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  1. Prayers from us also that you beat the monster again. David
  2. I agree with the challenges of looking through windscreen during rain. I love having a vent in the windscreen, it helps reduce buffeting by allowing air flow into the void behind the screen. David
  3. Once you know which way you're coming into Utah, let me know and I can make some recommendations on fun rides. David
  4. Prayers Earl and Jean. Heal quick and completely!
  5. It's not uncommon for electrical issues because of the key switch. They make a bypass to reduce the electrical load on the switch. Worth to check. The ignition bypass is/was made by djh3 her on the website. Dave
  6. I have the extra large Clearview on my '86. They make a great product and are good to work with. The larger size does cut down on the buffeting for the passenger but doesn't eliminate it completely. One thing we liked was having a vent, opening it some helped with air flow and improved the back circulation in the driver/passenger areas. I wouldn't hesitate to use their product again. Dave
  7. I've been watching the last week. She represents three i appreciate, I'm of dutch decent, I lived in Argentina for two years (beautiful country), and she rides a bike!! I'm only about 15 episodes in to season 2 but enjoying it. David
  8. I have a Service Manual for the 1 Gen Venture 1200. Free for the manual, just cover postage! Dave
  9. The issue may be the antenna. Omni means all directions.... you may need an antenna that only receives signals from the direction it's pointed. This may reduce the channels you get but reduce or eliminate the issues.
  10. I have a friend that is looking for a logo similar to one I remember. I'm pretty sure it was used with one of the Venture West Rallies. The picture was of a horse with a motorcycle superimposed over it. Anybody know what I'm talking about? Have a copy of the picture? Dave
  11. Still learning to use the smoker.....will you share your recipe? Dave
  12. Having a similar issue with my '86 Venture. In addition, the tach doesn't work until the dropped cylinder kicks in around 4500 - 5000 plus. Where it kicks in at higher rpm, I'm guessing that it's a potential carb issue, maybe plugged jets. Can anyone tell me which cylinder the pick up is on? If I remember correctly, 1 is driver side rear, 2 driver side front etc. Dave
  13. Will- I have an '86 and having had CBs in vehicles since high school, I was not pleased with the performance of the CB when I purchased the bike in 2005. The sound and distance was not good at all. I put an SWR meter on it and it was horrible! After some research, I learned about the Marshall Mod. It removes the OEM antennas, cable and especially the OEM splitter that allowed the factory set up to provide a single antenna for both the CB and the AM/FM. I did the Mod and things were greatly improved. I removed the splitter, used the factory cable for the AM/FM and installed a Firestik antenna on the left side (from the rear). I also installed a Firestik antenna with adjustable tip in place of the original antenna, a new cable (18' I think) and was able to match the antenna to the CB within suggested range on both ends of the 40 channels. I've been happy with and regularly used the CB since. I believe the splitter was the biggest of the CB issues. Dave
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