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  1. I stumbled upon what I think is wrong with my bike.. I took the airbox off my 85VR brownie and my left rear carb slider isn't moving like the rest. It is motionless. I checked the diaphragm out. Does this mean my float is stuck?
  2. Wow, I went from less than 50 post to 10,600 in one day. I think I'll go rest now.
  3. I've a different take to adding a trunk to the RSTD that I was wondering if anybody has tried..... I'd like to use the removeable backrest for the attachement point and fabricate/add a Venture Royal trunk frame to that to create a one piece set-up the would mount the trunk. This way when I don't want or need the trunk I could put the standard back rest in - obviously, I'd need to purchase an extra back rest unit but It would be worth it for the ease of change over. I've seen the trunck frames on ebay for about 200 and I figured a good welding shop could fabricate/join this to the back rest frame. My only concern is if the mounts where the slide-in std. backrest fits are strong enough for the additional weight of the trunk assemby.... Any ideas or experience trying to do this? Thanks!
  4. How many of you actually use the CB, and for what? Originally it sounded like a good idea, but to tell the truth in the 8 months or so of ownership and a couple of over 1k trips I have yet to talk to anyone, or even hear anything worthwhile! So how do the rest of you use this thing? I realy would like to hear some constructive suggestions. I thought it might be a good emergency tool but quite frankly I don't see how I could ever get to anyone.
  5. i was planning on installing armrest for my wife on our 2004 rsv, but i have the oportunity to by a yamaha made wrap around back rest. it appears to replace the original backrest. what is your passengers opinions would they rather have the backrest or armrest. our last bike was a gl1500 with armrest and my wife enjoyed that. the wrap around backrest has been discontinued but some still have it in stock. what would my wife be most comfortable with. thanks for your opinion.
  6. Anyone have any contacts about arm rest for the passenger? My wife loves to ride, but wants to be able to rest her arms more comfortably. Any links would be helpful. Thanks to everyone's help on the communitations system, backrest, luggage racks, and etc. I've asked for in the past. They have been very helpful. Thanks again, johnnyp
  7. Someone was looking for back rest for 86 or newer ist gen i got one call me. 906-361-0309, Yooper---Also got radios and compressers.
  8. so I am going to call it a night. Just in case the world does end in the morning at 6:11 am and I am still asleep, I just wanted to say it has been fun. If the world don't end, maybe we can look at the morning as being the first day of the rest of our lives. RandyA
  9. New to me 09 to replace the 05 RSV/Tri-wing trike I totaled out a while back. By spring time it will be converted into a trike by Hannigan. First pic is loaded up for the trip home. Rest are taken today at home. Let the modding begin. Larry
  10. Marcarl

    How Come

    How come when I was looking at my previous thread, Friesman's button is red and the rest are green,, does that mean he is earmarked for destruction?
  11. I am looking for some passenger arm rest for the 93 trike. Charlene says she doesnt need them, but I think she would be much more comfortable with them. Does anyone still make them or maybe someone here has set they no longer need. I am just about finished making the changes to the trike since I bought it. Yesterday I replaced the old glass tube fuse block with one from radio shack and using Skydoc's instructions it was easy, the only difference between his and radio shacks is 5 fuses vs 6 on Skydocs. I also did the battery fluid level light bypass. The only thing left to address is the front brakes. They have been delinked when triked, but only one disk up front is working. The Vmax mod is next for the brakes. Later when I have the funds I will be doing the front brake mods to make them more reliable and better.
  12. A utopia back rest. Need Black studded if anyone has one or hears of one. Thanks Rick
  13. My daughter-in-law past away in her sleep on Tuesday afternoon. My son is broken-up right now. We laid her to rest today. Four children from 22 to 11. Please keep them in your prayers. tew47
  14. Hi All As most of you know I have bought a Gold Wing. With that said the guy I sold my 83 VR to would like arm rest for hie girlfrend. Do they make them for this old a bike and where would I look for them? Thanks Bull463
  15. Anyone have a set of "Gray" passenger arm rest for 91 VR?
  16. What is the function of the little nylon roller on the horizontal carb linkage bar as indicated by the yellow arrow in the attached image? Should the pull-open throttle cable rest on this roller? This is on an '88 Venture Royale ZVZ1300 -Pete, in Tacoma WA USA '88VR
  17. Ok Dano and Rose... Got her loaded up this morning and will be headed your way.... I'll get it to our place and figure out the rest of the trip... Thanks for all the help Wayde.....
  18. Kind of strange , our last child is going off to another collage far from home just finished up loading the truck . I have mixed feelings but she needs to move on and have her own life.! Anyways, I am leaving now to get the rest of the stuff into her new place! WoW no more kids in the home.. Umm what will I do ? Gunna be kind of quite Jeff
  19. I need the part number for the rear Arm rest covers on my 2nd gen. I'm going to change out the rear speakers tomorrow and want to be prepared if I need new ones. What is the best way to remove the vinyl covers without destroying them ?
  20. After replacing the stator and sealing the cover, are you supposed to refill it with oil or will it draw oil from the rest of the system? thanks Markus(calgaryrider)
  21. I'm thinking of recovering the seat , back rest and passenger backrest and arm rest on my 91 royale. i was wandering as I've tried to use the search mode and cant find an answer. What years will fit my 91 as I see nice set for an 83 I think in the classified set I may try to work a deal on if it'll fit. any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance David
  22. Hey all, I had a quick question about membership dues. It would seem to me that, with 13,078 members, at $12 per member per year, that's $156,936 per year. WOW! Quite a lucrative business you've got here! I considered it was possible that, of the listed members, only a portion of them were actual paying members, and the rest were a rotating batch of trial members. I don't know how your member counter works. In any case, figuring on the extreme lean side, let's say that only 1% of that total, or 130 members, were paying crew. That would bring the annual funds to $1,570. Not bad for a gig that's essentially a hobby. Granted, that's not accounting for expenses (webhosting, cost of software, upkeep, etc), which, for your average vBulletin board (which are generally FREE access) should amount to about $50/month. That takes but a sliver out of the potential pot of dues coming in. As for the rest... where does it all go?
  23. Just bought our first Venture. It is a 2004 Midnight. It still has the original studded seat. My wife is only 5' 2'' tall. The back rest is really uncomfortable for her. Any suggestions on padding for the area between the passenger seat and the backrest??
  24. OK guys left home yesterday headed to Emerald Isle NC. Everything going great,talking to wifey on back through intercom then about an hour into the trip, loud pop through helmet speakers and NO INTERCOM. Played with wires buttons etc and nothing. Stopped for gas,cranked the girl back up and BINGO intercom working again! Happy happy happy!!!!!!!For about 10 minutes and POP......SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!The rest of the trip every now and then INTERCOM for 10 to 15 seconds....no intercom...grrrrrrrrrr.Cranked her up for return trip today INTERCOM WORKING,20 MINS......no intercom for rest of trip home even after restarting her.Almost as if working until gets hot ?????????????Any ideas......got to have my intercom guys can't talk dirty to wifey without it......HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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