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  1. I'm still around too. Check in most mornings, but rarely have anything to add to a post, so keep my fingers off the keyboard. Still riding the '06 black cherry, but not racking up very many miles these days. Seems like the good weather days too often require work. Keeps getting in the way of my hobbies. Larry
  2. Scroll to the very top of the home page for Venturerider, click on the "History" tab, then "1999-2013", then down the left side a bit to "colors". It will show you the colors that were made for each model year. I think Canada and the U.S. were the same. That should help. Larry
  3. I got in to River Valley Power Sports in Red Wing, MN a few weeks ago, and finally got to see the new Venture in person. They had one Venture and one Eluder on the floor along with a new Gold Wing. I was not in the market, but kicked tires long enough that the salesman actually offered the info that they would entertain offers on the Venture. "We're not going to sell it for $18000, or something like that, but we'll listen to reasonable offers." Something to that effect is what he said. It sounded as if there was definitely some room to negotiate. Along that line, he said every bike in the showroom except the three listed above were priced within $100 or so of cost, because bikes are not moving. Side-by-side utility vehicles and pontoons were what was going out the door. They had dozens of side-by-sides lined up. Action Sports in Marshall, MN had 2 Ventures on the floor and both had SOLD tags on them. No idea about pricing, but they were gone. FWIW
  4. Wow!! What a recovery!! That's the same bike? Well done.
  5. Well, I think you are on the money to the point you get the 32.07 rpm. I'm not following the rest of the dimensions and mechanisms. The way I'm thinking of it, you would get 32.07 strokes each way with the blade per minute, one each way per revolution.
  6. They're sure doing a good job of playing it up, and teasing us with ideas of something new coming out..... We'll see.
  7. Hi Black Owl! Best wishes for your improvement in the days ahead. My wife & I are among the Ventureriders who are lucky enough to have met you, although it was a long time ago. PIP in 2008 or 2009, I believe. You were always in the middle of things there and on the web site, and gave Denise a pair of gaiters for our future riding adventures. Here's hoping for better days ahead and that our paths (roads) cross again in the future. Larry & Denise
  8. Thanks for posting this Freebird. We met the Owl years back at PIP. Nice fellow and we'll keep him in our thoughts and prayers as well.
  9. Candy Red/Raven in 2009. Maybe????
  10. I never knew Canada was so far east of the U.S. that you get July 1 three days sooner than we do. Who knew ??????? Sorry, couldn't resist.....
  11. I like mine except for one thing. The shaded lower portion makes it hard to see the road surface close to the bike, especially in fading light. We tend to use the whole evening when we're out for a ride, and coming down the last 2 miles of gravel to the house, it can be real hard to see the ridges of deep gravel that you want to avoid, that sort of thing. It probably looks better shaded, but I'd see better with it clear. I asked about clear lowers when I ordered mine, but they weren't available at that time.
  12. I hate to be the one to shoot a hole in this idea, but the star on the Harley part has 9 points, the Yamaha has only 8. I know, pick, pick, pick.........
  13. I have to add my thanks to Orlin and Sharon for hosting the event in the middle of some of the nicest riding anywhere. Also to the folks who were all so welcoming when I finally caught up to them on Saturday at the Blue Goose. I ran late and came in as most were finishing up, and some had more pizza than they could eat, and offered to let me clean it up, instead of ordering on my own. I was glad to have it, and although I don't know exactly whose pizza I ate, I thank them again. Orlin even led us on some roads I've not been on before, and my wife and I have ridden that part of Wisconsin quite a bit, so that takes some doing. Although I did exchange first names with quite a few of the riders, I wish I would have made more of an effort to find out names from the forum so I could tie them all together. Maybe somebody has a few pictures they could post, along with forum (and real) names. I had a good, steamy, hot ride back to Winona Saturday afternoon, and recovered with my feet in my grandson's blow-up wading pool, followed by burgers on the grill. Sunday morning I left on time and had a great ride most of the way home, although the wind was picking up some by the time I made it home. Thanks again, everybody. Nice to share the road and afternoon with you all. Larry
  14. I also have the BaggerShield on my '06. Generally, I prefer to look over not thru, so ride with it in short position quite a bit. For longer riding days, I appreciate the quiet smooth ride the upper position gives. If it's really hot, I'll leave it down just for more air. I did ask about a clear bottom section for the same reasons as Dano, and was told they don't offer that, or at least they didn't when I got mine. I do wish it was clear on the bottom. The hardware would show more, but I don't think I would care, if I was able to see closer in front of the bike. Especially in low light conditions, it gets hard to see whatever is behind the smoked lower portion. My 2 cents.
  15. Triple J, I see you're in MN. I am in SW MN and have a carbtune. I've only done it once on my bike, so I'm no expert, but it seemed easy enough. Would be willing to get together and see what it looks like on a carb sync if you're in the area. Larry
  16. I'm not sure I got this right, but 1300 cc engine running at 6500 rpm filling itself every other revolution will draw 149 CFM. That's calculated volume thru the engine. No idea if that really happens, but should be close. Larry
  17. Try the "History" button on the home page, near the top-center.
  18. I have to put in a good word for the Viroqua, WI area. It has some of the best riding you can imagine, everything from tight, windy, very up-and-down type roads to more general sweeper curves you can take at speed limit+. If you want to cover ground, and have gentler curves, the number roads are for you. If you go to the single letter county roads, you get more up and down, left and right, narrower, less markings, etc. If you go to the double letter county roads, you're on the most windy, up and down roads in the area. We've spent a week in the Viroqua area four times in the last 6 years or so, and do not tire of riding the area. We actually stayed near Desoto, WI. We also spend quite a bit of time in Winona, MN, and usually cross the Mississippi River to go ride in WI. You are usually riding the top of a ridge, or the valley along side of a little creek or river, or transitioning from one to the other. Plenty of woods, farm fields planted on the contour, flowing water. Nice little towns, areas with Amish farms, an occasional ice cream stop. Are you catching on? We love it there. I'm not that big a fan of group rides, especially bigger group rides, so I'm not too big on searching out the rallies. Been to PIP once and had a good time, just haven't been able to time it out to go back. Having said that, if Viroqua gets the nod, I'll be trying hard to make it work for this one. Larry
  19. We had a rear tire go flat on our RSV a few years back. We were only a few miles from home, rolled toward a stop sign, and I thought it felt a little squirrelly. Considered our options and decided to go for the gas station about half mile away to check air and half some place to park if we had a problem. Tried to pull away from the stop and knew for sure we were done. It had gone down VERY fast, though I never heard a blow out. When we got it off, we found most of a replaceable utility knife blade in the tire. Wrecked it for sure.
  20. You almost got there. Right below the "links to craigslist/ebay" is "ebay listings". Exclude that one and you will get rid of the un-wanted ebay ads.
  21. My low fuel light doesn't come on until about the time I would need to switch to reserve and the low fuel mileage counter comes on. I run with the petcock on "reserve" all the time, so it's been a while since I paid any attention to it. It does seem like the light comes on dimly at first and gets brighter within a few miles. You might try running on "reserve" and see if the fuel mileage counter comes on, and the light comes on about the same time. Maybe carry a gallon can of gas along just in case the experiment goes wrong...
  22. I'm not exactly next door to where you are at, but SE into MN a ways. Morgan is the town and I have a shop with AC in it if you need to get serious about getting into her more than you care to do in the hotel parking lot. My cell # is in my profile. Good luck, Larry
  23. I would guess it was a mouse, not a rat, unless you have some smaller than usual version of rats down there. Like Puc, I have had mice chew the wiring in my fairing, twice I think. I've tried the fabric softener sheets, but they have failed me. I now ride with a few moth balls inside the fairing. Once in a great while I smell them, but I have not had a problem since they went in there. Larry
  24. While I absolutely agree that you do not stop in the middle of a highway for wildlife, aren't all drivers (riders) responsible to be able to stop in the case of a traffic stoppage or slow-down ahead of them. I'm under the impression that if you rear-end someone, you are at fault, pretty much regardless of the circumstances.
  25. I get it now. I have a black cherry '06 cassette deck on the shelf, as I put multiple gauges in the cassette area. The dash has been cut, so it really isn't possible to return it to stock. In view of that, I'll give you the whole thing (deck included, whether you want it or not) if you pay shipping. Maybe someone else is in need of a replacement deck and can use the guts of it for their bike. You say that your door always opened hard. Just in case you don't know it, the door is opened by pushing in on it and letting it pop itself open. Close it with a push, open it with a push. Mine works best if pushed at both ends of the door, as there is a latching mechanism at both ends. Mine was a bit sticky as I took it out of storage, and I gave the silicone spray a try as suggested above. Seemed to help. Anyway, it's yours if you want it. Anybody else want the deck itself? I'll make you the same deal. Otherwise, BG gets it all.
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