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  1. http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/ya/download?mid=2%5f0%5f0%5f1%5f6023368%5fAHYIw0MAAXYzUH1dQAjPkTr6sk8&pid=2.3&fid=Inbox&inline=1&appid=YahooMailNeo http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/ya/download?mid=2%5f0%5f0%5f1%5f6023368%5fAHYIw0MAAXYzUH1dQAjPkTr6sk8&pid=2.4&fid=Inbox&inline=1&appid=YahooMailNeo
  2. http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/ya/download?mid=2%5f0%5f0%5f1%5f6023368%5fAHYIw0MAAXYzUH1dQAjPkTr6sk8&pid=2.2&fid=Inbox&inline=1&appid=YahooMailNeo
  3. And I am willing to bet she didn't see the humor in it at all, however he will most likely be home from intensive care in a month or two with virtually no recollection of what got him there in the first place:)
  4. Greg, I had a '98 RSTD for about 4 years and if my memory serves me at all I was having the low fuel light come on around 140 miles or so. I remember averaging around 40 mpg on the babe and it had a 5 +/- gallons in the tank so should have been able to go 200 per tank but I never pushed her that far. I guess I just hated the thought of having to push her if I ran dry. Hope this helps, Norm
  5. All the best on your journey, especially with family, a real memory maker. I am still 36 months off from scraching this adventure off my bucket list as I have already promised myself this as my retirement gift. Will certainly look forward to hearing more about your adventure down the road. Safe travels and keep that rubber side down. Norm
  6. Easier to hide the nitrous on a 1st gen. :cool10:
  7. Tough crowd, guess if your looking for sympathy you better check Websters.
  8. No i73rpretation n33d3d:)
  9. Started biking again this past year to get in shape and was able to fit my car rack over my pelican case (on my Vstrom) to carry my bicycle to different trails. Looks a bit awkward however getting 40 plus mpg vs 12-14 in my truck is wonderful. Sorry no pics to post.
  10. A great day of riding on Saturday capped with a bag lunch on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a total of 360 miles logged and even bumped into a fellow Vr'er along the way (tip of the helmet to ya, yamaduck!). Follow all that up with a night of good old dirt track racing and a day of rest to recover, does life get any better than that? I think not but I am pretty confident there are some out here that can try.
  11. stories such as this. Helps regenerate a little faith in the foundational principles we should have been brought up with. I have also spent time in Johnson City/Jonesboro and agree this is an incredible part of the country. May be looking to retire in that neck of the woods myself one day soon!
  12. Refering back to the original posting, the discouragement came from factory or company rep's correct? Keeping that in mind it is fairly easy to understand the position, world wide I doubt you will find a "factory rep" for anything that would encourage their product be utilized for anything other than what it was made for. However we all can attest to using things for other than their intended purpose. Case in point, I was at a Honda Hoot years ago and sat in on a Dunlop tire rep for a short seminar. One question came up regarding trailers and MC tires, as you might imagine the rep totally disc
  13. Hey, I have a set of OEMs from a 98 RSTD that are Black and grey. I am missing one lid however, I believe it is the right side so if the bags were the same and your right lid is in tack I will swing you a deal. PM me if you are interested, I would have put the link to the ad here but I am not sure how but there are pics of the bags on the ad. All the best, Norm
  14. however just to add food for thought. I have a good friend who has the Suzuki Volusia 850 and I would be suprised if you could not find one of these in your $ range. In my opinion these have also been a relatively sleeper around the cruiser world but an excellent bike. Very durable, pull strong and comfprtable with out being over built (meaning weight). All the best, Norm
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