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  1. Not too long before installing the HID on the bike, my radio had been acting up.. I had thought it was a bad connection on one of the cable plugs etc but the other day, the whole thing went up and died.. Turn the ignition on, press the audio or CB button on the handle bar controller and nothing.. the controller doesn't light up, no juice or crackle or nuttin coming through the speakers. I checks all the cables, wires, ground and so on etc etc.. nothing.. I pulled the radio from my buddy's bike as we were installing his HID and yup, his radio works.. ARGH... logic says, my radio is d
  2. Please add to this list if you think of something that I have missed. Chirp. There has been a lot of discussion on the "chirping" sound on the second gen Venture and Royal Stars. There is often some confusion about this sound. These bikes use straight cut gears which create a whine that is best described as the sound made by an old granny gear truck when you are letting it coast. That is a normal sound that is characteristic of the straight cut gears. The sound that is NOT normal is a high pitched chirping sound. This is a result of improper clutch basket clearances. Yamaha has repla
  3. Looking to replace my Larin MC jack (MAL-2C). The jack bottle died, second one to do that. (but must admit it does not get used often) Also, the balance with the Venture on it is very poor, actually downright scarry. Seems to be a toss up between the Pit Bull and the J&S. Want something sturdy, good balance with a Venture in the air, and good warranty. I do alerady have Carbon One's adapter. I may see what's at the IMS this weekend in Atlanta. Suggestions? Thanks, Mike G
  4. My 2007 Midnight Venture is still under factory warranty intil Feb 2013, then I have 2 years extended. I have noticed in the past few days the riders seat is starting to split down in the creases. Also the left rear speaker is blown. I know the "Bumper to bumper" warranty isn't AS Bumper to bumper as it should be. So my question is, should I approach my dealer with these concerns or am better off just dealing with them myself? Thanks in advance. Joe 2007 Midnight Venture Monroe, GA
  5. I have had my Frogg Toggs for I believe aprox. three years now. For the most part I love the product and have rode my motorcycle through some pretty severe thunder storms. However I do have one beef. That is the zipper. Every now and again for what appears to be no reason at all, the zipper will pull apart in the middle. So on March 27, 2012 at 1:00 AM I decided to write them , and sent an E-mail to, marketing@froggtoggs.com More so for the purpose of feed back then complaining since the product only has a one year warranty and I wasn't expecting much. I was suprised when, at 9:00 AM the
  6. I ended up not buying that Explorer. Wife and I went through some dealer lots and found a great looking '06 GMC Envoy Denali with a ton of features and I might start having buyers regret. After having it less than a week (we bought it on 12/01) the power windows started to not work of which i made a video of it with my phone and sent it to the sales guy. Wife took it to the dealer on Monday, they looked at it and said they couldn't duplicate the issue. They said they looked under the dash and checked out the driver door side power window console and said it must be a loose wire. After w
  7. You have to love Best Buy. 4 years ago I bought a 52" LCD Sony Bravia. I had their "Black Tie" warranty. It developed a green line 4" from the edge (not really bad) which would go away after 40 minutes. They can't get the replacement part from Sony for 2 months so the GAVE me a NEW 55" LED Sony Bravia Internet TV FREE!!! because Sony doesn't make 52" LCD tvs anymore.
  8. Has anyone with a 2nd Gen approached Yamaha about the speedometer being off ? Was wondering what Yamaha would say if someone made a warranty claim for it.
  9. Anyone warranty their avons? Tires bought last year, Venom X tires, premature cracking on both tires. Rear has one crack at the tread that looks deep and appears to be leaking air slowly.
  10. Hey guys.. My 07 RSTD is about to run out of warranty in couple of weeks. I have a front fork tube that is vibrating and making a clanging noise at times I want to get looked at.. And I don't think my cruise control has ever worked right - surges up and down as it tries to adjust the speed Anything else I should have checked out before it ends?.. I'm sure they will charge me to look it over.. It only has ~ 9k miles... yea I know .. bought it 2 years ago w/ no miles on it but also don't get to ride like I want to.. can't even commute to work on it since I work from home ;-) ALSO,
  11. Is there a way for me to find out when my warranty ends? Is there a website I can go to? Or do I need to contact a dealer?
  12. Have a 2006 Midnight, the control head for audio will sometimes not turn on, will randomly shut itself off or will sporadically change channels. Anyone else have this issue or have experience? Should the controller be replaced or is there maybe a "cheap" fix? It started about a month after warranty went out, and local Yamaha dealer said nothing they could do - for a long while I dealt with it, but it is getting more and more "ghostly" acting over the last month. Thanks for any response
  13. I read the previous post about this but have a question. A friend of mine is looking at an 08 RSV at a dealership. The original owner traded in the bike so my friend will be the second owner. Does this matter as long as there is warranty left.
  14. OK, I'm going to put my 2008 venture S on the market. Need a little input as to asking price. It has about 12K, new Dunlop Elite 3s last summer. Still under warranty. Has Wagner Fiberglass grill cover. Bike is in excellent shape. Thanks for the input. Steve
  15. I noticed yesterday my left lower faring is cracked. How it happened I haven't got a clue. Has this been a known problem? Would it be covered under warranty? If not does anyone have one or can this one be repaired? Thanks, Melvin
  16. Moving up from a GL1500 to a Venture. Wife demands a comfy seat for touring. Gave a lot of consideration to GL1800 but I like the looks of the Venture a lot more, the lower seat, and it seems to have less problems. Been shopping a lot. Most likely will be buying a 2007 or newer. Best deal I see right now is a 2008 with 9300 miles for just under $10k. got a few questions: 1. Are there any problems specific to certain model years of the 2nd Gen design? 2. has anyone reported successful addition of an electric windshield to a Venture? (if not I'll probably be doing it and will re
  17. I took my 08 RSV to the dealer to have a major service done . The service mgr call to tell me that one of the fork seals is leaking. I inquired about whether it's a warranty issue and he told me he didn't thinks so that the factor considers this normal wear, like brake pads. Oh yeah, I have just under 30k miles. Has any one else dealt with this will still in warranty? Thanks, Rich
  18. Cleaning the windshield today, I noticed one side is very loose (broken mount). Warranty is good until Feb 28, 2012. I know there is a "fix" in the tech section, but will Yamaha do anything about it under warranty?
  19. I participated in the neighborhood halloween parade last evening. Fire truck in front, costumed kids (maybe 50 of 'em) and some parents, then me at the rear with USA flag flowing, four-way-flashers going, and John Phillip Sousa marches in the stereo. When I arrived, I was a bit surprised to see another motorcycle already there. I recognized it right away as one that has been cruising the neighborhood with it's irritating, noisy, tinny sounding, small displacement wannabe, straight pipe exhaust sound. It's a kinda retro chopper style, low slung, and I've never been able to identify it as it
  20. I have been noticing some crackle in two if my speakers with the radio on one front an one rear both left side. These should be covered under warranty right. Or is there a better speaker upgrade for these systems. Also the cassette deck quit an yes i use sometimes. Just wondering if I would be better off taking it in or upgrading the speakers myself replacing the rear speakers myself makes me kinda nervous .
  21. Apparently there is a site where a guy can enter the VIN of his GL and it will provide info about warranty and or recall work done to the bike..yes/no?? Anyone have a link to this?
  22. I have a 2006 RSV with 41,000 miles. I just returned from a 2 week trip from Ohio to California and back. The bike ran like a dream and I want to keep it that way. I am wondering what preventive work I should be doing on my bike?? Here is a list of recent mait/work; 1) New fuel pump - warranty 2) New stearing head bearing - warranty 3) New brake lines/front and back 4) Valves adjusted 2 months ago 5) New radio/rec - warranty 6) Just chaged oil after my trip and final drive oil 7) System flush before the trip - still have original radiator, hoses, etc.... Any advice/thoughts wou
  23. Ok like others I have found that the bolts were left out of the metal strip at the top on the fairing. I did what I thought was the right thing. I took it to the dealer. Days later the dealer put bolts in the strip and told me the repair was good. They completely ignored the fact that the ends were broken loose at the well nuts. After several calls explaining to the dealer how the bike they sell was put together they finally see what the problem is. They claim the inner support is bent and that the bike must have been wrecked and that's why the bolts weren't there. So they are claiming no warr
  24. Ok, I must just be stupid. I have tried searching for the TSB or letter that has been discussed here. (so I can show it to my dealer that says no to the replacement of the clutch basket.0 I want to take them a copy so I can get the I basket change before warranty runs out. Can anyone that knows where it is send it to me or provide a link. Thank you greatly in advance. Signed "Search Challenged and bug-eyed" :confused24:
  25. Someone local (Iforgot if it's in BC or Alberta) is selling a 2006 RSV and says they have an extended warranty that was purchased over and above the mfg 5 yr that is good thru 2013. I don't believe it's a Yamaha offering but I've asked the seller to let me know more. Anyone heard of such an extended warranty on these bikes?
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