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  1. guess what i did to my stock mufflers? i took a metel rod and knocked out some holes in the end of the mufflers. gave it a deeper tone alittle more rumble. does anyone know if this is going to hurt my 2006rstd? didnt get anybackfire , maybe time will tell. any one ever tried this before
  2. just stopping in to say hello. i had my total knee operation done on the 22nd of last month. so far im doing good. but im at a home for about another 2 weeks for PT im realy working on this knee. almost have full extension. and i can bend it 90 degrees shooting for more. i will be working on walking with out the cane next week. just got done with the walker. things are looking good. i wont lie and say it dont hurt. after all its only been a few weeks. well have to run now. will keep you all posted when i an get to a computer. sincerly oldgoat
  3. Went out this morning stood up on garage roof and shoes started to slide. Sat down and it did slow me down. A little. Right off the edge!! Lucky I was on the lowest corner only about 8 feet. Landed on both feet. Should have tried to land on the good one. Bad one didn't care for that but seems OK other than complaining a lot. I'll be limping pretty good for a while again but I've had plenty of practice. Thankfull I'm not really hurt. Easy fall if I had to do it. Gonna let Jeff have this falling stuff. I can't hide mine. Oh Well back to roof. I didn't get any pics of me coming off there. Guess I'll have to have the Warden stand by with camera.
  4. http://www.coj.net/departments/sheriffs-office/news-room/jso-news/bank-robbery-suspect-sought-%282%29.aspx This photo ran on the local news several days ago. Turns out it was a co-worker. This guy used to load our trucks and was always quiet and kept to himself. Not even a disguise! I guess in a plant of about 800 people, someone was bound to recognize him. No, it wasnt me who turned him in either. But i am glad that no one was hurt. A few years back another quiet, unassuming co-worker who minded his own business was arrested for blowing away his wife and her boyfriend after finding them in bed...his bed!!! Sure glad im not quiet. Strange, but not quiet....
  5. Either this guy is really strong or this is gonna really hurt.
  6. Does anyone know where or have for sell a set of the gauges with the tach for sale? I know he was hurt bad in a motorcyle mishap.
  7. With the weather I was just wanting to amke sure all our southern riders where OK. Hope nobody was hurt during your outbreak of bad weather in the south.
  8. Well, While Mike (eusa1) and I were riding back from B2Mom and Dads in the rain and I made a rookie mistake and am paying for it today. I was riding in the middle of my lane and went to slow down and just touched my front brake (stupid stupid) well the next thing I know I am on the pavement sliding and so is the bike. I slammed to the pavement very hard and hit my head very hard ( had on Helmet) and slammed my body hard also. Before me and the bike stopped sliding the bike spun and my head ended up under the front of the bike. Well I remember the bike going down and then the next theing I remember is Mike asking....Hey Buddy Are you hurt, can you hear me, hey are you hurt? Then I hear him tell a guy that was offering to help lift the bike up. DO NOT GRAB ANYWHERE EXCEPT THIS BLACK HANDLE. Well about that time I became undazed and told Mike I thought I was OK. I remember thinking when I hit my head WOW I am glad I have my helmet on. I also remember thinking OH NO my bike. Well I got lucky and It didn't hurt the bike to bad Rode it on home from Murray, KY. Went to the hospital when I got home and ended up with craked ribs, Chest contussion (sp) and a scaped and bruised elbow. I am very sore and it hurts to move but I will be OK. So the moral is...........No matter how much you ride or how much experience you have do not forget what you know and get to comfortable. Always remember the little things. It could have been worse for me and all because I forgot for just a second about the little things I learned. But as you all probably guessed it only took me about a 1/2 a second after I touched the brake to remember that I shouldn't have done that.
  9. Freebird

    Quick Reaction

    This is pretty good. Watch till the end and you'll see it in slow motion. At the very least, he saved her some serious hurt and maybe even her life. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMujgAAyH-I]YouTube - ‪Evan Longoria's Crazy Bare Hand Catch‬‏[/ame]
  10. How much does a salvage title hurt a vehicle?? I've been looking for a older truck for a 2nd vehicle. Friend offered 08 Ranger w/44k for $6500. Didn't really want one that new but... This thing was rolled and rebuilt. It looks like a new truck. Super sharp!! Awlsome job on it. About what would it be worth and what does the salvage title hurt later?
  11. Well I layed my RSTD down on the right side. It had rain but quite but road was still wet. I was going down a steep hill with a 4way stop at the bottom. I was moving slow braking easy at the start of the down slop. But all at once I was down. Not hurt any just the bike. Windshield scratch right side, right front trun signal lens, front right lower cawling, right saddle bag, out side of a cable, head light, and but right side gards. Hurt my pride the most. Here is pictures of the damage. Already called the insurance company.
  12. Froggy said to expect more aches and pain in the 40's. I didn't plain on gall bladder surgery and a hurt back in the same year within a couple months. Fell on June 1st at work and hurt my back (top, middle and lower). Still off work. Still some pain. Been going to the chiropractor. No Bike rides for us so far this year.:bawling:Hard for me not to do things I see that need done.
  13. We went for a ride earlier today to meet our son and family for lunch. Decided to take the trike...mistake? About 30 minutes into the ride, I feel something hit my shoulder...a rock? a bug? Whatever it was, it really hurt...I reached up to rub my shoulder and THWACK! hit again! on my finger...then another finger started stinging..OMG!! STINGING!!! A BEE WAS CAUGHT IN MY SHIRT STINGING THE CRAP OUT OF ME!! I am now screaming bloody murder, twisting in the seat, begging Don to pull over, tearing at my shirt to get the bee out...all I can say is...KODAK MOMENT MISSED!!! finally got pulled over (according to Don, you can't just pull over anywhere) and surveyed the damage. Good thing I am not allergic to the dang things but boy did it hurt! Had some swelling but was basically ok. Made it to lunch and then home. What a wonderful Father's Day Don is having...LOLOL
  14. Does any one know if there are any of our members who live in Joplin, Mo? I just wondered and was hoping that no one was hurt in the horrible tornado that they had this week. Yama Mama
  15. mraf


    We like to check out all kinds of Museums. Are there any around your area that are of interest? I've already searched the net but theres nothing better than hearing about them from someone else thats been there. Sometimes they are a good break for awhile plus it doesn't hurt to maybe learn something.
  16. Looks like an additional 23,000 Illinois employees are under the gun this time. Cannot blame Caterpillar but it would definetly hurt this towns economy. Hope they get something worked out. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20110328/bs_nm/us_caterpillar
  17. my old bones hurt sometimes so this is the way to do it
  18. :yikes: Story goes driver was by himself and dozed off... No one hurt
  19. i know you've been lurkin'. wouldn't hurt you much to pop in and say hello. just jt:stickinouttounge:
  20. Looks like some of our Avons. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140382384356&_trksid=p2759.l1259 And get a load of the shipping price!
  21. Hall's Motorsport has burned to the ground. Total loss. It was the Yamaha shop. Good thing is, nobody was hurt. tew47
  22. Went for a 150Ml. ride yesterday, and for the first time, thought I was gonna die a slow terrible death... my tail bone hurt so bad, I thought I was gonna have to stop... well they are both, ( The seats, not the butt ) going to visit Mr. Buttler this week... We are planning on going to the international Rally and this problem will be solved before then... I still hurt this morning... maybe it was the pants I had on it was to cold to go camando with just my chaps.. Hopefully Rick is not too busy and can get to them pretty fast.... K
  23. Hey Lonna...I feel like after this weekend you should add me as a friend!!! Yea I know its easier the other way but just wanted the "Squid" to help me out here as you know how easy my feelings are hurt.. I will sing to you again??
  24. as you can see by the picture i have a new ad-venture that silly better half of mine convinced me that this is a better way to ride? i had a great time and"cearria" is a great horse but my venture sure dont hurt my bottom like this one did ( for 2 days) but i never could find the kickstand.....[ATTACH]37212[/ATTACH]
  25. Did the alcohol HELP or HURT ?? http://www.timesreporter.com/news/x1678042244/Jump-may-have-saved-motorcyclist?popular=true
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