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  1. Does anyone have a MK2 with a motor trike kit on it? I purchased a 86 that's supposed to have a motor trike kit on it, when I called motor trike with some questions about it there response was,,, Well we don't have anyone working here anymore that would have worked on the older models so they couldn't tell me any info it was looking for. I wanted to know what type of rear end was in it. Well I took it in to have new bearings and seals put in it to a specialty shop what they found was the rear end is from a earlier ford galexy about a 1974 model it has a 7 1/2" ring gear in it. They also tol
  2. Yeah I have 1I will double check to make sure and I'll get back to you
  3. No I did not check side stand relay yet, will go thru it this weekend, thanks for the diagrams , guess I will just have to ride the 85 till I get it back up and running rite
  4. No this started before, that is why I swapped the parts to see if the parts I took out of the 90 were bad, also when I put the dash and side stand parts in the 86 they worked fine i was going down the road on my 90 when everything just quit I noticed I had no fuel gage no tach, no volt meter. I went to turn around and noticed no turn signal
  5. HELP my dash in my 90 is not working also the brake lights and turn signals are not working the only thing that works are the dash lights and speedo.what I have did to fix it so far, changed out the dash with my 86 same thing nothing worked,put the dash from the 90 in the 86 and worked fine.next checked for power have 12+volts into the plug-in on the back of the dash, also swapped out side stand switch, it would keep running with side stand down and in gear, also if I push the shift lever all the way down or lift it all the way up the computer monitor would come on also checked relays and ar
  6. CONGRATS PA PA PUC/ ME MAW TIPS HOPE ALL WENT WELL will be looking for pics
  7. Hi keith, I have done this to my 86 Venture as well. Been using the forward controls for about 3 years now have sold the bike since but still have the controls and will be transferring them to my 90 I really enjoy the way you sit on it now very comfortable have any questions feel free to get in touch with me I see I just live down the road a bit from you we will have to get together and do some riding this summer maybe we could meet at Rose dinner in Luxemburg for breakfast some time.
  8. THanks for all the input my rebui,d was a huge success I just reach for the button and it starts wright up sweeeeet
  9. It came out with the shaft. On the out put side that one came out in the housing and the spring in the oil seal just fell out I guess that explains the oil and slug in the starter
  10. Thanks for the help. I have a bearing puller and it wasn't bad at all they came off fairly easy. My concern now (and one of the main reasons for rebuilding it was the oil seal was bad) the seal that I took out had a metal jacket on it and the one in the kit does not. And fit really sloppy in the housing and very snug on the shafths is this OK or do I need to get a different seal if so I will just go to Napa and see if they can hook me up with the Wright one. Thanks again
  11. Hi guys, I'm about to rebuild a starter for my 86 venture I picked up a used 4 brush and am going to rebuild it be for I put it in any tips on do's and don't would be greaty appreciated. My biggest concern would how do I get that bearing off the shafths that appears to be pressed on. Thanks Ken
  12. Thanks for the advice I will do that looks like the seal went out on mine and there is oil in it
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