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  1. I'm still around too. Check in most mornings, but rarely have anything to add to a post, so keep my fingers off the keyboard. Still riding the '06 black cherry, but not racking up very many miles these days. Seems like the good weather days too often require work. Keeps getting in the way of my hobbies. Larry
  2. Scroll to the very top of the home page for Venturerider, click on the "History" tab, then "1999-2013", then down the left side a bit to "colors". It will show you the colors that were made for each model year. I think Canada and the U.S. were the same. That should help. Larry
  3. I got in to River Valley Power Sports in Red Wing, MN a few weeks ago, and finally got to see the new Venture in person. They had one Venture and one Eluder on the floor along with a new Gold Wing. I was not in the market, but kicked tires long enough that the salesman actually offered the info that they would entertain offers on the Venture. "We're not going to sell it for $18000, or something like that, but we'll listen to reasonable offers." Something to that effect is what he said. It sounded as if there was definitely some room to negotiate. Along that line, he said every bike in
  4. Wow!! What a recovery!! That's the same bike? Well done.
  5. Well, I think you are on the money to the point you get the 32.07 rpm. I'm not following the rest of the dimensions and mechanisms. The way I'm thinking of it, you would get 32.07 strokes each way with the blade per minute, one each way per revolution.
  6. They're sure doing a good job of playing it up, and teasing us with ideas of something new coming out..... We'll see.
  7. Hi Black Owl! Best wishes for your improvement in the days ahead. My wife & I are among the Ventureriders who are lucky enough to have met you, although it was a long time ago. PIP in 2008 or 2009, I believe. You were always in the middle of things there and on the web site, and gave Denise a pair of gaiters for our future riding adventures. Here's hoping for better days ahead and that our paths (roads) cross again in the future. Larry & Denise
  8. Thanks for posting this Freebird. We met the Owl years back at PIP. Nice fellow and we'll keep him in our thoughts and prayers as well.
  9. Candy Red/Raven in 2009. Maybe????
  10. I never knew Canada was so far east of the U.S. that you get July 1 three days sooner than we do. Who knew ??????? Sorry, couldn't resist.....
  11. I like mine except for one thing. The shaded lower portion makes it hard to see the road surface close to the bike, especially in fading light. We tend to use the whole evening when we're out for a ride, and coming down the last 2 miles of gravel to the house, it can be real hard to see the ridges of deep gravel that you want to avoid, that sort of thing. It probably looks better shaded, but I'd see better with it clear. I asked about clear lowers when I ordered mine, but they weren't available at that time.
  12. I hate to be the one to shoot a hole in this idea, but the star on the Harley part has 9 points, the Yamaha has only 8. I know, pick, pick, pick.........
  13. I have to add my thanks to Orlin and Sharon for hosting the event in the middle of some of the nicest riding anywhere. Also to the folks who were all so welcoming when I finally caught up to them on Saturday at the Blue Goose. I ran late and came in as most were finishing up, and some had more pizza than they could eat, and offered to let me clean it up, instead of ordering on my own. I was glad to have it, and although I don't know exactly whose pizza I ate, I thank them again. Orlin even led us on some roads I've not been on before, and my wife and I have ridden that part of Wisconsin qu
  14. I also have the BaggerShield on my '06. Generally, I prefer to look over not thru, so ride with it in short position quite a bit. For longer riding days, I appreciate the quiet smooth ride the upper position gives. If it's really hot, I'll leave it down just for more air. I did ask about a clear bottom section for the same reasons as Dano, and was told they don't offer that, or at least they didn't when I got mine. I do wish it was clear on the bottom. The hardware would show more, but I don't think I would care, if I was able to see closer in front of the bike. Especially in low light c
  15. Triple J, I see you're in MN. I am in SW MN and have a carbtune. I've only done it once on my bike, so I'm no expert, but it seemed easy enough. Would be willing to get together and see what it looks like on a carb sync if you're in the area. Larry
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