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  1. I am selling my venture hannigan trike with 33K miles aux tank back rest extra lights
  2. I don't think he makes them anymore. it's been a few years since i got my tank from him, he even installed it for me. Great job from a great guy.
  3. I have a Carbon one tank on my trike. It holds 51/4 gallons of gas with no over flow leaks.
  4. I would just call Hannigan and ask, there a bunch of nice people.
  5. I don't have any numbers,I got it for my 87 and i know it will fit many other models, check the forum for what it will fit.
  6. I don't have a part number. I got it for my 87, i know it will fit many other models, check on the forum to find out what it will fit.
  7. ​I have a set of brand new battery cables for my 87 std that i did not use so i am selling them for $25 plus shipping. If interested PM me. Starter has been sold
  8. I have a trailering cover i bought then did not use, it is new in the box, if you have any interest PM me. I bought it from J&P Cycle.
  9. What is the best fuel pump out there for a 2nd Gen nowadays? I have over 30k on my bike with no issues YET. Does anybody make a pointless pump to eliminate the point problem?
  10. Does anyone know off hand the number for EBC-HH brake pads for a 2nd Gen? I want to find the rite ones.
  11. I ordered a kit from Skydoc so that should fix me rite up. Nice knowing the rite person.
  12. I have been using mine for over 10 years, i can not sleep with out it. Yes it sucks but what can a person do. I am a candidate for going in and having my tongue cut down because that's my problem. I have tryed losing weight but having a 17/12+ neck things are just to big inside.
  13. I am trying to sell the bike so when i moved the bike to show it there was a puddle already on the ground, then when i started it more came out. Kind of killed the sale not knowing where the fluid was coming from.
  14. Checked my 87 Venture today and found antyfreeze on the ground under the bike. It looks like it is coming from a Drain plug. I tried to unscrew it but it just spins Is there a seal there of some kind? How does it come apart? Here is a picture of it.
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