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  1. Been trying to get in touch with Randy R or Randy Rick in Dahlonega, Ga. The last phone number I have is no longer a working number. If anyone talks to Randy or has his personal e-mail would you please let him know that Cowboy or Brian Shoemaker in Ellijay, Ga. is trying to get in touch with him. Randy has a valve shim tool and some shims that I have used over the years. I just realized that it had been 4 years since I needed any valve shims. Last check I was all in spec. Fixing to break it down and change the valve cover gaskets and thought I would check the valves again.
  2. Does anyone know if Skydoc still has his kit that he loans out with the purchase of valve cover gaskets.
  3. Thanks he called last night. Seems the Indian Roadmaster will be on my radar. After a great 150,000 miles and still looks and rides great, just feel like its time for an upgrade with similar style classic look with a few modern wants. Truely if the shock and seat was better along with a stereo! I would just keep on riding the Iron Horse. Time will tell. Thanks again for your help
  4. Trying to get in touch with Rick Haywood. The last number I have is no longer his. Wanting to pick his brain on the Indian Roadmaster that he is riding these days. If anyone has his number or regularly talks to him, please let him know that Brian Shoemaker, Ellijay, Ga. is trying to get in touch with him. I have sent a private message I think, I sent it to him and myself but I did not get a notification that I had a message. Thank You
  5. Rick,

    Can you give me a call. I have lost your number seems it might have changed since we last spoke.

    I need to pick your brain about the Indian Roadmaster you are riding.

    404-513-5266 Cell

    706-635-1580 Home/Cell

    Brian Shoemaker / AKA / Cowboy

    Ellijay, Georgia

  6. Follow link to item 4 https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/yamaha/motorcycle/2004/royal-star-midnight-venture-xvz13tfms/front-master-cylinder-2 My bike was doing the same thing and at first look I thought it might be in the contacts however with more closely looking the brass bushing was worn enough to allow the vibration or bumps to disengage the cruise. Easy replacement and have not had an issue since. If you take it out for a ride and put pressure away from you on the lever handles and the cruise stays engaged my bet is need to replace bushing. Later Brian Shoemaker
  7. Great news finally got the bike washed and broke down to access the plug for the Pick-up Coil. It is bad as I expected and as Scott has had first hand experence with. I got the new pick up coil and gaskets and oil and new spark plugs put in. I let the fuel pump pressurize and hit the start button, It fired right up without hesitation. I would like to let everyone know that I appreciate all the discussion and thoughts about the possible issue. I would also like to stress to anyone whom might be having starting issues to look at this post. I have a 2004 Midnight Royal Star Venture with
  8. Thanks to all with input. After looking at all the options, I think the best option I have is to just load the truck & trailer in a U-Haul and get to the house where I can get in my clean garage with the correct tools to find and fix issue. I got a U-Haul truck in Bozeman, MT and got the bike and trailer loaded in it, will head home in the morning. Back to Ellijay, Ga. Scott, Thanks for the last post, I sent you a PM and hopefully we can discuss your issue and fix. Du-Rron, Thanks for calling me today and discussing the issue and possible fixes. After getting the Ignitor Unit out of
  9. Du-Rron, I checked the main fuse box Left side behind the drivers leg under the cover I checked the Second Fuse Box and the black box with two plugs that is on the right side behind the front lower All plugs and boxes free of dust and dry as a bone sitting in the sun. Plugs had the dielectric gel on the outside edges of plug. Seemed to work like it is meant to keep out water or moisture. Male & Female sides looked clean and free of any type of corrosion. I did not check the plug for the Rectifier but I will look at it. How and where are the plugs for the Coils. I have seen the Coils
  10. Need help as I am on a long trip and the bike is not wanting to get spark first thing in the morning! History Before leaving May 28th New Air Filters New Fuel Filter New Spark Plugs Can of Seafoam Second day out had to ride in some of the heaviest rain I think I have ever rode in, Lasted 2 1/2 hours. Bike never missed a beat. Next morning seemed a little slow to crank but nothing of concern. Fourth day rode thru water on the road between 6 and 10 inches deep. Never missed a beat for the remainder of the day. Next morning seemed a little slower to start. Fifth day I changed th
  11. Well after removing trunk checking all wire and plugs. I went back to fuse box and found that I had a slight corrosion or film on some of the post. I took a file and cleaned all connection terminals. Flushed with baking soda and the used a wd40 spray. Put all fuses back in and the CB came on. It was the fuse that is labled back up. Thank you all for info.
  12. Hold the CB button down til the light comes on!!!! Then the cb channel can be selected then press again to change the sqelch and volume!! Problem no light comes on and cb channels are not available or sqelch Need to find out which wires do I test to see if CB is getting power.
  13. CB has always worked until this spring. No changes made over the winter. The light does not come on. The CB Channel does not come on display. I know how and use the CB almost everytime I ride. Will have to get the trunk off and get down to the wires that are under the passenger seat and trunk maybe a short or something. I will try and get that done over the weekend. I need to verify that power is getting to the unit before I replace the black box CB under the trunk. Does anyone know what wires I need to test? I think I saw a CB on Pinwheel that is for sale. Thanks to all Respo
  14. Thanks for the reply. I checked all fuses and had the front fairing off. It is the large yellow connector that controls the CB. I need to figure out how to check the power or lack of power. I checked the grounds, took loose cleaned and reconnected. Does the handle bar controller come apart to check the button to see if it is corroded. How do you check to see if the cb is getting power? Brian Shoemaker
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