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  1. Well I've spent the winter doing all the PM's I could do. Just finished with the new tires, brakes and the Star Glide conversion. So here are the pics. http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg318/2057ken/006-1.jpg http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg318/2057ken/005.jpg http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg318/2057ken/002-1.jpg
  2. I'm looking at a trike kit, for the same reasons add everyone else my age. I like the idea of switching back and forth from two to four wheels. How hard is the riding adjustment between indirect steering of two wheels and direct steering of three or four? Thanks. 2006 RSV
  3. http://valdosta.craigslist.org/mcy/1295718747.html http://images.craigslist.org/3k53m53l4ZZZZZZZZZ97t8999de885cc3155e.jpg :crackup::crackup:
  4. I was just wondering if anyone has any feedback over THIS lowering kit? I'm also curious why this kit doesn't mention anything about relocating the brake caliper? I'm interested because these links look well made and even with conversion from the pound and shipping, they still only cost about $72. Less then half what the Baron's kit costs.
  5. Hi; Does anyone know if the Barnett Clutch Spring Conversion Kit comes with a clutch plate cover gasket. Anyone? Does it? Thanks; JohnB
  6. Currently riding a 2006 GL1800HPA (audio, comfort & nav). The bike is dark red and has quite a few options. I am strongly considering a trike and the missus like our 2002 RSV better than the current Wing so I am looking for a Hannigan conversion of an RSV. I would be happy to work a trade for someone looking to go to two wheels for a trike. If you know where a trike is or have an idea of where I could buy one, drop me a PM. I am NOT interested in a NEW conversion due to the Hannigan pricetag. I just missed a good deal listed on this site in the classifieds. Drop me a PM. Thanks - wiredgeorge PS: Some of you may know me as I was a Venturer way back before this site came into existance. I was Venturer 147 and the chaplain for about 2 years. I owned Millennium Edition #13.
  7. Check this out... http://bc.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-motorcycles-touring-1998-Yamaha-Royal-Star-Tour-De-Luxe-W0QQAdIdZ400373052 I emailed him to confirm "fuel injection" and he says it does have it. I've replied with "where was the conversion done?" Dang, wish I could afford another scoot!
  8. I had my '09 RSV triked about 3 months ago. We immediately took a four day ride down the Natchez Trace Parkway. Having some time now to evaluate and I've given some thought to possibly (possibly only) getting a trailer. I did not have a hitch installed when I had the trike conversion done. Would I need to have the Hannigan installer do the hitch or is that something I can pickup and install? If it's something I can do, where might I look for the hitch?
  9. Winston66, From down under in Western Australia, Well everybody, this is it, For some time now I have been considering a trike type conversion for my 1996 Royal star, something like the Wedgetail outrigger set up would be suitable. Unfortunatley here in Aus. the base price for the Wedgetail conversion starts at around $9,000-00 then there is the extras for the various options, This makes a factory bought item financially totally out of my reach. So I am forced to consider the viability of a home built conversion. As I do mot want to reinvent the wheel, so as to speak I would like to ask any one of you my fellow bikers that might have gone down this road, if you would like to make any comments or suggestions. Any and all of your input will be greatfully appreciated. I am prepared to consider any design parameters that are relevant and any comments and suggestions, and or links to other web sites I will rearly appreciate. Fortunatly I have a shed full of tools and stuff and I quite like building stuff.(have just finished a trailer build), and one fo my boys that lives with me, and who is realy very competant with mechanical ,stuff this project has caught his immagination , has said well why not do it as a fun thing over the next couple of months while the winter season down here is upon us. If anyone has any ideas etc. please let me have them as I have not built anything like this before and I need some good ideas. Hoping to hear some good feedback. Cheers to all. Winston 66, Northampton, Western Australia
  10. are there any brackets available for muffler conversion RSTD to harley pipes?
  11. Anyone still have their rear shock leftover from your conversion? I'm looking for one.
  12. I am looking for ideas, suggestions or any help in designing my trailer, with conversion wheels kit as base to start with. I picked up this conversion kit while purchasing my 91 VR, with matching colors and mags it looks good. Short cargo box for cars could be a solution, but some are to skimpy for long haul vibrations, is there box manufacturers for my applications. Thanks Mike:lightbulb:
  13. Trike Conversion available - Hannigan A friend in the mid SC area who is a top notch bike mechanic asked me to post. If you are looking to trike your bike (Hannigan), he is setting up shop. I'm not looking, maybe later, but he told me that he will offer a generous labor discount for first customer. If interested, contact me and I'll hook you up with him. (no cut for me) Mike Griswold mikeginsc@bellsouth.net or call 803--420--3388. Mike G in SC
  14. Looking for a set of stock handlebars from a 99-11 RSV. Does anyone have a set laying around after a Flanders conversion they would like to get rid of?
  15. The PMS is killin me so.... Forecast today is for SUNSHINE and high of 7 celcius (that's 44 f .... wasn't that nice of me to do the conversion for ya?) We're goin for a RIDE!!!
  16. I got my march issue of Rider magazine today. There is a cool article about a 2 nd gen Hannigan trike conversion kit on the market. Anyone see it? https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/7c1va5VVTjjSavaahbHAzqb9susT2h0AJYuuY-fx9pw?feat=directlink
  17. Finally getting started on the conversion. Started yesterday evening about 7PM or so. http://i382.photobucket.com/albums/oo265/kj5ix/01%20Venture/claenbeforestarting.jpg http://i382.photobucket.com/albums/oo265/kj5ix/01%20Venture/teardown.jpg http://i382.photobucket.com/albums/oo265/kj5ix/01%20Venture/teardown2.jpg At 9:45 tonight this is what I have done so far....... http://i382.photobucket.com/albums/oo265/kj5ix/01%20Venture/itsaTrike.jpg
  18. Don't mean to bash Harleys, I've ridden many, but this was too funny
  19. Yes I know its been pounded like a nail but i wanted to let everyone know that i am know making and selling these kits, with hardware, minus the clamps for $40 shipped on eBay out of ALUMINUM! LINK : CLICKY CLICK CLICK I know this is a popular mod for you guys, and i did it on my bike, and i am impressed by the sound. I have been trying to fill the gaps between jobs and college by scrapping metal and fabricating truck racks, and i thought this might be a good opportunity for me. I put my best work into these, and sell them as if they were going on my bike. Thanks for taking the time.
  20. Here is a trike conversion that is unique, to say the least!
  21. Has anyone tried the split mirrors? The ebay link below shows an example of what I am talking about. So far I have only found them to fit a Harley. It seems like it would add a lot of extra viewing area. Has anyone mounted a Harley fitting mirror on their RSV? What is necessary to make the conversion? These mirrors do not appear to have any Harley branding on them so it wouldn't cause any goofy questions or comments. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=350270020543&_trksid=p2759.l1259 Merry Christmas to all
  22. I've recently modified my 86 VR with a Voiger conversion that I found on e bay. the conversion was previously on a C 5 -Kawasaki voiger 1200. The hardware required for the change over to fit my bike cost aprox. $500 + SH. Up shot is--I have the compleat hardware and inst. book for the (B) frame Voiger to C5 Kawasaki Voiger 1200. Free to good home--U pay postage
  23. I originally posted this in a thread started by tx2Sturgis regarding the new Spyder motorcycles, but I am seeking input and decided to start the new thread. Anyway, I wonder when some enterprising individual will come up with a conversion kit for the RSV that will change out the front end to two wheels and leave the back end alone?????? I would think that would be something to consider. It seems that this type of conversion would be easier to achieve (if not cheaper), we would keep the workings of the RSV, and it would implement the increased braking ability of two front wheels. What do you think?
  24. I want to change my rear turn signals so that they are turn, brake and running lights. I wanted to see what some of you all have used and what you all would recommend. Thanks, Mark
  25. Presently, Im commuting 128 miles a day. I was wondering, how much did your gas mileage improve after the conversion? Im thinking about it if it'll allow me to ride 1 day without having to stop for gas.
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