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  1. Got a couple extra dinero and I've wanted a bike jack for awhile now. What's a good, cheap (mutually exclusive terms) bike jack? Any recommendations? I have an `89 XVR13 and I've read multiple threads on jacking the beast off the ground, etc. I can't seem to find any direct recommendations or references (other than "Harbor Freight") for a decent bike jack. I'm not a major wrench twister and the jack wouldn't get used much but I do have a couple of major items to fix on my Blu before she rides again and having her sitting on a jack will be far superior to getting my fat butt up and down off the cold garage floor... Harbor Freight has 3 (seemingly identical) "bike jacks" with PN's 61632, 60536 & 69995 - all for the low low price of $99.99. They also show PN 60636 with a different configuration and double the pricetag. All 4 are rated at 1,500lbs. Sears list model 34612 for ~$120 with same weight rating and featuring 3 locking positions. Any other links / recommendations / experience or leads would be appreciated.
  2. Ok, so with all the kind help and advice from a number of you great folks, a few days ago I purchased a very sweet 2003 RSV. Yay me! Before it got cold here in Dallas, I had time to get a couple of hundred miles of “get acquainted” time on her, and also about an hour on the practice lot with a few motor-officer friends of mine. I’ve learned a few things, mostly that I LOVE this bike! I have already figured out that she’s a little top heavy, and at slow speeds she is kinda “un-forgiving”. The bike feels heavy in the front end, and almost “wallows” in tight slow speed turns. (I think a lot of that may be the Barons lowering kit she’s got on her). I love my new RSV, and safety and handling (especially at slower speeds) is important to me. So, I wanted to ask a few “new owner” questions, and hope that someone might be willing to offer a little help/experience? 1) I think the Barons lowering kit has to go. I've spoken to my bike mechanic, and he tells me that he can get the OEM Yamaha parts and put her back up to stock height. I've also read about the “Leveling Links” from Diamond R. Do these leveling links install in addition to the OEM parts to bring the RSV back to stock height, or in place of? I’m 6’1”, 225, with a 34” inseam. Would you recommend having the RSV taken back up stock height, or going the “Leveling Links” route? 2) Which helmet communication/intercom headsets do people use and recommend? As far as reliable and good functionally, I mean? When I'm looking/shopping, how do I tell which ones fit the RSV? 3) Does anyone know where I can find one of the Harley brake light frames for the back of my RSV? I am little paranoid about back lights. I was rear-ended at a stop light once, a long time ago. I did NOT enjoy the experience. ;-/ 4) Can anyone recommend a good set of really good “stubby” antenna to replace the stock ones? The stock antennas barely clear the ceiling in my garage. 5) I know I need to be able to adjust/control the air in the shocks. Can anyone recommend a good manual pump for the shocks, hopefully one with a gage built into it? (I'm assuming that it should be manual, rather than an air compressor like I use for my tires) 6) Lastly, I need to go become a supporting member of this great forum, and introduce myself on the “New Member” forum!!! Thanks again for the warm welcome, I’m looking forward to being able to return the friendship and the help!!!!
  3. The wife wants to ride down to the Alamo and the river walk. What hotel would you guys recommend from $100-150 range that's close by and mc friendly? Thanks in advance.
  4. anyone replaced their bar lights with HID's? if so who do you recommend them from?
  5. Hey guys.. My 07 RSTD is about to run out of warranty in couple of weeks. I have a front fork tube that is vibrating and making a clanging noise at times I want to get looked at.. And I don't think my cruise control has ever worked right - surges up and down as it tries to adjust the speed Anything else I should have checked out before it ends?.. I'm sure they will charge me to look it over.. It only has ~ 9k miles... yea I know .. bought it 2 years ago w/ no miles on it but also don't get to ride like I want to.. can't even commute to work on it since I work from home ;-) ALSO, anyone recommend or not recommend a dealer in North Houston, TX area? The one in Humble couldn't fix my cruise and charged me .. Thanks, Keith
  6. What do you recommend to Balance and Seal Tires? I'm looking for 1 product that will do both. Thanks.
  7. One of my winter projects is to put a hitch on my 2007 RSV. I am looking for suggestions on what brand you all use and what you recommend. Thanks
  8. wrenchrob

    BG 44k

    I have been using Bg 44K in my dirtbike, fourwheeler, trucks and cars and after using it and dissassembling the carbs they are spotless inside. Not only does it clean the carbs but it also keeps the valves clean and keeps the piston rings clean. This product is great and I highly recommend it o everyone. It is the true "tuneup in a can". If you are having issues with poor fuel quality and carbs gumming up or varnishing try this stuff
  9. What heated grips would you recommend for a 91 VR MKII. What are the features one should look for in heated grips.
  10. I just finished stripping the paint off the markland hitch mounting hardware and now ready to paint it. My plan is to use black Rustoleum, it there something better, that one can recommend?
  11. what are the recommendations for spare fuel pump? thinking about taking a trip. what other spare parts would you recommend?
  12. I've been told that the best improvement that I could do for my '07 RSTD is to swap out my ignition. Wachya think? Any truth to this suggestion? If so, what would you recommend?
  13. Hi Guys i see alot of people go for the mobil 1 semi or fully synthetic oil etc etc, and as ive only just bought my venture ive looked on the net to see what people recommend, as im in the uk i cant get some of the American oils easily! But i was looking at a UK V-Max Specialist website today and they strongly recommend 20/50 mineral oil only . As they say the synthetic runs hotter and causes the clutch and starter clutch to slip ??? I know its a V-Max website but is the engine that different ? Cheers Edge
  14. a device that will allow me to have more than 1 aux devices working at one time. Is anyone using 1 and does anyone recommend any one specifically. I want my GPS another audio device to work at the same time. Bob
  15. Just discovered that the Baron BA7430 riser spacers won't work with the RSTD because of the speedometer. Can anyone recommend risers that will work with the speedometer, my hands and back are hurting. Thanks!
  16. I'm looking for a camera to capture my rides. What do you recommend and why? Also would you recommend mounting to the bike, or the helmet or the riders chest?
  17. Ok, another question from a potential new member. This one is about a trunk rack for my 2007 RSV. I would like to get one for an upcoming trip, but since times are rough and money is an issue, which one would you recommend? I'm also a tad nervous about the installation, as drilling into my trunk lid sounds like something that I could screw up in a hurry. Your thoughts?
  18. Where would you recommend purchasing Progressive Springs for 89 VR from?
  19. I had a previous thread about this ride, but neither Beth or I knew when we could get vacation. Well, we have a choice to make now: A) Last two weeks of July B) First two weeks of September What do you recommend, and why? Thanks again for everyone's help. gunk:confused24:
  20. Need to get a GPS for our trip over next year. It's going to be mounted on the '84 I purchased with utadventure's help. I don't want anything fancy....no bluetooth, phone, music--just a GPS!! [Will be putting a J&M CB kit on the bike] So what would everyone recommend I get?
  21. I need a new hosting service for my family Website since AT&T dropped it's service in August. I have looked at a few but I am not thrilled by any so far. Can anyone recommend one that is reliable and inexpensive? I just need enough for family tree's, photos and if I want to make a special page for something.
  22. In a few days we, and 4 other couples, will be heading to SW WI for a week of crucid, up-and-down roads. One RSV, 3 wings, and a Buell of some kind. Can't wait to get going. We will be staying near Victory, WI, and riding both sides of the Mississippi in the area. Just wondering if any of you have any "don't miss" roads, parks, eat spots, or anything else that you would like to recommend for us. We have some tentative routes planned out, but they are subject to change or being completely thrown out for other ideas. Thanks in advance. Larry
  23. I have a 2008 Royal Star Venture & just finished a SpeedoHealer v3 installation in about 1 1/2 hours... calibration is set for -10%. It is great to have an accurate speedometer. The v3 models can be found on eBay for 55 to $70. I recommend it to all. JohnB
  24. I'm hoping to pick up an 08 Bushtec Roadstar trailer this weekend. Now I need to start thinking about a hitch? Bushtec hitches are "pricy"...and not the "attractive".... What/who's hitch do you recommend for an 08 RSV pulling an 08 Bushtec Roadstar trailer? Will the hitch accept the same PIN required for a Bushtec trailer?
  25. I saw this over on a VTX forum. I wanted to post it here and see what the "ones in the know" know about it. It seems like a really simple solution to getting more out of stock speakers. What do you guys think? Scroll down to page 3 of the pdf document and check out what they recommend. The best I can understand it, it is recommended by the fairing manufacturer. If that's so, why don't they do it at the factory? I guess they consider it an option....
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