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  1. So how many haw drilled there stock mufflers to get a louder sound? How many holes? What size? ans where did you drill. The Sampson Fishtails are just a bit to loud but i could deal with it if I need too.
  2. I have a set of TD on my 07 RSMV and have been wanting a little noise from them. Has anyone drilled the TD mufflers out for a "little" more sound? I have been considering buying the RK mufflers to get a little more sound from them but before I do, has anyone drilled the TD mufflers? If so how did they sound? Hard to take a drill after any of them before I know what it will do. I bet some of you have had some experience with this?
  3. Does anyone have a set of second gen stock mufflers that have not been modified, that they don't want ???? I just put a sidecar on today and the bubbs are alittle loud for the rider. When I got the bike it had bubbs on it so I don't have a set of stock muffs. ( anyone want to swap some muffs for a Radiator Grill ?? )
  4. guess what i did to my stock mufflers? i took a metel rod and knocked out some holes in the end of the mufflers. gave it a deeper tone alittle more rumble. does anyone know if this is going to hurt my 2006rstd? didnt get anybackfire , maybe time will tell. any one ever tried this before
  5. I am in need of a set of original mufflers for my 97 RSTD. if anyone has a set lying around. My headers are fine. Just need the slip on. Thanks
  6. I recently got a pair of Road King mufflers to put on my 2005 RSV, it was a very simple conversion except 1 thing. I need to find a exhaust sheild that will cover where the pipes meet the muffler. Anyone have any ideas?????
  7. I was in one of my local independent bike shops today and found a new/ used(1 week) set of Road King mufflers very reasonable do I need any bushings, gaskets, special clamps or brackets to mane the switch, I have an 06 RSV and would like just a little more sound:cool10:
  8. Hi Have seen the thread about the muffler mod where you cut and move the end pipe section with a Dremel wheel. Is this also recommended on a bike with 4 mufflers? I don't want anything too loud, but my bike still has stocks and is a too quiet.
  9. Since I have the rear end apart...decided to do some cleaning. 30 minutes later here is the result on one of my mufflers. Simple aluminum foil and muscle power...
  10. Is there any way to modify the stock muffles on an '05 RSV to get a little more rumble? Can you take out the baffle or mod it? Sorry if this has been asked before....
  11. On my bike (96 Royal Star) I have the original exhaust and those 4 big old mufflers. Say I had a bunch of carbon deposit inside the mufflers...how would you go about cleaning or flushing them out? Could ya remove them from bike and get a few cans of carb cleaner and a air hose and go to sprayin and a blowin? Would that accomplish anything or not?
  12. I'm doing my valve check on my 2005 Midnight Venture tomorrow and have a question.I got the bike seat,tank,air filters,surge tanks and carbs off.Next is draining the coolant.The manual says to take off the side covers,one of the mufflers and remove the exhaust pipe from the #4 cylinder.Is all that REALLY necessary to drain the coolant?
  13. Anyone interested in trading 4-2-4 slip on mufflers for your stock mufflers? http://images.leatherup.com/imagesproc/129977_H_SH315_MW355.jpg
  14. has anyone out there tried the superflow mufflers from B&E. I found them on ebay and also went to the web site. they seem like a descent set up if you like the rk muffler look and sound. any thoughts would be helpful with my desicion.
  15. Have you been able to do anythings with those mufflers yet, just curious, I would be interested in seeing them mounted and how you did it.
  16. Removed these from my RSV this week and replaced with OEM mufflers. I can actually hear the music when I ride! I would like to try to identify the mufflers I pulled before trying to sell. The pictures show them mounted and unmounted. There are no markings of any kind. The bracket that extends to the side to fit them to the RSV is welded and held with a bolt. Any ideas?
  17. I've always considered myself a pretty good mechanic. I'm a commercial / industrial HVAC tech, and I'm one of the better one's you'll come across. This isn't just my ego talking, it's confirmed by the respect I get in the National company I work for, as well as my piers in my Union Hall, as well as those in my local area who know me. I think I can figure out anything, fabricate anything, and repair anything. Every once in a while I need to be put in my place. This old Venture is trying real hard to do just that. (87 Standard) I've been following this site for about 4 years now, and am doing many of the things that I've read that others do to their bikes, and am finding out just how difficult many of these repairs are. Kudos to all of you, and thanks for all the great advice / info I've gotten over the years, and you have my utmost respect for making them sound so easy. I don't get a chance to ride nearly as much as I'd like to, since with my trade, I'm usually working long hours / 6 days during much of the prime riding season, and this year has certainly been no exception. I'll be going on a road trip with friends at the end of August, typically putting 1,000 miles + over the 3 day trip. I know that doesn't sound like much to most of you, but for me it's a bit of an event. In any case, I'm having an issue that caused me to break the bike down somewhat and I figured it'd be a good time to play catch up on some of the things I should have done in the past. What I've done over the past two weeks, in the evenings after work, when I've been able to get home before 9:00, is to replace the carb diaphragms, all of which had small holes. That was the only easy task. I also replaced the spark plug wires, which wasn't too bad, but the right front one was a PITA. I also changed the final drive fluid, but didn't grease the ?spline?....how important is this? The issue that started all this was the exhaust issue where I was getting quite a bit of exhaust flow and noise, some backfiring out of the drain hole on the left side muffler. I thought I had a miss, but after changing the diaphragms and wires, I pulled the exhaust all apart and examined what I could see of the inside of the mufflers and the collector. I saw nothing out of the ordinary. I didn't actually pull the collector off, but pulled the front pipes off and the mufflers off and saw no cracks, nothing loose, no evidence of exterior leaks. I put the front pipes back on and started it with the mufflers off and it seemed to run well. No backfires from either side, and it ran relatively smoothly. Put the mufflers back on and the sound's still there. I'm convinced that the left side muffler has something blown out inside of it. I don't know how the inside of the muffler is configured, and don't understand how it could develop such a problem all of a sudden, but I can think of no other explanation. So that brings my first question.....are there aftermarket mufflers available that will fit this bike, or does anyone know where I can find a good used replacement. Second question is with the clutch slave cylinder. It's been leaking for a couple of years now, causing me to refill the reservoir once or twice a season. I want to rebuild it, but it seems to be tucked in behind the ? output ? casing, making access difficult. If I pull the two bolts that hold it, how difficult will it be to remove and rebuild? If I can get the muffler situation resolved, and the slave cylinder rebuilt, all I should have left to do is to change out the brake fluid (never been done and looks nasty in the window) ...and I'll feel comfortable that I've done my due diligence to keep this old beauty maintained. Any advice with these issues from those of you "in the know" will be much appreciated. I know this was long winded, thanks for staying with me to the end.
  18. Does anyone have after market mufflers on their trike.Tryed for two hrs to put Rk on mine ,would not slide on header far enough. I want a little more sound but not real loud.
  19. Hey all, I am the proud owner of an 06' midnight venture. The knucklehead before me gutted the ends of the mufflers with a screwdriver. They look like ass. The sound is good but there is alot of popping when the throttle is released or going down hill off the gas. I just installed Baron Bag Slash Slip-Ons. The factory baffles were not wrapped, Wow are they loud, can't hear my Jimmy Buffett cassette. The popping is even LOUDER now. I wrapped the baffles with fiberglass, took it down to almost bearable, still popping loud. Does anyone have a suggestion? Muffler Brand? Tuning? Etc. The Baron Mufflers are going to be returned. Thanks
  20. Hi guys after reading a few posts about installing RK mufflers I started looking for a set and found out a friend had a set off his new bike sitting in the garage so he said I could have them. So I picked them up and found them to be cat free so I couldn't wait to put them on and got started. The stock pipes came off easy but I had to work the harley pipes over some to get them to slide on where I wanted them. After I got the pipes on I was trying to decide what to do for a mount then it came to me just use the stock mount so I fired up the die grinder and cut the mount off and the clamp cover and welded them on the harley pipes and there you have it factory looking but much much better sounding harley mufflers and I would have never known I could have such a good sounding bike for free
  21. Installed some new to me mufflers yesterday and when I rev it pretty hard it will blow a flame out the right pipe. Carbs were synced at SETXMD but I had a set of RK pipes on it with the cats I'm guessing the free flowing mufflers must have changed things. Also noticed a lil popping on deceleration nothing loud like a back fire. Pipes installed were Klock Works with the baffle's installed any thoughts.
  22. Ive looked all over the site and I cant find information on adjusting the swingarm bearings on the RSV 2gen and I have misplaced my shop manual CD. Does anyone know the procedure? I'm assuming I will have to remove the headers to get to the nuts with the proper tool. I have popped the covers and I really dont know what I should turn first. I already have the mufflers, the saddlebags, and the rear wheel off the bike for a tire replacement. There is a noticeable amount of sideplay in the swingarm...im guessing its about 1/8 inch movement at the ends of the swingarm. Thanks in advance.
  23. I installed the 2012 stock Harley muffler's all went on well but never thought they would be that loud for stock muffler's. They have a great sound to them and you know when you get on it. They have a nice rumble at idle and feels like it gained some power too. Hope GF is ok with them or I might have to get a little quiter.
  24. Will the stock mufflers off an 08 RSTD fit an 09 RSV? When I got my RSV they already had the Harley R/K mufflers on them and they are a bit too loud for me... The OEM part #s are not the same, but I am thinking they are the same...... Thanks
  25. I am new to the RSTD, couple of months on an '06. Love the bike, except the seat and that is going to repaired soon, and the pipes. It has the 4-2-4 Big Nasty's on it and is just too loud for MY taste. I picked up a set of RK mufflers, had 500 miles on them, for $20.00 yesterday. I know I will need a bracket. I have all of hte clamps, just need a bracket. I have a pretty well equipped shop and can build one if I had the dimensions. Can someone give me the length and bolt spacing needed? I know it has a couple of bends that I can work out. Would sure appreciate the help. Barry
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