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  1. VentureRider.Org was started on July 21st, 2004. The object of this site is very simple. To bring together folks who enjoy friendly discussion of the Yamaha Venture, Venture Royale, Royal Star Venture and Royal Star motorcycles. What started as a very small group of owners has become the most active site on the Internet dedicated to these bikes. Though most of us share a passion for these particular bikes, we welcome all riders who enjoy the company of a friendly community of riders who have a desire to lend a hand when needed, share a cold drink when possible and simply enjoy the company of other riders. On August 15th 2006 there was a major server crash and we lost two years worth of messages and member information. At that time, we had over 3600 folks registered here. After a total rebuild of the site, the numbers are still coming back and the great technical information lost is being reposted as we continue on. This is a very informal group. We don't feel the need for a lot of club officers, rules, regulations. We do have some basic guidelines for our organization though. These are guidelines that the majority of the members reached a consensus on long ago. Edited by V7Goose: The original intent of the founding members was that this site is, always has been and always will be free to all. Don Nelson, Freebird, spends almost unimaginable time and effort personally creating and maintaining this site for the benefit of all members, and for five years he personally covered 100% of the costs for software, hosting, bandwidth, etc. A few members donated to Don in an effort to help out, but they were only a small percentage of the members here. In 2009, Don and his family were beset by some unexpected health issues and large medical expenses that forced him to make some hard decisions about continuing to spend his own money on this site. As a result, the members here were quite vocal that we needed to implement some form of membership fee so that those of us who enjoy this site would all begin to share in the cost. At this time, the forums are open to all to read but registration is required for posting a new message or replying to an existing message. Registration is just $12/year, is easy to do and helps to protect us against spam. Just as important is the fact that this site is PG rated. There are a lot of sites on the Internet where people can look at pornographic materials, use vulgar language, etc. We do not need that here. By keeping this site PG rated we are able to reach a wide range of people. Please respect this simple guideline when posting here. Although we do not have many rules, keeping the PG rating in all things would be Rule #1. We have also tried to keep political discussions to a minimum here. Many people have very strong political opinions, including me. Again, there are a lot of places on the Internet to discuss politics and I've never seen any good from mixing politics with motorcycle discussion. What starts off as a rational discussion always seems to turn into a heated debate and it usually gets personal before it ends. All of the same things can be said for religious discussions. Rule #2 would be that politics and religion are two subjects that will not be tolerated. The last rule, Rule #3, is that all discussions need to remain civil. That is not to say that we do not expect disagreements, and even some "lively" discussions where it is clear that opinions are held strongly by some individuals. It does mean that personal attacks and insults are not acceptable. Our primary focus here is motorcycles, motorcycle touring, technical discussion, etc. This site would get pretty boring though if no other discussion was allowed. We have become much more than a website here. We have become friends and many of us have met in person as well as here on the site. It was the motorcycles that brought us together but it's the friendships that keep us together. As in face to face meetings, conversations other than motorcycles will often come up. We have specific areas for just that type of discussion and we encourage folks to please try to post in the appropriate areas. If a mistake is made and something is posted in the wrong area...it's no big deal...we will either overlook it or move it. The main thing folks is that this site should be not only helpful but fun as well. I hope that we all remember that first and foremost, we are friends. This is the kindest and most considerate bunch of folks I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. There are no cliques here and no secret groups within our group. If you are new here, simply introduce yourself and you will be warmly welcomed.
  2. Eusa1 has generously donated a set of his Diamond Cut cylinder fins to be auctioned off with all proceeds going to Squidley and Lonna. A very generous gesture on his behalf and one that again makes me proud to be associated with such a great group of folks, I have set the auction for a 5 day duration in hopes of getting the proceeds to them before Christmas. You may place your bids here: http://www.venturerider.org/forum/photopost/showproduct.php?product=98
  3. Thank You... To folks that give of themselves freely and without reservation. Who don't look for something in return and genuinely give to their fellow man? As some of you folks know, unbeknownst to Lonna or Myself, y'all decided to secretly raise funds for us. I'm not the kind of person who openly lets my troubles known. Times are a bit tight right now as we have Lonna's son and his family with us. Me having kidney stones doesn't help either with the surgeries, but I wasn't greatly worried as I have walked this walk before. Then I find out this morning of y'all's plan, and was very humbled. Before anything else....Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for thinking of us and wanting to help us. Even though we are the reason for this, and blessed beyond our wildest dreams, it is all of you that prove who is truly blessed, and it is all of you. This time of year we look to give to others, and help those in need. This tells of our character and leading by example, which you folks have. My Grandfathers instilled in me probably the most important things that I know. Both were pay it forward type men, and always told me to do that when I could. I have had many great teachers, my Mother and both Fathers who told me to stick to my guns and accept responsibilities and actions if you screw up. I try very hard to live up to my parents and grandparents lessons. Karma, is a 2 sided sword, good will come back ten fold, bad will come back even worse. God has always provided for me and my family, and this is no exception. All of you should be very proud of yourselves, it's easy to just look the other way. It's helping when you can that defines you. I am very proud to know all of you, you folks let me know that what comes around goes around. We will never forget what you have done for us this year. Y'all are giving our children a great lesson of the season and showing them 1st hand that surrounding yourself with good like minded people is a good thing. Thank you all so much for helping us, as always, the door is open at this house here in Cleveland Texas.
  4. OK folks, it may seem like a long ways off for some of you but it's really not very far away and only 20 people have signed up to be there. PLEASE go to the calendar and RSVP as soon as you can. It is hard to plan a rally when you don't know how many people to expect. We have to let the caterers know how many for the dinners and etc. This will be a LOT of fun and Eileen and I look forward to seeing every body there. The link to the calendar is: http://www.venturerider.org/forum/calendar.php?do=getinfo&e=97&day=2009-08-03 Registration page for the rally is: http://dchwestfall.com/2009_VentureRider_Rally.html Now come on folks...Snarley Bill and all is coerced volunteers are doing a great job planning this one. Let's ALL show up. You will not regret it.
  5. Ok folks, I got a response from Japan this evening. The company does not currently offer the diaphragm by itself. The SD1 and SD2 sets are not exactly the right size according to the manufacturer. However, based upon my request they are going to look into adding them to the line-up. I offered to purchase 100 sets of course based upon end pricing. I figure we can easily use those up if the quality is good. Now, I need a bit of research help from owners of other Yamahas. 1) Do all 1983-1993 Ventures use the same diaphragm? (I think yes except maybe the 1983) 2) What years of V-Max will these fit? I suspect 1985- almost current) 3) Is the base diaphragm the same on the 2nd Generation? 4) I see the eBay guy lists the 535 as also using these - what else may use them? For our folks in Canada and Europe - what useage would you have? If I can keep the price down to $100.00 U.S. delivered to the 48 states would it fly? I will need some numbers from y'all to make this happen. No promises here JB
  6. Thoughts and Prayers for all those folks in Webster NY.
  7. Don I know how much you missed me at MD this year and I'm pleased you were relaxed:banana:. Of course there is always next year and this does give me plenty of time to plan something just for your enjoyment. You do know my folks live in NY so I could always go visit and then just pop up to the international to see ya. Of course that's just a maybe, but ya never know. So now I'll go back to my little corner and start thinking of all the fun we can have next year at MD. Just have to think of something to top the last thing I did. Oh that's right I only was part of other folks plans, never have done something on my own....................................YET. Ya know I love ya Boss, now to show ya just how much.:crackup: :ICkiss: Margaret
  8. Ok Folks, I started a post to see if there was interest in a Houston Maintenance Day, folks are sounding like they want one. So here it is, Saturday October 27th will be the main work day, but anyone wanting to come over Friday afternoon and spend a couple of nights are more than welcome. We have 2 1/2 acres and plenty of space for pop up trailers and tents. I have all the tools we'll need to do just about anything you want to try and accomplish. I will ask that you bring whatever fluids you want to change with you. I do have a vacuum bleeder, a Carb and Color Tune, and I'll borrow the tire machine from Doodle and we can do some tires if folks want to. If you can give a yea or nay up top it will give me an idea of how much grub we need to think about. If you have any questions PM me or give me a call, my cell is in my profile. Looking forward to seeing all the brethren again
  9. http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/ya/download?mid=2%5f0%5f0%5f1%5f6023368%5fAHYIw0MAAXYzUH1dQAjPkTr6sk8&pid=2.2&fid=Inbox&inline=1&appid=YahooMailNeo
  10. Not that we went anywhere ....but were back home. Didn't talk about the trip openly as I know folks would be wanting to see us. Went north to marry my Dad off, and it was a great wedding. Thank you to all the folks that we were able to see for their hospitality. It was one hell of a trip, 3700 miles in total. Now back to work tomorrow so I can pay for it all
  11. Who would of thunk? The other day the LEO's and Humane Society folks removed snakes from an Omaha family home. Not pets by my standards but poisonous ones. So far they have over 30 of them including 18 rattesnakes, 6 cobras, a few vipers and even a mamba. They are still working on identifying several others that they have no idea of what they are. They found tanks all over the house and even in the childrens rooms. So the snakes got removed and he got cited by the Humane Socitety for no permit for non-domestic animals. But the LEO's are looking at him has he has previous charges for terroristic threats and gun violations. Ya gotta wonder about folks sometimes. Guess who ain't a big fan of snakes? Mike
  12. Kruis'n the Kootenays Motorcycle Rally I hope you have your reservations made and the GPS's configured, as we are getting close to needing numbers for the New Grand's Catering Dept. so we will need to know fairly close numbers of how many we will be feeding for the hosted meals. If your plans are still up in the air but you think you still may want to come please drop us a msg so we can talk. Looking forward to getting those roads all rode on and meeting all you folks!
  13. but as hard as I have tried, I can find only one thing about it that bothers me...film at eleven This was a no-risk trial for me, as I had folks who said they would buy the tire from me if I didn't like it...so I actually have been VERY critical of the tire and deep-down believed I would find a number of things wrong with it, and end up putting the bike tire back on the Wing. I cannot feel any difference in the cornering...in fact, I seem to be leaning a bit more than with the bike tire. I like what appears to be a faster stopping with the c/t. I like the fact that the tire digs in as I make a turn from a stop...rather than the tire breaking loose that sometimes happens with the bike tire. I like the smoother ride I get with the tire. I will like the peace of mind I will have due to the increased weight capability...riding two-up...pulling a trailer I will enjoy the increase in miles that I expect to get from the car tire. Oh yeah, the one thing that bothers me...is the inability of the tire manufacturers, the Honda folks, and other riders to put the car tire down without even checking it out!
  14. :confused24:I have tried and can't get the fileter off my wing. All my filter wrencehs ate to big. What are you other folks using??? thanks
  15. I figured that I would come here and ask you folks a question as we have a lot of different knowledgeable people here. Lonna and I have cell phones through Walmart Family Mobile. They use towers from Tmobile for their service, but Tmobile doesn't let them use all their towers, only certain ones. At the new house here we have terrible reception, so bad to the point that we dont call out unless we absolutely have to. This is a huge pita as I know there are times I just want to grab the phone and chat with folks, some of them even from here :/ The thing that I like about the Walmart plan is, well, there isn't a plan, or a contract such as it is. I absolutely hate having to sign up for anything now these days and have a 2 year minimum requirement So my question to you folks is this, do they make some sort of antenna that will help me get better reception here at the house. AT&T has great reception here, but "Their" plan is another 2 year deal, and will cost me more money. What say you brethren, am I looking for a unicorn?
  16. The action for St Jude auctions has been slow, not a whole lot of competitive bidding going on, get in on the action, the kids at St. Jude would really appreciate it. And if your bidding and want more than the one shirt and pin in the auction, just let me know if you want more than the one and you can just match your winning bid for each one.........winning bid is $6.00, multiply your bid by how many you want, its that easy. No need to bid on several auctions. Thanks to all that help support the "Kids" at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Don't forget we will be meeting in Memphis in early Oct. to make our donation in person. I will be posting the actual date in the next week or so after I talk to the folks at St. Jude. This is a great chance to get out and meet some great folks from VR and St. Jude. The turnout last year was fantastic and hoping for the same again this year. You can click on this link here on when it appears at the top of the VR page, or just go to the Classified section, St. Jude Auctions.
  17. Lets all post pictures of our bike so we can see what wonderful mods you done!
  18. 08-16-2006 - this is my join date, 4 years 2 months and some days, It is still the best site on the web. I have been a member longer than that but the "CRASH" deleated that history. I was just wondering how long most folks have been here? And when Don originally started the site? Anybody remember "Dallas" what ever happened to him? ..........I guess i'm just remenissing.
  19. i know this was my first year of doing the nc meet and eats and hope that next year will be a lot better. i will be working on looking at the calander and trying my best not to have them on holiday weekends.think i will try to keep about the same destanations as this year.i try having them where more members can make them and maybe have them close enough to draw some from sc,tn and some ga folks, of course all are welcome.thoght about even playing around the thought of having a ride and stay over at a motel and than finishing up with it sat,dont know yet.
  20. There was mention of starting a new thread dealing with Ponch and his progress by one of our members. I thought this was a pretty good idea and after talking with the moderators, who thought it also a good idea we will implement it here in this thread. Freebird had a good point as many folks have the initial thread subscribed in case someone posts something up. That is valid also and what I will do is leave a link on that thread to this one. I will post updates here so folks can see whats going on. I will make this one a READ ONLY thread, this way we don't get to the point of the other thread with 10's of thousands hits and several hundred responses. I will also let folks know of updates in the original thread and y'all can post to that one. I am going to post updates from when we were 1st able to see David. Again Thank You ALL for your continued support and prayers for David and Kathy
  21. Did a U turn today and chased down a couple on a 2004 Midnight, they were not aware of the site so I gave them a card, hopefully they will join our big happy family. They seemed like nice folks which most Venture Riders seem to be there names are Chad and Tammy transplants from Minnesota.
  22. OK, I've heard some remarks about VR.Org being an Eating Club with a Riding Disorder. Wondered if anybody has been watching 'Hairy Bikers' on the HISP cable channel. They ain't riding Ventures, but would fit in here really well..... Even the wife get's a kick out of them, and I find myself laughing.... a lot.... My kinda folks...
  23. Found this link on another board and thought folks here may enjoy it as well.... http://www.go-faster.com/SS100.html
  24. I know I'm still a newbie here but I'm trying hard to fit in an get to know people. What i would like to see is an easier way to figure out were folks are from. I do not recognize many of the state flags or cities listed in folks profile or when they post. Is there something I'm missing or a place on this forum to go with a map an stick pin of peoples location. Trying to figure out who is close by my location and the places I would like to travel to. I have about wore out my atlas an my eyes trying to find this information. No i don't have a GPS
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