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  1. Hope to make it but will be just getting back from a 4 week trip so we will see. Here is a pic of our new bike
  2. RIP Kevin. Met him numourous times over the years. We didnt live to far away from him in Illinois. He was always willing to freely share his knowledge of motorcycles
  3. OrlinShirley and I would be interested in riding up for that
  4. Rick,

    Can you give me a call. I have lost your number seems it might have changed since we last spoke.

    I need to pick your brain about the Indian Roadmaster you are riding.

    404-513-5266 Cell

    706-635-1580 Home/Cell

    Brian Shoemaker / AKA / Cowboy

    Ellijay, Georgia

  5. I want to To come can we come up even though i'm riding an Indian please please.
  6. Really didn't like the Ultra Limited so I traded for this 2016 indian Roadmaster.
  7. Thinking about getting rid of my Harley and replacing it with this Indian Roadmaster
  8. If you can make a pie you don't need to know anything about the RSV.
  9. I'm thinking low oil pressure warning since the bike is shut down and there is no oil pressure. Just a thought
  10. This is not mine but is for sale close to me. If anyone is looking this seems to be a great deal https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/319817292118632/
  11. You said he had a 'nagging; in jury and couldn't ride anymore. IMO he didn't at all. 12 year old bike with 15,000 how lucky are you.
  12. My Doctor told me that the only reason I needed to wait to ride was so I didn't tear the incision open in my groin. he said it would be completely healed in 10 days and there was no other reason I couldn't go back to full activity. Not sure why your doctor wouldn't want you riding the rest of the season. But each person is different and so is each doctor. PS i have had 2 of them put in and both times I was back riding in 10 days.
  13. Sorry, As much as I Hate it doesn't look like we will be able to attend at this moment. If we can rearrange thin gs we may at least be able to come for a day or two. We are headed to Indiana and meeting a coule of friends and going to see Lynryd Skynrd, Marshall Tucker, 38 Special and Jamey Johnson way to good of an event to pass up. I will miss seeing some old friends and making some new ones.
  14. On the back tire you can go up to 3 oz's And you do not have to break the bead to put them in. By a 4 oz kit and it comes with the bottle and tube to install through valve stem. I have run the beads for about 12 years and 250.000 miles with no problems til the last set of tires. I ended up having to take the beads out and balance them the old fashion way to get rid of my vibrations.
  15. You need to get a thicker skin. CowPuc would be the first to ride 300 miles to help you out. He is also so much fun to be around. If you leave ypu will be missing out on some of the greatest people that ride. I for one have mad so many friends on here that will be lifetime friends. In fact there are so many that i could probably go on a 30 day ride and not need to get but a couple of nights in a motel. You will not find friends like that just anywhere. Cowpucs opinion is just that his opinion. You probably have an opinion on the 1st gen and 2nd gen that doesn't mean any of the bikes are bad. Remember people on here are attached to the water cooled v-4. I for one believe they made a mistake with the V Twin but i don't think the bike is a bad purchase. Stick around and learn about the people onthis sight. you will not find a better bunch of Bikers. Again Just My Opinion
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