abbotsford , WI. area? Anybody have any tips or hints that I should be aware of? Anybody have the proper torque specs? I've found several places on the net with them, but they vary a bit from one to the other. One says to set the preload on the pinion to 22-32 inch lbs., which definitely feels way to tight. I just don't want to go through all the money and trouble just to have the thing melt down or explode on me. Thanks for any assistance, Bill
  11. Riding in the Southern USA and going to change my Clutch Fluid, all I notice us DOT 4 full Synthetic Fluid, is this the proper fluid to use? I hadn't noticed in Canada if it was fully Synthetic or not.
  12. I recently installed a voltage meter. It has a stock Stator. It has a non AGM battery. My question is what should be the approximate proper reading when: 1) At an idel of about 900 rpms 2) At running speed of say 65 mph in 5th gear 3) After a 24 hour charge with a 2 amp battery charger. What mininum voltage reading should I be concerned with. My 89 VR has the standard lights with the addition of a set of Wallmart Plattium Burners (55 watt). I heard many postings to swap out to 35 watts, with a couple that says that 55 watts are ok. I thought that if I knew the proper voltage reading that the reading would determine if I need to go to the 35 watts. I do have several LEDs on. 4 Turn signals, 2 additional stop lights all from Custom Dynamics, but being that they are not all the time and they are LEDs thought they would have mininum inpact.
  13. What did you use to drive in the bushing and seal? I can't find a PVC pipe the proper size and I'd hate to sink $40+ into a tool that I'm only going to use once.
  14. Could someone tell me or show pics of the proper clutch basket removal tool for a 2008 rsv?
  15. A few months ago I totaled my 2007 RSV. MrsSquid and I are OK. Here are some photos of my new bike the evening I got her home.... Yes, I know that I tied it down wrong as I found the proper procedure after I got it home.... http://inlinethumb40.webshots.com/11815/2296511360056765227S425x425Q85.jpg http://inlinethumb25.webshots.com/45528/2826732790056765227S425x425Q85.jpg
  16. I have read all the posts about the plugs behind the fins. I pulled the fins to check the plugs and found none of them to be leaking. The drip just started as the cold weather set in, It drips just behind the kickstand pivot. The puddle is the size of a silver dollar after 24 hours. This on an '01 RSV 40K on the odo. So if it's not the cylinder plugs what else might it be? I see no seepage around the head gaskets or anywhere on top of the motor. Inspection with a mirror and flashlight of the underside of the motor shows it dripping off the shift rod, but I can't tell where it's coming from. The reserve tank is at the proper level. No overheating problems. My last few rides have been in temps of 25 to 40 degrees. I need to get this fixed before Thursday, as a pgr member we provide the parking guides for the veterans day service at Great Lakes National Cemetery.
  17. I want to paint my helmet has my scoot colour .Whats the proper procedure in doing so Thanks:bighug:
  18. I don't know if anyone else saw this or not but this ought to stress the importance of safe riding in a group (ie staggering) and maintaining a proper following distance... I think its amazing that more were not critically injured! http://www.komonews.com/news/local/59860797.html Hope they all come out okay.
  19. Waiting to fly up and pick up my new MM. Sleeperhawk is picking me up and I guess a small gaggle of ventureriders are going to the Harley dealer to see the baby get a proper home. I can't figure out if I'm more excited about the bike or meeting all these great, generous people! 4 hours and counting.
  20. I have decided on buying Dunlop e3s for my 2006 RSTD midnight can anyone tell me the proper ordering numbers for the stock size tires ? Thanks
  21. After changing the engine oil to Rotella 15w-40, I still had the clutch slip a few times in 5th gear on hard acceleration at 4-5k rpm during my 120 mile commute to work to today. I see a lot of posts referring to replacing the springs for only $10, but I checked both BikeBandit and Chapparal and they both listed them for $7.97/ea. Since there are 6 of them, that would be around $48 total plus shipping and I still have to locate a new clutch cover gasket too. Any ideas or suppliers? Will a proper sized washer placed behind each spring upon reassembly accomplish the same thing? I haven't taken it apart yet to see if they are out of spec, but I'd like to be prepared to do the job once and not leave my bike unusable for a week waiting for parts.
  22. This doesn't have anything to do with a bike, other than the fact that I traded my Old wing for a boat this weekend. The boat has got an early '80s model 25 horse johnson on it, and the guy I got it from had just gotten it himself. Therefore other than my test drive, he had never had it in the water. Question is he had no idea what the proper fuel mix should be. He had more than enough oil in the fuel. Does anybody know what the proper fuel to oil ratio should be? Thanks, Joe.
  23. In the not too distant past, someone posted that having the rear end gears re-setup when using a Ford 7.5" rear end in a Yamaha VR or equivalent trike project was mandatory. Upon whoever it was freaking me out, I stopped working on the trike until I could get a chance to pull the rear end (mine is an independent rear end) Anyway...upon removing it, pulling the inspection cover, and using Prussian blue on the gear set and rotating them in the proper direction, I found out I had freaked out over nothing. The proper imprint pattern was better turning them this direction than it had been when they were in the Cougar I took them out of. My point is, don't freak out over this same situation until you've had the gear set checked for proper imprint. You may not have to spend anything except a gasket and some lube. Now I can continue with my project feeling much more comfortable. I'm not saying the person's post was bad--and I appreciate the post because it made me stop and think about something I hadn't considered--but it isn't necessarily something to freak out about. Just have it checked, you may be okay like I am.
  24. Ok, I can't stand it anymore. I can ride year round here in Florida, but the mist on the windshield is killing me. I thought I could get used to looking through it, but now I want to cut it down but I am unsure of the proper technique. If anyone knows, please let me know and I would be grateful. I have most of the tools I think I need, ie. dremel, jig saw, scroll saw and patience. Help please! Sky Pilot
  25. OK, in reading another thread, I read that someone suggested using Rotella motor oil for diesel trucks in their VR. Is this a correct and proper thing to do?
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