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  1. Please remember Bob today on his Birthday and send up some prayers. I know you are walking a long with our Heavenly Father Bob. Please ask our Lord to look down and protect our Venture Rider family. You will always be remembered.
  2. Hi Everyone! I've just been hanging out looking for firemen. Haha! Let me take this time once again to thank everyone who was able to help.
  3. I can'tell thank you enough Ben. Billy will just flip! This was all so kind of you. I owe you and Carl a dinner when you are back in the area. And thanks for Mike's e-mail. We will be sure to thank him.
  4. Thank you so much! Wow!....Thank you Ben for taking the time and reaching out, and please thank your friend for being so generous. Thank you Toronto!! Billy will be so excited.
  5. Thank you Motorcycletom and Frogger for the fireman's t-shirts. I think these will work just fine. You guys are the best!
  6. Just received the t-shirts Ed. Wow!!! You were more than generous. Thank you so much for going out of your way like that. It means so much. Billy will be so excited. 🤗😚
  7. I am asking if any one here who is... or knows... of a fireman, and has access to fire companies T-shirts... size mens small and would be able to donate one for our special needs great nephew. Billy is turning 17 at the end of this month. He lives in Tonawanda N.Y. and the Keniworth firefighters know him well. They drive by his house whenever they can. His mom thought this would be so special, and he would really love to support all the companies. Pm or e-mail me at vlachut@yahoo.com. Thank you,
  8. Marcarl......Don't worry......The secret is safe with me 🙊. And yes....there will be donuts.
  9. Thank you for filling me in cowpuc. I loved your post. Congratulations on those 2 new grandbabies! Big Tom and I have 1 great grand baby born in March and another 1 expected in August. It's the best!
  10. Sorry I've been away so long. How are all my "friends of the friendless"? I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone in August for the WNY Rally. Hope you all can make it. Especially my gummy bear friends. Lol
  11. [size="4" [/F ONT] [/size] Miss you guys terribly. The house is so quiet. We so enjoyed having you two. Looking forward to next year already. Love to you both and your families. We will be in touch.
  12. Wishing my favorite guy a very Happy Birthday! P.S. Don't worry about being sooooo much older than me....no worries. Love ya lots.
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