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  1. I have a set of 2008 stock pipes I used for my break in period. If anyone is interested in picking up a good set, shoot me an email.
  2. Hoping someone can help. I have a 98 RSTC with 4 into 4 pipes. I thought the dremel trick (where you cut the pipe a few inches into the back pipe) would work but the diameter of the the 4 into 4 must be smaller than the 4 into 2 because the dremel cutting disc is too large! What other mode can I do? I only want a moderate noise increase. It it would be good if someone could also recommend suitable aftermarket pipes for 4 into 4.
  3. Can anyone tell who makes these pipes?
  4. As the title says, how do you jack up your Gen 1 Ventures? I was thinking about getting a jack but without lifting adapters I would not be able to jack up the bike without jacking on the exhaust pipes. I've read extensively about the Gen 2 adapters but I haven't seen anything on Gen 1 adapters. Or do we just have to lie down on the floor to work on it? Or use a table lift? I was thinking of getting the Harbor Freight High Lift jack like the one Cowpuc used in his May 6, 2014 post photos. But Puc jacked Tweeks up under the exhaust pipes without using an adapter. I don't want to do that.
  5. Is there any way to modify the stock muffles on an '05 RSV to get a little more rumble? Can you take out the baffle or mod it? Sorry if this has been asked before....
  6. Alright fellas (and/or ladies)... I have a 2006 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe, and I want to buy new pipes for it. I need advice. I want a low, rumbly sound without shaking windows down the street. I'm not very mechanically inclined (but my boy is) and apparently not very internet inclined either, as I just cannot find much of anything on the net! I've heard a lot about Bub 424, but can't find the website? And if you suggest Road Kings or something of that nature, will they fit my bike? So many questions... but I want to buy the right thing...and NOT break the bank! I have Vance and Hines Straight pipes on my Shadow and they sound awesome....and didn't break the bank either... so, something that sounds like that, only to fit the RSTD? Thank you in advance for all your suggestions and advice...
  7. Seeking a new-looking exhaust pipes for my '06 RSTD. Hopefully inexpensive. If you've replaced yours and and just want to get rid of the stock mufflers, I'll be glad to pay for the shipping to WA. The RSTD I bought came with aftermarket pipes and I prefer the quieter stock ones. Question: I'm assuming that when the previous owner put on aftermarket pipes he had to have the carbs re-jetted, yes? I also assume that this means if I put stock pipes back on that I have to have the carbs re-jetted back to the stock settings, yes? Thanks for any help you might provide.
  8. I received my 86 Venture for a christmas present from my family. I have been able to get rid of that rust in the gas tank, rebuild the carbs,now I am on my exhaust. The collector needed to have the baffles taken out. I was successful but the pipes are all rusted. The welder doesn't think he can fix them. I would like to buy a collector that is not all rusted out. Thanks Tom
  9. I want to get me some pipes for my RSTD (slip ons) but I don't want nothing loud like drag pipes or some high pitched sound,I'm looking something that is just a little louder than stock.I want some pipes that have a good deep throaty sound but not to loud when I'm going down the road so they don't get on my nerves when I'm on a long trip.From what I read I don't think I would want Barons,so any feed back would be great!! Thanks:confused24:
  10. I would like to find some stock exhaust pipes for a 2nd Gen in the Vegas area.
  11. What is the top speed in each gear with factory rev limiter. I don't have a tach on this bike which is a bit aggravating. I've read a bit on here and people complain about the gearing on these bikes. Mine has plenty of power in 4th and 5th. If I'm over 50mph I'm in 5th. I am the third owner of this bike and it has 84000 miles on it. I believe it was still on the original clutch. It was in good shape when I replaced it with upgraded spring. I figured I'd do it all since I could get my Yamaha parts at cost. If i'm running over 60 I just twist my wrist to pass. I know it has K&N filters but don't know what else hase been done. It had some slash out pipes that I think were Highway Hawks but not sure because there were no markings on them. I found a set of factory pipes with tips with about 2000 miles on them. I put them on and like how the bike cruises at higher speeds now. With other pipes it sounded like the bike was overtaching. I haven't checked speed with gps yet but it buries the 120 on digital spedo and does it fairly quickly. I can bury in both 4th and 5th. I've learned it doesn't like to go around turns quite that fast though. Guess that is where my Magna spoiled me.
  12. I'm helping a friend fix up a 96 4 piper and if some could post some pic's on how the muffler mounting brackets mount to the frame and mufflers I would sure appreciate it. The guy before welded drag pipes to the header pipes and the muffler mounts are due in tomorrow. Thanks for your time.....
  13. I cut out the back of the mufflers and went crazy with the drill. First two holes that turned to four holes that turned to six drilled holes. I am a reformed Harley drag pipe guy. I went mad I think. I kinda like the rumble of the small block Chevy sound. But as I age I also appreciate the quiet morning runs that do not wake the birds in their nests. I am converting back to stock. Question. How many here regretted drilling their pipes and like the stock sound? Anybody need some drilled pipes?
  14. My 98 RSTD has rusted leaky front exhaust pipes(rust pinholes at the front bend).Mine was an outside stored bike before I got it...I need to know which year range will fit so I search for used ones. I found some at Pinwall Cycle on Ebay.I'd like to buy the newest model used pipes I can.If anyone has any let me know. I know for sure I need the two front pipes coming from the head to the rear.I don't need the mufflers as I have done the Road King thing.Also any tips,tricks to remove and install such as best exhaust gaskets and such.Also I have a set of new brackets for installing RK pipes,I didn't use them,I decided to weld the stock brackets on my RK muffs.Not sure the going rate( I bought em a year ago) but I'll let them go cheap.Thanks Doug
  15. Hi ALL, New to the site & just gettin' my feet wet. Maybe somebody has experience or knowledge - I'm sure it's been discusssed many times.... Somebackground, I have an 08 RSTD that I bought a year ago (only 6k on it) and have since put 4k on. Love this bike's build quality & ride!! I've owned muscle bikes, dual-sports, c-rockets, standards and I've finally come around to a keeper. No problems at all except the occasional gear whine (?) Not sure I first thought it might be wind noise whistling through the fairing or something. Not a bid deal to me- unless it's an issue for down the road and I ought to have it repaired while under warranty. Any thoughts? About the pipes. I just installed a set of LA Chopper oval bagger slip-on pipes. Sound great!!! I'm getting some backfire on decel. with hard throttle- not so bad under smooth throttle. I've called some local shops & get mixed opinions- most want to install a jet kit (quoted over 600. ?!?) or do a carb air/fuel adjustment. I've even been told jet kits are not available by some shops. I researched and found a jet kit by "Factory Pro" (#CRB-y92-1.0) that is advertised as a drop-in stage 1 kit requiring no drilling of the slides. Sounds good to me....Anybody ever put one of these in or know of them? I ordered it today so I'm going to look for somebody to install. Also, installed K&N filters as well. Any advice or opinions would be great! Ridin' On:cool10: RSTAR08
  16. Ever since I bought my bike it's had Samson pipes on it that are on the LOUD side, I pulled them off and put the stock pipes back on and now can hear the engine and road noise Things sure are quiet! I do have a little chirp coming from the clutch area, I don't think it's the whine so many complain about. Were planning about 3000 miles with the International Rally being the start and thought it would be nice to actually hear the radio and CB without having to wear ear plugs all the time.
  17. Does anyone have a picture of a stock muffler that has been cut open.I am confused about where to cut them. I have a set someone gave me,I don't want to mess my quite pipes up.
  18. Okay, so I'm wanting a new set of pipes on my bike. Would prefer to go with a full set and not just mufflers. I want something quiet but with a bit throatier of a sound. I could have sworn my last RSTD had Hard Kromes, however after looking at their site, they do not have a specially fitted one for an RSTD. Any suggestions on what I should go with? I have a 2006. Thank you for any advice. Flash
  19. Hi guys after reading a few posts about installing RK mufflers I started looking for a set and found out a friend had a set off his new bike sitting in the garage so he said I could have them. So I picked them up and found them to be cat free so I couldn't wait to put them on and got started. The stock pipes came off easy but I had to work the harley pipes over some to get them to slide on where I wanted them. After I got the pipes on I was trying to decide what to do for a mount then it came to me just use the stock mount so I fired up the die grinder and cut the mount off and the clamp cover and welded them on the harley pipes and there you have it factory looking but much much better sounding harley mufflers and I would have never known I could have such a good sounding bike for free
  20. are there any brackets available for muffler conversion RSTD to harley pipes?
  21. Installed some new to me mufflers yesterday and when I rev it pretty hard it will blow a flame out the right pipe. Carbs were synced at SETXMD but I had a set of RK pipes on it with the cats I'm guessing the free flowing mufflers must have changed things. Also noticed a lil popping on deceleration nothing loud like a back fire. Pipes installed were Klock Works with the baffle's installed any thoughts.
  22. Who sells the mounting brackets to mount road king pipes to a 06 venture? Also who sells the crome piece that connects the pipes togehter?
  23. After redoing my 83, I decided to go back to the stock pipes instead of putting the Road King mufflers back on, so if anyone would like a set of RK pipes for their bike, they are theirs for the taking, just pay shipping I will even include the HD chrome clamps. I didnt pay for the pipes or the clamps, so I will pass them on for the cost of shipping. I will post some pics later this afternoon after I get off of work. They have not been drilled out they are still the way they came from the factory.
  24. Hey guys. Since I purchased my Harley Ultra Classic a couple weeks ago I need to get rid of my stock RSTD pipes. I had put Road King slash cuts on my RSTD and still had the OEM pipes in a box in my garage. They're in perfectly fine shape. Had about 8000 miles on them. So, I'm looking to find out from you fine folks what they are worth so I can sell them. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks all!!
  25. So, after runninga bit with the LA Chopper slip-ons I decided to go back to stock pipes. The highway volume became so obnoxious it rattled my eardrums out! The helmet seeemed to make the volume louder- more than I could take. Too bad 'cause I liked the rumble of these pipes at idle and throttle blip. Also, so after putting stock pipes back on and taking a small roadtrip this weekend I realized another issue (I had installed a jet kit to tune the pipes)- gas mileage went down considerably! I used to get 42-45mpg and on this 300 mile trip I only averaged 28-30mpg!!! Jet kit is coming out too. Oh well, I guess it's not such a good idea to re-engineer/mess with what's not broke. RSTAR08
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