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  1. I just solved one problem, here comes another. 99 Venture Royal Star, replaced faulty ignition switch, corrected problem. Now, with the motor running and in neutral, if I place the sidestand down the motor stops. If the clutch lever or the sidestand is in any position, as long as the bike is in neutral no problem.
  2. Last year a member asked me to help fix his bike, turned out that water had got into the motor and it was ceased. He picked it up and has it parked since then under cover. It's been a few years since it has been used. He wants to donate it to somebody deserving. Let me know if you're interested. It's in Georgetown Ontario
  3. Tip n I had an excellent adventure today.. We are still in the process of getting things in order for the big cruise over to Ann Arbor to visit the U of M in January. 3 weeks ago, during an outing that found me jogging on a tread mill while a very young looking heart specialist controlled the speed and uphill angle of the conveyor belt that was moving beneath my feet,,, 30 more seconds the nurse said,,, I didnt trust her cause it seemed an hour had past since she had said "1 more minute".. As we were walking out the door of the hospital on that previous adventure, I looked at Tippy and told her how happy I was that another link in the process of this medical journey was completed.. Looking for empathy and maybe even some sympathy, I also made a comment about how much the angle of that tread mill reminded me of the angle of the roadway her and I had pushed Tweeks up when we ran out of gas on the other side of the Missouri River from Chamberlain South Dakota.. It worked cause she acknowledged that the ordeal didnt sound like that much fun.. I told her that the Nurse and Doctor had pulled a tag team of torment on me trying to get my heart to rev over 138 rpm's and that, truthfully, I would rather have been back out in that 105 degree sun, helping her push Tweeks.. Glad it was over.. Thought that was ancient history,, a long forgotten time of trauma when,,, last week,,, our Doctor walked into room #3, said hi to us, looked down at her computer and said,, "getting handle on all the prep - every thing is looking good --- except your heart stress test,, got some stuff there that we should look deeper into"... I knew it,, I just knew it,, that local hospital tag team and their conveyor belt with a "T" handle bolted to it were gonna cause me problems... My Doctor announces I have to go do ANOTHER one of these tests only this one will be a little more fun cause I get a bunch of pictures taken AND I get to have my motor injected... That brings us to todays adventure.. This time the tag team consisted of 3 medical looking people.. After shaving a bunch of spots on my chest to make sure my wiring was grounded properly, they flipped the switch on the monitor,, one of the group kinda moaned a little and said something about my motor rate of 42 rpm's.. The one in the white coat walked out,, looked at me and said - "do you have a heart condition"? To which I replied,, "not that I know of"... I was laying down on a bed with wheels next to the conveyor belt while that conversation was going on. I didnt notice the guy with the injection cart walk in.. Having been around injected motors and gear heads who inject them, I am pretty familiar with the voice tones the type of person who injects motors has.. I knew immediately what this person was up to as soon as he introduced himself as "Ed"... I forgave "Ed" for trying to push the feed line for my motor injection thru my elbow - he was very apologetic about it not "flowing".. He tried some kind of technique using some kind of saline solution but still couldnt get the injector cranked up.. He had to plug that lead and go looking for another one... Wired up,,, chest shaven with patches hanging all over me,, right arm all poked full of holes,, tag team standing around me, they cranked up the conveyor again... As I held onto that familiar "T" handle and felt the conveyor start to tilt, it occurred to me how many times I had asked Tweeks to pull an incline loaded to the Antelope Horns with gear and with two people on her back no less... "Ed" broke my sweaty daydream as he announced he was about to hit the injector button.. As he shoots the juice to my motor, someone announces that having your motor injected while trying to balance your wheels on a conveyor belt can cause momentary loss of balance.. It can and it does.. Thankfully the "T" bar on the conveyor belt at our local hospital is very very well made!! As the tag team was helping me lay back on the wheeled bed I could feel my pride and dignity returning knowing I had accomplished another great adventure.. I immediately found out that only part of the journey was completed.. The team moved me into another room where many more tag team members had gathered.. My motor and I were placed under this machine that they all said was "the camera" - certainly did not look like one though.. Spent about 20 minutes getting pictures taken of my motor.. As I leaned up onto the side of the bed with wheels, visions of some of Tips turkey and homemade dressing danced in my head (had to fast for this procedure - hungry!!).. Glad to have this one done... The nurse that handed me my shirt asked if I would be waiting in the hospital for the "next" step or if I would be leaving.. She informed me that I would have to be back in a couple hours for part two... Ohhhhhhh,,, goody goody,,, its not over!! It dawned on me that I still had the "injector" hooked up and,, being the gear head that I am and knowing first hand I dont like people knowing whether or not my motor is injected either, I asked if - for secrecy sake - my injector port had to be removed if I was leaving the Hospital.. Nailed it.. Remembering the fiasco that "Ed" had gone thru trying to get my injector flowing,, I made the wise choice to hang out for a couple hours... As Tip and I were goofing around in the corridors of the Hospital I was intriqued at how many mature adventurers there were hanging around.. As with any trip, we conversed with quite a few of them.. After finishing up a conversation with another bearded charecter about my age, I looked at Tippy and told her I wanted to go view the "little people behind the big window".. It had been many many years since I had stood at the viewing window and made ugly faces at the lil ones.. We walked up the stairs to the 2nd floor exit ramp.. Hooked an exit and noticed a sign that said "Intensive Care" - opppssss,, obviously the wrong exit... Merged back in the stair well traffic,, off on the 3rd floor exit,,, surgical rooms......... Back into the stairwell traffic,, 4th floor,, which was also the end of the stairwell road.. Walked in,, more surgical care rooms... Walk over to the nurses station on the 4th floor.. A nurse asked if she could help.. Tippy stood there beside me as I explained to her that we were just waisting time between some heart testing and were looking for the baby viewing area,,, just wanted to give the hospital a chance to show off those lil ones.. The nurse eyed us up and down,, smiled and told us that this particular hospital didnt do babies no more... Saddened, we ventured back down to the main floor.. As we stood in the main floor corridor, leaned against a wall and yapping, a well dressed office looking lady walked up and asked if she could help us find something.. I lifted my sleeve, showed her my injection connection and told her we were waiting for part two.. Than we got yakking about the hospital not having a baby area, how strange that seemed and how disappointed I was that I didnt get to view the little curtain climbers.. The lady grinned when I said that and said,, you wanna hear something that will really make you sad.. She asked when the last time was that I had "viewed" the hospital babies.. Probably 25 years we said.. She says now adays, at the "other" hospital, you cant even view em unless you are a family member and have a security wrist band.. She said because of people STEALING babies and other security issues, those "open view" days that I remember so well are a thing of the past... Keeping it a "secret" about whether or not your motor is injected is understandable but,, hiding those little people like that - now that is just plain wrong... Got the message that I was "next in line" for more injector flavored pictures,, finished up and came home a little older and a whole lot wiser about injectors, babies and life in the not so fast lane of geezerdom!!
  4. Hamilton, Alabama Motor Sports Super Store Have you ever wanted to test ride a Can-Am Spyder? Well mark your calendar for January 17th. Can-Am is bringing 12 of the all-new 2015 F3 Spyder for test rides. So make plans to come join us at Motor Sports Super Store on January 17th at 10:00 am for a test ride. Riders must be 21 and have a motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license.…For info call 205-921-7777 ask for DonnyHamilton, Alabama Motor Sports Super Store Check you LOCAL Can-Am dealer to see if the are hosting this event....
  5. We are just back from Santee, rode down and spent two hours in Cayce's garage, Got a new yamaha clutch assembly, basket and the works. Have something quite interesting to tell all of you. So let me get that done first. (the clutch is not the problem) As you know I have been playing around with a thicker oil. This has helped, not as hoped for, but has helped, but at the same time Cayce my motorcycle mechanic and old fishing pal, has been busy obtaining a new clutch assembly for me. I have also paid him in kind with a brand new air impact wrench and a set of metric 1/2 inch drive sockets. It only took him about an hour and a half to switch to the new clutch assembly, and this is the interesting thing. Some of you have already stated that even after changing out the clutch assembly your whine really did not go away, it just moved to a different rpm. Moved the sound so to speak, made it more tolerable. So as both of us are always quite curious to find an answer, here it is. With the clutch and main assembly removed, and a plastic bag taped over the opening to stop oil from flying around, we fired Cricket up! Even with the clutch totally removed, there is that characteristic whine sound of the actual motor working. It varies from non existent at idle to where you can hear it as you vary the throttle up to about 2000 rpm. We did not romp on it, but have determined it is not the clutch causing the problem. What is happening is this particular motor has a specific sound, a resonance, a particular harmonic sound if you will, this new clutch assembly has a slightly different size and it moves the harmonics to a lower rpm level. This is why some of you have stated that the whine did not go away it just moved. More on this in a minute. With everything back in place and the new assembly all installed and everything properly torqued, and after getting a lecture on not to be putting any straight 50 weight motor oil in the assembly, we again changed the filter, and put in exactly this time 125 ounce of total volume of 20w50 Mobil One, with 12.5 ounces of this being Lucas Oil additive. This works out to 3.906 quarts. Yamaha recommends 3.91 quarts. We are close, prefer to work with even numbers. Yes this volume with filter will totally close over the sight glass when sitting still. But with the motor running it is perfectly between the proper marks on the sight glass. So we have decided although the manual does not state so, the oil should be observed while the motor is running. (This again is just our observation) So going down to Santee with my original oil mix in the Motor and gear box, it does run somewhat more quiet, especially in the higher range of the gear rpm. Coming back, yep we still have the whine but it has as others have stated, moved. But with the oil and lucas , and the different assembly, it totally is non existent at certain times and gear rpm. Results are like as follows: In the lower gears and lower rpm, honestly there is not one iota of change. At low town speeds, 30 to 45 or 50 mph, the whine is still there. But again let me stress, it is not the clutch, this has been being mis-diagnosed for a long time, why I do not know, just has been is all. The motor and gear drive has a particular resonance that is unique to it, it varies with rpm. But as you increase speed it gets better and better!!. At 60 mph in 4th gear it is gone, all you can hear is the slight sound of the motor and you really have to listen to hear this, you begin to hear the whoosh of the wind and the quiet low rumble of the stock pipes. (I never could hear that at high speed before) as you push it on up to 65 mph and shift into 5th gear and take it on up to 70 mph the sound is completely gone, at 80 it does not return, it is a joy to listen to the motor work at that speed and hear the bike run. However as you shift between 4th and 5th gears and if you do not power it on up to 70 right away, if you dawdle , the whine will come back......until you get above 70 again. What is happening is you are dropping to a lower rpm, and allowing the resonance to return. I hope this explains more thoroughly what is the real cause of the whine, and to those who find it objectionable, a means to run the bike in a manner that will resolve most of it. No at lower rpm, and speeds it does not go away, and honestly I do not think it ever will. This is just a characteristic of the motor. For whatever design reason, and combination of a lot of things, it has this characteristic sound. By using a heavier oil, we improved the original problem by I would say about 10 percent. By moving the rpm range up with the new clutch assembly, it has improved in the low rpm range only slightly , but is dramatic in the high end rpm range of the gears. If you run 60 in 4th and not be running 25 to 30 in 4th, and the bike will do it easy, it has the power, but move the rpm range up, the whine will just fade out at this speed and rpm range. We have not changed the rear end, do not intend to, but some have said this has also helped. This does the exact same thing, causes you to run a little more rpm in each gear to obtain the same speed, therefore keeping you more in the power band. Does this help anyone? I am done playing with it, I was doing this as I was just totally curious and fascinated with this thing. I will continue to run 20w50 as this helps some, no does not cure it, but does quiet the motor some. I do not feel the so called whine will ever totally diss-appear , but if kept in the right rpm range, it can be almost eliminated totally at higher speeds. In fact if I did not have stock exhaust, I would not be able to hear it at all, and another thing. I have noticed some of the resonance is worse at low speeds, like in an alley way, between or next to a big truck. Bottom line , and my honest opinion. All big bikes have some motor noise, all of them(I will agree Honda is the quietest) this one has its own particular sound, I do not find it objectionable myself. I have gotten used to it some I suppose, but coming home, it was not at all bad. It would go completely way at any speed above 60 mph, as long as you did not lug the motor and kept the rpm up. We love the new venture, we are running 5psi in the front shocks, and 25 psi in the back one, she runs straight, strong and true. We will run the wheels off this one and get another in five years. I have ran a lot of big bikes, cruisers like this included and none have the response and comfort all put into one like this one does. Coming home, we could talk to each other, and hear, we do not use the intercom , or even turn the radio on, riding a bike is about getting out, listening to the motor, enjoying the bubble of the pipes as you use the gears to down-shift and slow around the corner. We could not hear like this before either, if this helps illustrate the difference. To us Cricket is 99 percent......nothing is perfect, we like her just fine. Respectfully Kit
  6. for all you old timers that are somewhat mechanically inclined looking for a great hobby. try a cushman scooter out for size. i've been reliving my childhood memories for quite a few years building and restoring cushmans. i started riding cushmans back in the 50's and have never lost my love for them. there are some very neat and fast cushmans out there that will easily top 100 mph and blow the doors off alot of motorcycles. you ain't lived till you put a harley in the weeds on a motor scooter. been there done that. i'm building a sleeper now with a very warmed over harbor freight motor and cvt drive. it should top out around 85 mph. it is a 1958 pacemaker, a model i wanted since i was a kid. check out some of the cushman sights for more info. just punch in cushman scooter and have a ball reliving the old days. there is a meet in portland indiana, in july, every year, with thousands of antique scooters and motor bikes for sale, at the fairgrounds. if you need any info on meets or cushmans just give me a holler. us old timers are slowly dying off and we, (the cushman folks), want to keep the interest alive. bill
  7. Does anyone have any experience with an overbuilt lift I am thinking of buying this for my motor home. http://treasure.craigslist.org/rvs/3466103809.html
  8. Can someone give me a quick verbal (walkthru) of how to "properly" perform a compression check. Bike is an 86. I have a pretty good idea of how to check the compression, but since it has been literally years since I've done one on anything, I just need a quick review of the procedure. Here's how I would do one. Once the motor is exposed, I would 1) remove all the spark plugs 2) short out all the spark plug wires to not harm the CDI box 3) connect gauge 4) at full throttle, crank the motor over until max pressure is observed on the gauge for each cylinder 5) if low one tests low (what would be low??), squirt a little oil in that cylinder chamber then recheck 6) record all results Good compression would be where no one cylinder is more than 10 off from any other. Add anything you think I missed or should know before proceeding. Thanks
  9. Hello I just bought a 1989 VR 1300 and was wandering what is a good motor oil to use? And the oil wait. Thanks
  10. I have a vibration from my motor between 1-3k rpms, its not real bad but I can fell it thru my seat and floorboards. The carbs have been synced and the valves have been adjusted. any ideas?
  11. I love my RSTD and I think Yamaha would have a winner in they put the Vmax motor tuned down a little for better gas mileage in the RSTD. The bike has a great engine in it already but with the FI and more power I would think it would sell. What you all think?
  12. I've changed the filter a few time but ya know. When you assemble the spring goes on the shaft between the filter and the magnessium cover to keep the filter tight to the motor right?!! Total brain fart! Pretty sure I'm right:) Tx Brad:fingers-crossed-emo
  13. I pulled apart an 85 1200 donor motor this weekend and found a different looking set of clutch friction plates in it. Anyone seen these before? The friction pads are smaller than a stock set. I don't really think these will be good in a modified motor. Gary http://i1007.photobucket.com/albums/af193/gdingy101/IMG_3129.jpg
  14. HELLO ALL after some long nights not sleeping i have decided to sell the bumble bee it is on e-bay may not show up till tomorrow. as many know i have had some running problems but i am happy to say that thay are all fixed and she runs like new the only reason i am selling her is becouse last year my uncale passed a way and i was givin his 1923 model t and his 1930 model a tuor door the t i resored for him about 20 years ago and put a rebuilt motor in about 7 years ago so it is fine but the model a needs the motor rebuilt and restored and since i lost my job last year and now making less the only way i see getting the money for the a is sell the bike i will miss it greatly but it was the bike or the car and the car won i will be restoring the body myself but the motor i can not do i will still be around and have met many new frends here bumble bee kevin wisor lexington sc
  15. Trying to catch up to Yammer Dan....but none of them are blue! Going to drive 6 hours each way to pick up these 2 bikes. Getting both of them for $1500. 1984 Yamaha Venture Royale in good condition needs 2nd gear replaced but can still be driven or for parts. 1985 Yamaha Venture in good condition has a 1300cc motor from a 1989 venture so no 2nd gear issues, runs and rides excellent. Also have another running 1200cc motor
  16. Hi all. Well after years of turning one of my ventures in to chopper trike I am very happy with the outcome, few things still to be worked out and one of them is the carbs, The combo I have is a 83 motor with 87 stock carbs, stock air box and filter with Harley stock pipes I am very lean on the air fuel ratio all carbs read the same , two turns out on the pilot resulted in a white spark plug poor mid range, poor top end, and with 100 miles of test driving I am now at four turns on the pilot from full in, all spark plugs now reads gray in colour, on the road trike rides with OK mid range and poor top end power/ pulling power. So from here I'm thinking just go up one on the main jet, or should I go with 83 jets and needles to better suit the 83 motor, on ebay there is a jet kit for the 1200 and a kit tor the 1300 motor, not sure if I want or need to go that far as I don't know which kit to go with the 12 or the 13. Any one who has been down the road on this one I would love to have some input, thanks
  17. I came home today and my furnace (a/c) blower motor was humming an smoking. Called for service and the tech says I need a new motor. $600 for a 1/3 HP 115v motor. That seems high to me. Is that reasonable? Dennis
  18. So I swapped a (mostly) 1300cc engine into my bike and now I am left with a 1200 engine that I have no room for. I want to get rid of it, but keep any parts that I might need as spares. The donor motor had no covers, so mine went back on. Same with clutch basket. The motor has been pulled apart and will be heading to scrap soon. This is what I am saving so far: -Starter clutch (good condition, no cracks) -Valve covers -Misc bolts/nuts/washers -Valve shims If anyone has a suggestion as to what else I should keep from it, otherwise I will be tossing/recycling the rest of it: -Engine cases (upper & lower, 1200cc) appear to be in good condition -Heads (from 1300) - they are in rough condition, rusty & stuck valves (don't appear to be bent tho) -Rotating assembly (pistons, crank, counterbalance, transmission, output shaft) ---Main bearing journals have some scratches in them ---2nd gear issue on transmission parts -Camshafts & chains I am basically in the mindset of "I've been in there once, I'm not going back in", so I don't forsee the need of keeping the engine or any internal parts. Plus I'm not really an ebay seller type of guy so not saving parts to sell. -Andrew p.s. If anyone wants the remains for free...
  19. I have recently put a lot of money into this bike; new needles and seats, diaphrams from sirius, progressive springs, had the tci resoldered and new diodes put in and had my seat redone by Rick ( which turned out great by the way). Was still running crappy. Rechecked the compression that I thought was good. Not so good. 3 cylinders were in the 120's and the back right was 100. Long story longer there is some blackening in that cyclinder and my mechanic thinks its either a bad ring or bad spring on the valves. 11 hour job. Now I either rebiuld or get a decent used motor with good compression. Or sell for what I can with the new owner knowing what he is in for. With all the info that has been compiled on this site I am considering trying to fix this thing myself if the cost is reasonable, even though I have never pulled a motor before. Also wondering what the cost would be to do this, rebuild or used motor. Any imput would help my decision. Thanks Doug
  20. I went to start my 07 RSV this morning, all dressed and ready to ride. Starter sputtered, making sounds like dying battery. End of ride. Bike has 33k on it. So here're the symptoms that I've measured so far: Battery open circuit voltage is 12.3 after trying unsuccessfully to start the motor. I put it on my charger, and got a green light after five minutes. Open circuit v now 12.8. I put the battery back into the bike and it cranked normally. I measured the v across the battery with motor running. At idle I get 13.7. At very high engine speed (no tach) I get 13.9. It never gets above 14v, and only varies between those two points, 13.7 to 13.9 at any engine speed. Book says should get above 14v charging, up to 14.5. Does this below-14v output, and the fact that it varies only .2v, point to a stator or regulator problem? Interestingly, I had a year-old battery fail, and also spit battery acid out into the battery box, some of which then dripped down onto my swingarm. It was a Westco. I suspected an overcharging situation then, but if anything, my charging output is lower than it should be. The new Yuasa that replaced it four months ago has worked flawlessly until this morning. I suppose the new Yuasa could be defective, but how odd to have two battery failures within four months? One suggesting overcharge, the other undercharge? Erratic Regulator? I'm checking connections now. Thanks for all help.
  21. Greetings all, Just had a look at a review of the 2012 Second Gen and it includes a photo of what is purported to be the motor of the bike. First time I've heard of an air cleaner for a 2G mounted between the pots. Who is having a go at whom here, and can anybody identify the motor? http://www.topspeed.com/motorcycles/motorcycle-reviews/yamaha/2012-yamaha-royal-star-venture-s-ar117728.html (N.B. - I just had a look at this link here and the photo of the motor DOES NOT appear, only a description. I originally found it by Googling. See if you can find the same review and also see if the photo of the motor shows up.)
  22. I just scored a set of Ball milled motor mounts. Sounds great right! They don't have the collars with the set screw. Can I:confused24: use one from the hardware store or is this something special?
  23. I've come across a '96 Honda Magna, that a neighbor owns. He is thinking of selling and it is in really good shape. I would spend a little extra to get it since I know it has been well cared for, but he is still on the fence about keeping it. Anyway, my son is looking for his 1st bike, and I am a little nervous about this one. I know that these bikes are fast and quick, everything else about it I like. Especially the V-4 motor. I know for a fact that these bikes can get up close to 130 mph or more, and this worries me with a 17 year old. Aside from the speed, if anybody knows of any other issues let me know.
  24. Motor has released a virtual tour video of its manufacturing plant in Troup, TX. You can see there entire facility without leaving your chair! Check it out here: [ame=http://youtu.be/HHLEKOWOi9w]Virtual Tour of Motor Trike, Inc. - YouTube[/ame]
  25. Ever have a starter just get really weak? Like too weak to turn the engine over? Working on my 83 which I personnally have never heard run. Acts like a really weak battery but I charge the battery AND add a fully charged jump box on it and still, the solenoid clicks but the starter does nothing. Occasionally it will drag the motor over really really slow about half a turn then stop. I upgraded to 4 gauge cables when I put it back together after the trans upgrade. I pulled the starter off and laying in the floor it spins great. No indications of an issue at all. Back on the bike and stick the jump box directly on the starter and it still does the same thing. Oh and I did the internal ground mod while I had the starter off, still no difference. The motor turns free by hand, no issue. The starter reduction gears are in there correct and not binding. It just acts like the starter don't have enough power to do the job. I've narrowed down everything I know to do and it seems to me like it's simply a weak starter. I know the newer 4 brush starters are the way to go, but I thought I'd run this by the guru's and see if I may be missing something.
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