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  1. well as some know i have been trying to trace down what was a small pesky leak. thought i had it figured out. some donated parts from dingy have been sent out to me (thanks gary for the thought) well today a friend of mine who is a car mechanic and i decided to check it out we pulled it out of the storage unit and fired it up waiting for the warm up as it wouldnt leak until warmed? we got down to shine a light up there when we heard a loud pop hot anitfreeze hit both of us i got some small burns on my arm same with him. looks like the radiator blew? at least i hope thats it and not a head gasket or the engine. she was still running though after the loud pop and antifreeze all over front of the engine. im now sad and angry .. angry as i used to be able to do work on smaller bikes. sad that i just cant keep going with this being dissabled and low on $$$ makes it a every day struggle i realy want to be out there and ride. maybe when the title comes in for the bike someone here might make a fair offer on the old girl? i know that most here have the experience to put the old girl together and maybe the $$ to do it. well time for some southern comfort and a hankie to drown my sorrows and dry my tears...
  2. Heads up! Lets not make this political.... I made a call to the local Ripley WV WALLMART. Wallmart will no longer be selling AR-15s. StraighT from corporate. The ones around here are sold out. The Mom and Pop gun stores went in and bought them out. I enquired about one Last night AT A MOM AMD POP STORE and they are $200-$500 more than they were two days ago! Bushmasters and Colt .223s are going anywhere from $1200-1500 Better stock up on ammo while your at it. It's gonna get worse folks. I copied this thread in case it gets political and gets deleted. I know there are a lot of gun users on here, hence the reason for this thread. IF YOU CAN PLEASE CONFIRM THE ABOVE IN YOUR STATE FOR WALLMART AND REPORT BACK.... THANKS JOE
  3. OK guys left home yesterday headed to Emerald Isle NC. Everything going great,talking to wifey on back through intercom then about an hour into the trip, loud pop through helmet speakers and NO INTERCOM. Played with wires buttons etc and nothing. Stopped for gas,cranked the girl back up and BINGO intercom working again! Happy happy happy!!!!!!!For about 10 minutes and POP......SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!The rest of the trip every now and then INTERCOM for 10 to 15 seconds....no intercom...grrrrrrrrrr.Cranked her up for return trip today INTERCOM WORKING,20 MINS......no intercom for rest of trip home even after restarting her.Almost as if working until gets hot ?????????????Any ideas......got to have my intercom guys can't talk dirty to wifey without it......HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  4. Guest

    2011 Voyager pictures

    I sure hope I don't get pop for these lights...It was either blue or clear...
  5. When i synched my carbs, i can get it almost perfect then when i hit the throttle its moves further apart then takes about 30 seconds to settle back into my final adjusted spot. What is causing this? I did notice on my way home(i was doing this at a friends house) that i hadnt completely open the choke, it was just a few mm's from being completly open. Could this effect the tuning in that way or is this unrelated? I will try to re-synch before i leave on my trip. I did notice a little pop pop pop on decelleration that i didnt have before but that could be related to last of the SeaFoam that is still in my tank. BTW, i also changed the plugs at the same time.
  6. This is probably a dumb question. I think there is something wrong with my fuel injectors. Can a person roll this type of vehicle down hill and pop the clutch and get the cylinders to pump/suck fuel to start. If so then will the car stay running until shut off.
  7. Any one in the central south central Tx area have a pop up that can be pulled behind a venture I could rent for a week in March.
  8. kenw

    Dry ice

    Has anyone ever pulled a dent out of sheet metal? My wife has a dent in her vehicle and I heard that dry ice can shrink the metal and pop out the dent (not large), and was wondering if anyone has ever tried it. Thanks
  9. I just picked up a '96 Royal Star with only 19k on it, bike is in great shape except for one thing... I have a pop through the exhaust. I suspected a lean cylinder and was right (on part of it) so off with the carbs for a thurough cleaning. I installed them back on yesterday and dialed everything in, huge difference in performance... but still had the pop. At idle its a rythmic; Pop.... Pop.... Pop.... Pop.... but goes away when revved and comes back again if the rpm is held constant. So today I checked that cylinders carb for any leaks or possible cause for this issue, nothing found. Plenty of fuel there. I went ahead and did a compression test on both right side cylinders and they seem low to me, or at least what the manual says they should be. Cylinder compression test shows 110psi on the front right and 125 on the rear right. Spark plug was wet on the front so I dried the cylinder out and cleaned the plug... same pop and same compression reading. After this I ran a leakdown test and im just a bit over 20% loss coming out of the exhaust valves! This afternoon I'll pop the valve cover and check the valve clearance but im afraid the damage has been done and the adjustment won't help. My question is, what is a normal compression reading for these engines? And can the heads come off without pulling the engine? Thanks for any help,
  10. Got bike out today in storage started up fine had a little pop pop like cyl trying to fire felt exhaust pipes 3 got hot fast one slower the slower one is rear left side setting on bike could it be the dreaded coil pack how can i check to make sure if any one is close by that has had this problem maybe able to help out 2003 venture
  11. Oy. A brief moment of carelessness and I snapped the end of my tach needle off. I already had it removed from the tach shaft (the hardest part), too. Does anybody have a nonfunctional tach (or speedometer, for that matter) they don't mind either sharing the whole thing with me or sending me the needle from? It's kind of a pain to pop off but it will come with a little coaxing. I will later reveal my project if I can score a new needle.
  12. to everyone and a Happy new year Too much wally pop l.O.L.:sleigh:
  13. Two guest rooms finished and two more to go.........going to be a long winter.. Taters don't like our riding companions leaving after dark, or in the rain, or the cold, or after a pop or two....just hope my kids don't decide to move back in.........
  14. One of these things could very well extend riding time for a few more years... POP OUT TRAILER #280570875607 Not a toy hauler, but very nice KOA special....
  15. OK,I got an I Phone 4.When I go to Venturerider.org I get a pop up that says something like "TapaTalk can be used with this sit" or something like that..I loaded the APP byt still do not see what it does and still get the pop up..Question,What the heck is "Tap A Talk"
  16. Got up this morning for a 300 mile ride & for the first time ever the bike wouldn't stay running. It started but just barely would spit & sputter enough to stay running for 20 seconds or so. If I touched the throttle or took it off full choke it died. At least 2 cylinders were firing as I had exhaust out of both pipes but was just barely chugging. Last rode it a week ago & ran fine. So then I dumped some Seafoam & new gas in. After many more tries I was just about to give up the day thinking maybe I had some bad plugs, then on about the 30th start, it chugged for about 5 seconds, then POP (an audible pop or maybe backfire), but immediately it was idling normal. Shut if off & it fired right back up. Rode all day, many stops, no further problems. Any idea what was stuck, fouled, etc? I'm thinking I should check or fix something, but what? I'd like to know so if it ever happens while 1000 miles from home I'll have a clue.
  17. I know, I haven't been on in awhile, but wanted to say "hi". Was waiting for my company to implode and finally got my permanent lay off date and held them to it. The girlfriend is happy because I was finally able to move because of the lay off. Just need to settle in to the new apartment , which we can't move into until the end of September. Had to sell the bike for some buffer zone money, but will be keeping my eyes open once I find a job or two. Figured I should pop in and let people know i was still around. Been in South Carolina for about 2 weeks now and really like it so far, still feel a little geographically lost, but half the fun is exploring.
  18. i know you've been lurkin'. wouldn't hurt you much to pop in and say hello. just jt:stickinouttounge:
  19. oldgoat

    IM home

    just a quick note.. i got home friday the 13th . been real tired. thats the medication. i want to say thank,s to all of you. Dianne took off for a long weekend with girlfriends. so im just relaxing. i have a nurse who stops in mon-friday. pre cooked food just pop in the micro. and im good to go. belly is still sore and will be for a few months to come. i have to watch out for seeds and stuff that i eat. sometimes if i move wrong it feels like a texas mule kicked me. so i sit with ice pack on the big belly. im going to see about selling the venture waiting on loan officers aproval dont worry im still staying here. im just looking at a replacement next spring. the first gens are great. but hard to get parts and i cant wrench no more . so im thinking of going down to a cruise bike. 650cc up to a 900cc . low and easy to operate. im sure something will pop up then? if the money comes in i will look for one in the winter. cheaper maybe? i know it wont be a venture but i will still be a venture member well pain meds are kicking in. so off to the recliner. i cant sit much in this computer chair. many many many thanks to you all sincerly oldgoat
  20. Yesterday while doing some practice riding through cones, I stopped to move the cones. I restarted the bike and when I hit the start button I heard a loud pop and could actually feel a slight jerk in the handlebars. I turned the bike off and started it a couple more times. Each time it would make the Pop sound and start just fine. I drove home and restarted a couple more times and it still popped each time. After sitting for a half an hour or so tried a I started it a couple more times and the pop did not happen. What's up?
  21. Has anyone used these? they are a tire pressure monitor that stays on your valve stem so you can see at a glance if your pressure was ok. These are different than most as they dont actually measure tire pressure, they will pop up a red flag if the tire pressure drops by 3 lbs or so and are supposed to be engineered not to leak if broken off or unscrewed. http://www.autogeek.net/kwtc.html Brian
  22. There's many other ways to open a bottle of Pop Bobbie But Than I do understand why..You're from the South :rotfl:
  23. Updated my Zumo 550. After I downloaded the update to my computer I put it on the gps. I had to pick what areas I wanted. I picked the 48 states but that leaves quite a bit off. Is there any way I can increase my memory to carry all North America? The update had a pop up that said that with all the new stuff that was included there wasn't enough room for all the maps I used to have. ????
  24. I haven't ridden my '98 RSTC for a while, so I thought I'd make the wife's requested grocery run on it. Since it has not been run in a while, I thought I'd idle it up a little while I put on my helmet and gloves. Well, the little silver idle adjustment thumb screw is nowhere to be found. Has any one else had this happen? Will it come loose and pop back under the tank? Seems like I remember it was hanging on a little wire bracket, but I don't see that either.
  25. I prefer a newspaper in hand but this is a neat web site if you like reading newspapers online. Just put your mouse on a city anywhere in the world and the newspaper headlines pop up... Double click and the page gets larger....you can read the entire paper on some if you click on the right place. You can spend hours here. http://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/flash/ Also, if you look at the European papers, the far left side of Germany will pop up as The Stars & Stripes (European edition, of course). AND, this site changes every day with the publication of new editions of the paper.
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