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  1. 1984 VR. I will check the lock to look for a seal. Just wanted to get a feel if I'm the only one experiencing this.
  2. No I dont. Where the aluminum trim that seals the bag with some what of a tongue and groove, there is no weather striping. Ill have to take a photo of it when I get home. Neither bag has it.
  3. Does anyone else have water in their saddlebags after it rains? Is there a fix?
  4. Great stuff. I will get to it when I get back from Tennessee. I ended up rented a bike from HD and doing the Gatlinburg Loop and Tail of the Dragon. Looking forward to getting the bike back on the road when I get home. Thanks again for the help. I will report back with my findings.
  5. yea the one i repaired (bottom right) is hanging up or not performing the same as the others. I'm glad they are easy to swap out. I do have to sync the carbs. I'm sure that is a big problem.
  6. The bike was running when I bought it. Obviously it wasn't running well with two stuck carb slides. Everyone on this form was saying how snappy the bike is and I wasn't getting that feeling so pulled it apart. I have changes the oil and oil filter, air filter is clean enough and new plugs. I have not done a compression test. I have been busy with fixing the cruise control and other minor things.
  7. Not celebrating yet.... but I believe it will work. But I am purchasing two from a fellow member.
  8. Still have a little bit of tweaking to do but looks like it might work.
  9. I am not giving up! I have done crazier things. Its a product similar to JB weld. I don't have a ton of hope but its worth a shot.
  10. Good information. I will re-evaluate the intake boots once I get a replacement slide.
  11. But I'm still scratching my head over why they were tight. I don't really know how they were when pulling them apart but sure noticed it putting them back together. Any of you guys ever had this problem?
  12. Great. My boots are fine (i think). I really need the plastic part because the is what shattered. I have never swapped the rubber boot on the slides before but I am assuming its straight forward. Especially now the I have one in pieces in front of me.
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