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  1. Hi, I did a seach of side stands and mostly found " checking you oil' and "center stands" Anyway, I have lowered my bike with the barons rear kit and lowered the front. I have found a side stand kit after lowering my new Kaw. Versys and want to try it on my Venture. How much should I cut off or what should be the total length of the stand when shortened. I am willing to start with a little cut off and work my way shorter but it would help where to start ? thank you Cb
  2. i have a 84 vr and have a komfort kruz kit on it (something like a voyager kit) my air ride is not working properly and the belly plate bottoms out sometimes (not good) and it was sugested that i replace the air shock with a standerd shock--???? p.s. thanks to all for your help on all the threads i have posted ride safe ride free--dave
  3. I just got a 99RSV Bought it "kind of" running Tuesday, shows 10,800 miles. Back story includes it sitting "under" a carport in Arizona for the last 5 years. After finding several issues in the carbs, she's back together and I fired it up this morning. Put on 160 miles today and all is good BUT the clutch is slipping, bad, wasn't sure it would make it up the last hill to my house, had to go down to 3rd with very careful throttle use to do it. So: Has anyone tried the caltric clutch plate and gasket kit? http://www.ebay.com/itm/291355972200 I will also use the EBC heavy diphragm spring and probably get rid of the half plate and wire. Which means reusing one clutch friction plate. Will scuff sand the steels before reassembly. Thanks for the great forum! I have found more than my money's worth of useful info so far with plenty more to come. I plan to put about 4,000 miles on the bike this summer. Sunrise this morning, yeah I wanted to ride it bad. It will never be showroom again but she's cleaning up pretty good.
  4. http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL1484/9583596/23709647/402965067.jpgHi all. New to the forum..been a guest for awhile..joined today.Here is my "baby" It is a 2009 RSV with a Tri-Wing kit, Steerite steering kit, and Carbon-One passenger rests. Had to put something on for GF..she kept falling asleep! I haven't rode in 25 years due to balance issues from a spinal cord injury.Got the itch again when I started seeing trikes. Got a great deal on this one..was a new 09 that hadn't sold..then he triked it and put it on sale when fall came..great for me! Not a lot of triked RSV around.New to Yamaha..but will have to say it is a step up from my last bike,,a 1977 honda 750! Dean
  5. I was just wondering if anyone has any feedback over THIS lowering kit? I'm also curious why this kit doesn't mention anything about relocating the brake caliper? I'm interested because these links look well made and even with conversion from the pound and shipping, they still only cost about $72. Less then half what the Baron's kit costs.
  6. I have a '83 standard that I have been altering the electrical system since I got it last year. So far I have added the Shindengen R/R, a cooling fan run timer, a Internatrix security alarm, replaced the fuse box with a ATO style, moved the TCI onto the top of the airbox and today I would like to share the installation of a HID Bi-Xeon headlight. [ATTACH]37353[/ATTACH] I bought the HID kit on Ebay for only $58.00 and the shipping was free from Hong Kong. The package arrived in 6 days! I had followed the previous thread on the projector type headlight replacement but didn't like the change in the front look of the bike. I like the square headlight and I wanted to see if I could find a good H4 HID kit to increase the light output and longevity. I found this kit on Ebay Item number:170371397794 and I went ahead and purchased it. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised with the completeness of the kit and the ease of installation. [ATTACH]37354[/ATTACH] I decided to mount the slim ballast in the fairing next to the headlight frame using dual-lock mounting strip (super velcro!!). This makes it very accessable and adds cooling if neccessary. The included relay module (routes 12v direct from battery) was secured behind the left turn signal inside the fairing cavity. I use this space to mount additional relays for my drivinglights, dual fanfare horns and cooling fan timer relays. This space is easily accessed and fairly protected from heat and weather. I had previously installed a 20W halogen (type BA9s) light bulb into the metal headlight reflector. This gave me a daytime running light to reduce the unnecessary useage of the main headlight and reduced the amp draw on the charging system. I incorporated this smaller bulb into the new headlight circuit by installing a rocker switch on the left side fairing next to my 12v receptacle. The rocker switch selects between the 20W halogen daytime running light and the HID low beam setting (daytime or night selection). I have only had the HID system installed a short time but I am very pleased with the function. The HID bulb is tilted in it's socket by a solenoid to change between high beam and low beam. The bulb stays energized all the time so the light output stays constant. The bulb just tilts upward for the high beam. The kit is marketed for motorcycle use so I expect it should stand up to use on the Venture. Only time will tell....
  7. Is there a 'tech thread' to adjust valves on the first generation bikes? I do see the one for second generation. Is there a shim travel kit around I could share in....even better if there is one around for Canadian members? Thanks.
  8. need to know more about lowering kit for my '04 RSV. Short legs are making things difficult with the little woman sitting behind me. She sits so high, its difficult to keep bike upright when we come to a stop. Would lowering the rear help? Where do I buy the Baron's kit, how much, how dificult to install etc.? Thanks
  9. Hello all. When I flew out of Guam in the 90s we always had a flyaway kit in the belly in case we broke down somewhere downrange. It included common items to get you back to home base without having to wait for parts, or get them from JAL, ANA, EVA etc. at a much higher price. Mechanics were abundant, parts not so much. The time is approaching for me to put this thing on the road, and I don't mean the 40 mile test rides I've been doing. I mean like you gen-you-wine over-the-road guys and gals. Getting older I'm not as Venture-ous or Venture-some as I once was, but if I'm not gonna ride long-haul... So with that in mind, I'd like to get an idea what y'all have in your flyaway kits. Tools, parts, fluids, BLTs. Was gonna post in the Watering Hole but more interested in 1st gen-specific stuff. But any info is appreciated. Richard
  10. Does my '83 Venture have a tool kit? If so, where is it located? I don't see anything in the manual referring to it.
  11. Any other RSV Voyager "trike" riders in PA out there? Have you seen the article in the December 2009 ABATE of PA newsletter? According to PennDOT, the Voyager trike kit is not legal in PA! It's because with the Voyager on the bike, it has four wheels on the ground, not three. According to PennDOT, the state Vehicle Code states that a motorcycle can have no more than three wheels. I've looked it up, and by strict letter of the law, it appears that they are right. But, come on, aren't there better things the lawyers at the largest governmental agency in the state could be doing? Hopefully ABATE will be able to get the law changed and/or get the courts to throw this out. My disabled son LOVES riding on our 2000 RSV with the Voyager trike on it, but he can't ride without the stability the kit provides. Check it out, this could be an issue for any "trikes" that have more than three wheels, like Tow-pac.
  12. As many of you know, I try to offer the highest quality parts at the best prices and combine them into my "KITS" to make the install easier. I do all of the brain work and you enjoy the benefits. I am now offering a "Kit" for First Gens. and Second Gens. (I didn't forget you guys!) that will replace the stock clutch spring with a VMAX clutch spring, AND a new FULL SIZED Clutch Disc to replace the "Wimpy" half Disc that is in the rear of the clutch pack, as well as a brand new Yamaha Clutch Cover Gasket. As usual, I am shipping these Clutch Upgrade Kits for free and the price is $67.00 to your door! Check the price on the PCW kit to find out what a deal this is. These kits come with written instructions and a link to the thread that explains the install, WITH PICS! The kits are different between the First Gens. and Second Gens. So be sure to order the right kit for your scoot. If you have questions or are not sure what parts you need, PLEASE feel free to PM me. Thanks for your time and good luck with your project, Earl If you have a First Gen. MKII VR (1986 to 1993) Here is a link to the ad: http://www.venturerider.org/classifieds/showproduct.php/product/2644/cat/500 If you have a Second Gen. RSV or RSTD here is a link to the ad: http://www.venturerider.org/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=2651
  13. I recently purchased a lowring kit from Baron. I'm fairly short, 5'6", and after riding the bike felt I needed a little better stability. My favorite dealer says I should also lower the front end to equalize the handling. We've tried to find some new springs, but were not successful. He is suggesting we cut the existing springs and that will do the trick. I'm not so sure that's a great idea. How will that effect the steering and ride? Anybody have any experience with this option??
  14. Hi; Does anyone have a Trike Kit for a RSV which they want to sell? Trying to find a deal to replace the Voyager kit on mine. I'm just not happy with it's lean on curves or sometime wobble. Anyone buy a kit & just not wanted to install it? Got it for sale or know someone who does? Let me know please. Thanks... John R. Bauer
  15. I've just realized that my "new to me" 03 RSV didn't come with the OEM tool kit. I called the seller, but in case he doesn't have it, I want to find something that will do at least the basics. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations for a good aftermarket tool-kit that works out for the RSV? Or any idea where I might find an OEM kit?
  16. Still same problem...1/2 turn and zing............. Still will not start. I replaced the sprag kit but not the idler gear. It has some wear barely to the touch. FIXED!!! replaced the idler gear and does great now.
  17. Correct me if I am wrong (not everyone at once), but don't we have someone on this forum that has the valve cover gaskets, and valve shim kit, that...if I buy the valve cover gaskets from them, they allow me to use the shim kit ??? This is for my '06 RSMTD.
  18. Ok - everybody knows that I'm not going to do an install, but I do have a couple questions regarding an install. I am considering buying another Venture and getting it triked, probably a Hannigan since there are only 2 kits available. #1 - How does mileage on the bike affect the kit ? ie; wear on parts not replaced by the kit. #2 - Is the infamous rear shock gone with trike install ?
  19. Hi, I'm looking to get back to riding after a several year hiatus. I'm looking at a 2003 Venture, and wanted to ask if I could impose on the great members and RSV experts here to tell me if it sounds like a reasonable deal? And I also had a few quick questions about the RSV itself... THE BIKE: It's a 2003 midnight, with custom "silver zoned" paint (see the pics), in seemingly pretty much "like new" condition, and the seller is the original owner. It's got 51K miles, almost all open road miles. It seems to be "loaded", including: a TON of chrome, what seems to be just about every add-on piece of billet chrome Yammy offers, polished/chromed wheels, chromed and polished forks, Khrome Werks pipes, Barons lowering kit, upgraded stereo speakers, Jensen stereo power amp, extra rear lights for brake/running/turn signal. He has also added some kind of modification kit to be able to remove the rear trunk (and has an additional "solo seat") and has installed a secondary antenna hidden in the fairing. (again, see the pics. One of the pics was taken before the custom paint job) I'm going to try to attach a couple of pics, 6 hopefully, and I hope I do this right!! Can anyone suggest anything I should check on or make sure of with a 2003 RSV? Would this bike for $8000 be a reasonable deal? QUESTIONS: Ok, so while I'm imposing on everyone...a few RSV questions: How expensive would it be to have the Barons lowering kit removed, and the bike returned to stock? How hard is it to do? I train with a few motor officers, am lucky enough to be allowed to join them on their obstacle course practice sessions, and I don't like the idea of giving up ground clearance. (I've been told that the Barons kit makes the RSV scrape a LOT easier.) I'm also 6'1", so I think the bike would fit me better without being lowered. Has anyone here modified their RSV to "quick remove" the trunk? Does the RSV handle differently without the trunk? With the trunk off, does anyone know if it would be possible to outfit an RSV to accept the quick attach/remove sissy bar (with backrest) and luggage rack from a RSTD? (I don't know why, but for some reason that idea/possibility of being able to do that kinda cranks me up!) Is it possible to outfit an RSV with the short, "stubby" antenna like a lot of Harley riders do with their Ultras? The 2 antenna on the trunk, I mean? If so, how well do they work? Thank you, all, for your patience...and a special thanks to anyone who might be willing to offer their thoughts! THANKS!!!!!
  20. I have been a Venture fan for years and finally I recently purchased a used 2000 back in september. The carbs needed to be set up right but I did not want to do the spacer trick to them. My mechanic is designer for many tweaks and jet kits for various bikes so I went to him to talk about what to do. Since there is no true jet kit for the second gen Ventures he took my bike in on his dyno for a little R&D for a true jet kit. After numerous spins on the dyno and different needles he had a needle custom cut with 5 angles. It took the weakness out of the original lean stock set up. So after picking it up I went for a short ride today between raindrops. Road was wet and I am spinning the rear tire like crazy if I twist too much. Granted I have no trunk or bags on but whoa the rear tire let loose easy in lower gears. When I first got the bike back in september the clutch would slip at just a touch of the lever but never under power. Now it slipped with the added power till it warmed up some. Clutch needed replacement anyway and is on the winter to do list. Great pull power in every gear except I could not tell in overdrive only because I was not going fast enough. Need to get it on the highway to properly test that. Patrtial throttle response was greatly improved with instant response at a touch of the throttle. It felt like it pulled almost as hard as my Honda Magnas (12.5 sec 1/4 mile on the Magna) but I will update that when I can run my friend with his Magna. Cold start was pull choke out it starts right up, one minute later push choke in and it runs normally. That was a huge improvement over stock set up as it took a while to run normally before the jet kit. So overall this is a needed improvement for all Venure/Royal Star owners. Stock set up was way too lean. Once I can get some long runs in I will be able to determine gas mileage. I bet it is the same if not better than stock as you don't have to twist the throttle much to get it rolling more. I am also running K&N air filters and NGK Iridium plugs. Ivan knows what he is doing on these as he has many kits for older bikes that work perfect. You should see his cherry collection of 60s-80s 2cycle bikes in his shop. Best 140 bucks you can spend on your Yamaha! http://www.ivansperformanceproducts.com/xvz1300.htm
  21. Hi; Does anyone know if the Barnett Clutch Spring Conversion Kit comes with a clutch plate cover gasket. Anyone? Does it? Thanks; JohnB
  22. I'm looking at a Nelson-Rigg Trike Cover #TRK-350 on E-bay. Will this cover properly fit the RS Venture with the Hannigan trike kit? Are any of you using this cover? Or is there a better suggestion? Thank You! Owen.
  23. Well, since I have the bike pretty much apart in my garage for general maintenance and cleaning after the riding season I have decided to do some needed work on it. Have ordered a rebuild kit for the clutch and want to pull the carbs and adjust the floats and rejett them. Now I have no idea what kind of a jet kit I should buy. I can only see one kit offered for the 28 mm Mikuni and that is a stage 1 kit. There are no sizes for the jets listed and I do not know what size the original jets are. I would like to go all the way and open up the airbox and put a K&N filter in. Is there anybody here that has done this to a 28 mm Mikuni (1996 to 2001 model Royal Stars excluding the Venture). Any info and suggestions greatly appreciated. Best regards from Iceland, Jonas.
  24. If anyone plans to purchase an HID Conversion Kit, take my advice .... MAKE SURE it includes the ADAPTER ! This adapter is necessary in order for the HID bulb to fit properly in the stock headlight bulb hole. I ordered a kit from a local (to me) supplier who advertises "plug and play" ... but it did not include the adapter so, it ain't quite plug and play without it. Luckily I was able to find a local supplier of various adapters and it appears one of them "might" work. Barring that, I saw a thread on that "other forum" where Rocky had made one out of PVC.
  25. Just a FYI..... I am in negotiations with a company in India which manufactures a universal mounting kit for sidecars. They have quoted a price of $150.00 per kit plus air freight. I am going to purchase a sample kit to see how well they are made. If anyone else is interested we could probably do a group purchase.
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