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  1. Doesn't that hurt your hand when you jam your fingers down into that pocket in your trucks door? It does mine. Bryan
  2. Nice ride Mark! You ever think about becoming a stock broker? You seem to make a lot of sweet deals! Bryan
  3. Hi Ron, Daughter wanted to go for a ride and we were down that way but did not go through Pulaski. Hope you had a great ride. Was a little windy but a great day. Bryan
  4. Yep! They sure do make people look. And you will find yourself parking so the light twinkles off them just to make other ,,,,, jealous. Looks good! Bryan
  5. It's a Venture. It will puuuur like a kitten till you rev her then she'll roar like a lion. No worries. That's my story and I'm st,st,sticken to it. Bryan
  6. I put them on and Lisa loves them. Sometimes she uses the floorboards, then will move her feet to the pegs, and other times she rests her legs on the pegs all streched out. Says they hit right on her boots and is very comfortible in any position. Bryan
  7. Still up in the air Orlin. Not sure if I can make it or not? With the re-roof going on at work, if they work, then somebody above me thinks I should be here too. Let you know the Wednesday before, I hope? Bryan
  8. I would like to, but got to work. Maybe next time? Bryan
  9. Thanks for the pictures. I wanted to go so bad, was going to go till 5:00PM Friday and got a call from my boss. (Note to self - never answer phone from boss after work again.) Glad you all had a great time and good weather too. Bryan
  10. Rick West Virginia DOT shows a lot of road work to start 7/21/14 on WV#16 WV ROUTES 16 and COUNTY ROUTE 9 WORK ZONES 07/21/2014 07/25/2014 Maintenance Project Notes: Patching of Bituminous Pavements WV ROUTES 16 WORK ZONES 07/21/2014 07/25/2014 Maintenance Project Notes: Pull Shoulders or Ditches---Paved Roadway WV ROUTE 16 WORK ZONES 07/21/2014 07/25/2014 Maintenance Project Notes: Pavement Markings WV ROUTE 16 WORK ZONES 07/21/2014 07/25/2014 Maintenance Project Notes: Sign Installation/Maintenance WV ROUTE 16 WORK ZONES 07/21/2014 07/25/2014 Maintenance Project Notes: Pull Shoulders or Ditches---Paved Roadway Bryan
  11. Eck, 72 is a GREAT road! Just don't take Pub RD 13!!!! Trust me on this one! Bryan
  12. Thanks Shirley! You Jenn and the big lug are in our thoughts and prayers. Get well soon! Bryan
  13. NO, THANK YOU!!!! I have never been to your place and felt like a stranger or even a guest. You make me part of your family from the begining, and for that I can not thank you enough. And you sure know how to pick FANTASTIC roads for the rides! And your Park like area you have, you may want to keep it a secret so the state doesn't take it and turn it into a state park!!! Thanks again! Bryan
  14. Well,,, it's that time of year again to start getting the Leaf Lookers Rides scheduled! As in the past we will have 2 rides, 1 Friday (leader Bryan) and 1 Saturday (Leader Ken). (Ken is being real good to Mother Nature) Our rides will start at 10:00AM from the Chapparal campground office parking lot. (Blacktop) They will be slow so everyone can enjoy the Beautiful Wisconsin country side. And we will have some stops for rest, gas and a lunch stop each day. This years rides will be on October 10th and 11th. I will make some chilli on Thursday night the 9th for the early birds, and some breakfast stuff Saturday morning. Ken & I talked about it, and we "may" eat Friday night in the campground restaurant. They have a Buffet and a bar. Then we can cook brats & burgers on Saturday night? BS around the campfire each night. Location, for this years rides is Chapparal Campground on HWY 33 between Wonewoc and La Valle, WI. (P.S. NO TRAINS!!!!!!) Now for the info > Web site: http://www.chapparal.com/ Rates: (As given by the owner to us, may differ from web site, just tell them Venture Riders.) 3 Cabins 1 room - $60 2 Cabins 2 rooms - $110 1 Large Cabin - $160 ( Ken & I reserved the Deluxe already) When we talked to the owner, he said he would hold all the cabins for October 10th & 11th for 3 weeks from today 6/30/14. He will also give us a 20% discount on those prices if reserved in the next 3 weeks "Ask for the Venture Riders discount!!!!!!) There are motels in Reedsburg 12.5 miles away, if the cabins are gone or you just like a motel better. Well that's all I can think of right now, I will post more when I get it. (GET YOUR RESERVATIONS IN SOON TO GET A CABIN AND A 20% DISCOUNT AND SAVE !!) Enjoy your summer and ride SAFE!! Hope to see all our friends and even make some new ones?! I will post this on the calender so you can RSVP. Thank you, Bryan
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