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  1. Hi, I did a seach of side stands and mostly found " checking you oil' and "center stands" Anyway, I have lowered my bike with the barons rear kit and lowered the front. I have found a side stand kit after lowering my new Kaw. Versys and want to try it on my Venture. How much should I cut off or what should be the total length of the stand when shortened. I am willing to start with a little cut off and work my way shorter but it would help where to start ? thank you Cb
  2. I'm having a hard time finding where I have some fuel seeping from after using the choke to start on cold mornings. I do have significant cracks in the rubber intake manifolds that I suspect my be letting the fuel weep through, and the leak is up high. Any thoughts?
  3. Please oh great and wise ones... I'm going nuts here. About two months ago now I got stranded at work on my 99RSV. Rode to work just fine. When I went out to start it to go home, the starter turned and turned but she wouldn't start. I pulled the two back plug wires (cuz I could reach 'em) and stuck a screwdriver in there. No spark. I got the bike towed home and checked the other two plug wires. No spark there either. Checked resistance to the coils, and I'm easily within specs. Same on the batt'ry voltage. I then skipped all the other smart things to do and ordered a new pick-up coil and gaskets. After installing the pickup coil, the bike started!! Unfortunately after I shut it off, I could not replicate the victory and it hasn't started since. Well... I'm too much of an idiot to admit to my co-workers that I don't want to ride cuz it's just too darn cold, so I've been using the excuse that the bike ain't runnin' as my out. I'm now starting to get that twitch in my eyelid from driving the cage to work for two months and have decided to re-enguage. Any ideas? I'm gonna try to bypass the Kickstand and kill switches tonight (there's no need for anyone to remind me that I should've checked that before buying a pickup coil... my wife has that covered) but I'm not hopeful. any suggestions? thx!
  4. So the other day, my headlight refuses to come on after the bike starts. It has happened before, but it has always resolved itself. This time...nothing. Good thing I have fog lights. So I start taking things apart. I thought it might be the HID light I just installed but a standard H4 refused to light as well. Long story shorter; it was the starter switch. It was refusing to return all the way after use. There is a tiny gap between the spot where the light turns off and the starter lights. It was stuck in that spot. It would start but wouldn't light the lights. A little lube and all is well.
  5. Hi Everyone! I have a question regarding starting the RSTD. I previously had a V-Star 1100 and my normal cold start would be full-choke and depressing the start button for less than a second to one second. It would seem to catch rather quickly and fire up. However with my RSTD, normal cold start is full-choke and depressing the start button for 4-5 seconds. For the first 2~3 seconds or so I just hear the starter, and from 3~6 seconds I hear the engine quitely starting to catch on. For another second or two after releasing the start button the engine slowly spins (idle speed) until it suddenly fires up to a good full-choke rpm speed. Moreover, if I leave the bike for a half hour after an hour long ride, which I would consider the bike to be warm, I still have to go through the same routine. It will never just fire right up quickly. I do live in Canada, but the average temperature for the past while has been 60~70F. Does this sound like a problem/needs maintenance issue or is this Normal? I feel like i'm going to wear the starter out by holding it for that long. Background info: I ride my RSTD as much as I can (at least 4 days a week, minimum 2 hours per day) Replaced spark plugs Replaced fuel filter Ran a can of Seafoam Cleaned air filters Changed oil and oil filter Synchronized carbs Changed coolant Thanks!!
  6. Let's see if this thread takes off. I will start with a word, and the following poster comes up with a word that is associated with it. For example, if I say the word "Lincoln" the next poster may say "President" or maybe even "Continental". I belong to another board where this thread has gone for over 400 pages before problems had to lock the thread. They started another and it is going like crazy. Its fun to see what people come up with. I'll start a few to get it going.
  7. Well folks, I have been having some weird issues with my 2001 RSV and I am not really sure if they are in fact issues or related so here we go... Summary of 'symptoms': 1) Engine cut out (like someone hit the cut off switch; engine died only, no stumbling/starving for fuel, no interruption on the radio) when shifting from first to second and from second to first 2) Engine sometimes cranks for a long time before starting (happens hot or cold) More detailed explanations of each: (1) It was a slightly cooler morning (30s-40s ish) but not any cooler than it had been in prior weeks, and I did what I ALWAYS do before leaving for work. Come out to the garage, load my crap in the trunk, turn the fuel on, start the bike (no choke necessary - my garage stays reasonably warm), back out of the garage, give the bike 10-20 seconds, tweak the throttle to check for proper warm-up time, all is good so I take off. While driving up the road, no more than a few hundred yards from my house (somewhere between 20 and 30 mph) I go to shift into second, as soon as I push the shift lever the motor dies. It was a near instant cut out - ie no starving for fuel, no stumbling, no chugging etc. The first thing I check is the engine cut off switch (sometimes I bump it with my thumb), then the side stand, all is good so I pop the clutch and it starts right back up. I immediately u-turn and roll back home (I live downhill from where I was), pull in the drive way and inspect stuff. I turn the key off and back on to check for the fuel pump noise (which was present and clicking like it should). I checked the side-stand switch, clutch safety switch, etc etc and all seemed fine. Decided to give it another go, bike started right up and I rode to work with no problems. This happed 2-3 weeks ago. I had assumed that I had maybe not let the bike warm up enough, tweaked the throttle while shifting and maybe it cut out. This morning, I rode in (temperature ~70) and stopped at the bank. The bike is plenty warm at this point. Pulling out of the bank, all goes fine until I start to slow down for a stop sign, again a few hundred yards from the bank, go to down shift into first and the engine dies. Just like before, all of the electronics stayed on without interruption (radio played continuously, etc etc) and it was like I had hit the engine shut off switch but I did not. I do not recall hitting any big bumps or whatever either, it was a smooth patch of road. I do not recall this morning if I tapped the starter to restart the bike or just popped the clutch; either way it started right back up and it ran fine the rest of the way back to work. When I left my house, I know for sure the fuel pump did its clickity thing because I heard it. As a result of issue (2) I have been making a point of shutting the petcock off 2-4 miles from my house so that I can verify the pump operational everytime I start my bike. The fact that this engine cut out when shifting has happened twice now has be beginning to think that maybe it is a real issue or at least something to investigate. (2) Issue number two that may or may not be related is the occasional really long cranking time required to start my bike on occasion. I first noticed it last Thursday (8 days ago) I was about 200 miles into a ride and it started to get dark, I pulled over to the shoulder to change out my sunglasses for my clear safety glasses. All was running well until I went to start my bike. I hit the starter button and the bike cranked but did not start right away like it usually does. I cranked it in a few bursts of about 3-5 seconds each then shut off the ignition, turned the petcock to off and let the bike sit for a minute or so (thinking maybe it was flooded). After letting it sit for 1-2 minutes I turned the key back to the on position, hit the starter and it fired right up. Turned the gas back to the ON position then took off. The bike ran fine for the rest of the evening. Friday morning, it was around 40 with rediculously high humidity (70+%) and the dew was really thick. [i was parked at a hotel as I was traveling for work]. I went out loaded up for the day and went to start the bike and it behaved similarly, it took several rounds of cranking before it eventually started (I turned the gas OFF over night and made sure to pull the choke all of the way out and turn the gas ON before trying to start it). After some cranking, similar to the previous day's behavior, it started right up and ran fine for my ride into where I was working that day and then back to the hotel again, that evening. The next day started off the same, weather wise, and the bike started without hesitation in the morning. I left work around noon and stopped by the local motorsickle dealership to paroose a bit before heading back home and when I went to restart my bike (after chatting with someone who was looking at a purdy RSTD adn telling him how reliable these bikes are ) I had a repeat of these symptoms - long cranking time before actually starting). The bike ran fine all ~300 miles back home so . I was careful to not stop on the side of the road and I stopped for fuel every 100 miles just in case it was bad gas or something. Since then this long cranking symptom has been present a few times and it seems to occur at inconsistent intervals (sometimes when the bike is warm and sometimes when it is cold). I drained my float bowles and the first round of fuel that came out looked awfully clear and smelled very weakly of gasoline. I left one of the float drain screws open and flowing into a glass jar while allowing the fuel pump to cycle and it pumped out just fine. After that first round the fuel came out looking like I expect good fuel to look and smell. For kicks, I did mix some fresh fuel with a few OZ of sea foam and pumped it straight into the carbs and let it sit that way overnight, re-drained in the morning then put fresh fuel in the tank and rode for a little bit. Again, driving/riding wise the engine seems to run fine. I have had a couple of these long crank times since I did the carb bowl drain, but it has only been maybe 2 or 3 times since last Saturday (my bike is my primary mode of transportation and it has been started several times within the last week). I feel like this could be a weak, intermittant or failing fuel pump but am not really sure what else it could be. My next course of action will be to change the fuel filter (current one has less than 10k miles on it, but if I did get a bit of bad fuel somewhere, I know it can clog in a hurry) and go ahead and put in new spark plugs (I am approaching 8k miles on the current set of plugs). I checked the header pipes during warm up and after riding for a while (IR thermometer) and all four are within 10 or so degrees of each other. I have been paying extra close attention to the fuel pump 'clickage' [suspecting a weak or intermittent fuel pump] and am strongly considering just replacing the dumb thing so I don't get stranded somewhere... I am at a loss for what else could be causing these symptoms and if these are even related to each other so I am all ears for suggestions of things to check, inspect, pay attention to or whatever. Thanks a lot! As usual, I am coming up to a departure date for a ~1-2 week ~6k mile ride and crap starts going wrong... yea me. :sign09:
  8. I've had two people ask me about the availability of the domed decals here: http://www.venturerider.org/forum/venturerider-merchandise/39088-venturerider-domed-decals.html I don not have any at this time. They are not cheap and I have to order a minimum number of them to get the best price. I have not ordered any because if there is no demand, I will end up sitting on the investment for a long time. So is there any interest? If so, I'll start taking orders and get them on the way but otherwise, will wait a while longer. Don
  9. I'm too lazy to respond to all of the other Merry Christmas threads so I decided to start my own. MERRY CHRISTMAS VR.ORG!!!!!
  10. Tomorrow we hope to celebrate a special birthday, Christmas,,, so the birth of the Christ, the Messiah. If you are one of the ones who also have a birthday on the same day, you might feel a little left out. So here I want to wish all those who were born on Dec 25 and very BLESSED BIRTHDAY. I'LL start with one I know HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRAGONSLAYER
  11. My 84 is getting harder to start. I thought it was the cold, then the hi-test gas. I run regular in it in the cold months for it's lower flash point. Now regardless of the temp or gas it takes a while to get it started. I think the ignition module (original so far as I know) is on it's way to the trash can. Opinions please!
  12. I have questions as to why my 88 venture will not start, it cranks, backfires and pops but not running. This is the same bike that the carbs were just rebuilt, it ran well Saturday but not today, any known fixes.
  13. I've had some issues with my RSV cutting off since I got some bad gas. I've run a couple bottles of Seafoam through and I just changed the fuel filter. It will start fine with the choke open but if I don't let it warm up it will die going down the street. Once it dies it will start right back with the choke open again. Lat night I was on the interstate and it quit. I pulled in the clutch and let it out a couple times and it started back up. It just seems strange. Would a fuel pump go out a little at a time like that? I've been through a number of tanks of gas since the bad tank and I still get the same stuff. Any ideas?
  14. My 06 Midnite Venture quit on me this morning 5 miles out of Three Rivers, Michigan, and left me sitting on the side of the road for 20 minutes before it would start again. The same thing happened 10 days ago in Maryland. The symptoms: Cruising in 4th gear or so, the engine acts like it is starving for fuel (or that the kill switch has been hit - it wasn't) Coast to a stop, engine won't start. Yes I tried the kill switch, checked the pitcock - fuel flows from tank. No start. Yes, I hear the fuel pump when I turn the key. I have normal dash lights indicated. There's no smell of flooded engine. No leaks, no smoke, but no start. 20 minutes later (both times) the engine starts and runs normally. Since the incident in Maryland, I have put over a thousand miles on the bike (MD, VA, WV, OH, IN and now MI). The only weird thing today when it finally started was that I pulled the choke on and then off while starting and it suddenly fired up. When it did, it was more like an electrical connection being made than the choke clearing. There was no coughing and sputtering. No smoke, no smell. Engine ran fine to the motel in Niles where we are staying. Any ideas or suggestions before we hit the road Thursday heading South? Thanks for mulling it over. Lynn
  15. Wow... I mean WOW. Earl told me to start doing it... so Monday this week, I went to autozone after work--and after my paycheck deposit--I picked up two 16 oz bottles of SeaFoam, and CarbCleaner (to try Earls onbike carb clean). I got home, I'm looking over things. I start the Venture up, and she fires up on three cylinders. Just sitting there for a few minutes and she keeps at it. I turn her off, and pop the fuel cap, I rough guess two ounces of seafoam, because I didn't have much fuel left. Put the cap back on, and turned the key. I let the fuel pump run, and just let her sit there (she's on the tender too) I then start her up. Three cylinders fire... after 20 seconds she starts coughing. I noticed she's getting rougher and then... I hear the fourth cylinder fireing. She's clearing up and I rev her up nice and slow, and she's going, she's clear, clean. I didn't ride her tuesday, but today, I rode her to work. I'm gonna clock out early today to do the on-the-bike carb clean, but still, this is one awesome not painful lesson I learned. USE SEA FOAM! (I'll be buying another for my dad, his GoldWing sneezed)
  16. Hi all. Still can't get my XVZ1200 84 model to run, I've sorted out the TCI unit, thanks Mike, and cleaned the carbs but it still refuses to start. I think I'll check and reset the ignition timing tomorrow, weather permitting. I think the problem's with the ignition timing because when the bike's turning over it's missing, giving out a loud bang every other spin, so that points straight to the ignition timing, right???
  17. started having the cruise kick out when I climb an overpass or hill. Where can I start looking for problems ?
  18. Hello everyone and Happy New Year! My 06 RSTD Midnight has a delay or pause when I hit the starter switch. I turn on the ignition and wait for a a few seconds and then hit the start button. It starts and cranks real good but it takes a second or two before cranking. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced any thing like this and if they have come up with a remedy. I just get a creepy feeling that one day I will be unable to start at all. Thank you all in advance for your help. Bikerdude53
  19. Last weekend our local Star group (Star 186) rode to Mammoth lakes for three days. The temperature while in Mammoth was great 82. But getting there and getting home was HOT 108. WE had a couple of people start to over heat even though they were drinking lots of water. And most of them were wearing cooling vests. The question is (and I know there are a lot of opinions but looking for medical facts), what is best for re-hydration? I had a road construction worker tell me that he drinks pedialyte instead of Gatorade. He said it keeps him hydrated better. Is there something else that works better. I want to start carrying something for this kind of situation.
  20. Ever have one of those moments, days, weeks? With colder weather coming, and $NoVV on the way, decided to go ahead and put her up on jacks, and start winter maintenance, new tires, etc. And I know I laid that ratchet right...... well.... there.... 30 seconds ago..... and my allen wrench.... is .. over..... MAN when did this start?????????? I cant find anything!!!!!!!!!!ARGGGGGGGGGG Now where is my pocket knife....
  21. I have an 86 that I just bought and it will not start. It has to be a fuel issue, it will start with starting fluid or a little gas poured in the carbs. The fuel pump is working and gas is getting to the carbs (line from pump removed key turned on). It has started once and ran for about a minute, really smooth, and quit. Is there something that would cause the fuel pump to stop or just dirty carbs? BTW did swap in a known good pump and same story.
  22. Well I finally got some good new from the docs. I have been laid up for 12 weeks since falling off a ladder and breaking my hip. I had a fractured hip, sprained ankle and bruised shin. And possible internal bleeding. They bolted the hip back together and told me to stay off it. No weight what so ever. Originally this was to be for four to six weeks. Then it appeared the bolts had backed out a little so no weight indefinitely. Today twelve weeks in the doctor said I can finally start to put some weight on my right side. Yahoo. I am wobbly but at least I can start relearning to walk. And hopefully I can be riding by summer. The other part is shortly after the fall I began to cough up blood. The bleeding stopped but the doctors were still worried. So I also underwent another upper GI today. The exam came back normal no visible internal damage. So I am quite excited about todays outcomes. Mike
  23. Don I know how much you missed me at MD this year and I'm pleased you were relaxed:banana:. Of course there is always next year and this does give me plenty of time to plan something just for your enjoyment. You do know my folks live in NY so I could always go visit and then just pop up to the international to see ya. Of course that's just a maybe, but ya never know. So now I'll go back to my little corner and start thinking of all the fun we can have next year at MD. Just have to think of something to top the last thing I did. Oh that's right I only was part of other folks plans, never have done something on my own....................................YET. Ya know I love ya Boss, now to show ya just how much.:crackup: :ICkiss: Margaret
  24. My father passed away a few years back and this was his bike it probably has been parked almost 7 8 years... I would love to rebuild this just because it was his and he loved to ride and so do I ... I have lots of questions... But lets start slow... First I have never rebuilt a bike... And second I have no keys so once I get the key situation handled where should I start this long road project... I know it's not going to happen over night I don't have unlimited funds but I am willing to do the work
  25. Where did everyone go. It has been awful quiet in chat lately. Do we need to start the naked chat up again?
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