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  1. These also install in the crash bar, Link from cycle gear it’s dark out I’ll give you a pic of them installed in the am
  2. An article about black fungus that’s spreading due to covid in India Scary stuff the article spares us of photos
  3. Hi all, when my scoot is on it’s center stand in first gear and clutch pulled in the rear wheel still spins, I’ve never had a bike with a hydraulic clutch setup. The reservoir is half empty, what should my Plan of attack be?
  4. Nice! I carried a filled 2 gallon gas can on the pillion seat for my trip, would it be advisable to keep gas bag filled in the top box?
  5. New brake pads, greased the drive shaft hub, oil change, new tires, added highway pegs.
  6. Removed rear tire, rounded out one of the brake caliper bolts 🤦🏽, questioning my life choices.
  7. Just wanted to extend all the mother’s on the sub a happy Mother’s Day from me and all the mom’s in my life! Ride safe!
  8. I went through Zion, it was gorgeous, I had rain gear it rained a bit, but I camped out there for a night, I was slightly miserable by morning but shuttle tour and the ride through was worth it
  9. @Squidley hey guys, I got little sick after my second vaccine, and then I saw the southwest weather and ended up going through Utah Colorado Kansas, I’m safe in Nashville, I got itchy, here is my son meeting me and Ray for the first time,
  10. That would be bad ass brother. I’ll be leaving Vegas Sunday morning on the 2nd, I’ll make a tentative route when I look at a map tonight.
  11. Hello @Squidley! Thank you for the suggestions! And I appreciate the offer, I’m always down to hear sea stories from your era! Navy was wild back then(so I’ve been told) Cheers! -Shaw
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