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  1. We will sure miss chatting with him. Good guy. R.I.P.
  2. My bride & I are heading out tomorrow to ride the bike & see the fall colors. Starting out going to southern Virginia, to get on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Will be raining tomorrow & most of Saturday. We will ride the BRP down to Cherokee, NC, and then ride the Cherohala Skyway, The Tail of the Dragon & HWY 28 around Fontana Dam. If we have time, we'll check out some of the other local roads as well. This is backwards from the way I wanted to ride it, but we flipped it because of the rain. Neither of us wanted to do the Dragon in the rain. Leaving tomorrow afternoon, and should be back sometime Tuesday.
  3. He should be home tomorrow. Keeping up with him on Facebook.
  4. Yep. Loctite is bad...very bad. Ate up my fairing, and the paint on my lower.
  5. Well...epic for me, anyway. Last Monday morning, on the spur of the moment, I decided to head west, on one of those head-clearing rides...badly needed. The stresses of life were getting to me, and I needed some serious time in the wind, all by myself, to think. I also needed to see something majestic. After the first day, I decided to make Pike's Peak my goal. I had never ridden that far west, so I decided to go for it. I rode out there, rode up to the peak, and rode back home on Friday. 2800 miles for me. It was hot on the way back, but I'd do it all over again. It was well worth it. If you've never climbed Pike's Peak on a motorcycle, I highly recommend it...unless you have asthma. I smoked for 35 years, and quit last January. I had a little trouble breathing, but nothing I couldn't handle. I took an atlas...no GPS...I never even turned the radio on. It was just me, my Venture & the wind. I listened to her purr all 2800 miles, and was never happier. She has 97k on her now, and is still like a new bike. No hiccups, whatsoever. Oh well, my head is much clearer, I am happier, and I got to add 4 more states to my riding map. Angel & I got up this morning & rode for blueberry pancakes. All is right in my world again.
  6. I think you mighta fed him too much, as he didn't get very far that day.
  7. For future reference.....2nd gens are 1999 and newer. Hope you get it figured out.
  8. Glad you got it off. I don't know if you do the same or not, but I ONLY hand tighten my filters. I NEVER use a wrench to tighten.
  9. I know how to get rid of them varmints. You feed 'em sausage gravy & biscuits early in the morning. Worked for me last week.
  10. THANK YOU & EILEEN for having us, year after year. Glad you haven't tired of us yet. We really enjoy visiting you two, and getting to see all of our friends again. We prefer to camp, because it maximizes our time there. You guys have such a beautiful place and you maintain it so well. Looking forward to next year. Come see us.
  11. Angel & I got home a few hours ago. Rained all the way. Had a great time, other than the weather. Glad to see all of you again, and the new ones we met.
  12. Myself, I would head West, to Lewisburg, West Virginia, then catch hwy 219 North to Buffalo, NY, then turn Northeast from there. 219 is a beautiful road.
  13. Been wanting a new GoPro. My old one got drowned in the Buffalo river.
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