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  1. I am running on Shinkos and the sidewalls still look like new. Give them a try.
  2. Wow, only 3 members in Colorado.
  3. I don't do anything. There are days invert month of the year that I can ride.
  4. If you live in California, just drive to Las Vegas or the nearest normal state and buy your car there. There, I fixed it!
  5. If rain gear from motorcycle equipment manufacturers are letting you down; I'd give outdoor stores a try. I had a pair of rain pants from Sierra Designs that zipped all the way down the leg. Check out stores like REI, Campmor, Eastern mountain sports, or any others in your area. My
  6. Yep, i’d say you got some ammo.
  7. Puc, if you like 1911’s and want a palm size 9mm you should take a look at the sig sauer 938. I have one and i love it.
  8. When private equity firms buy a company like this, they strip anything of value out of it then spin it off with debt so high the company cannot stay profitable. It's a terrible thing to see.
  9. I like the idea of a TPMS for my bike but have three issues with this system: 1. non-metal stems. My current ride has spoked wheels, and consequently tubes in the tires. FOBO does not recommend rubber stems. 2. Location services on. The only apps on my iPhone that can track my location are ones that I deem should have them. All others are off. The reason (altitude adjustment) just seems a little overkill to me. 3. Automatic updates on. I update apps when I want to, using Wifi, not whenever the app decides it needs a new version. This updates are mainly to change the ads anyway. The
  10. Try armslist.com. Youll find local and national sales. I have less luck with gunsamerica. also check out local auction houses.
  11. My experience has been that different tires give a different feel during low speed maneuvering. It doesn't’ eliminate the top heaviness altogether. When I put Avon venom’s on my 06 RSV, it felt more nimble. I don’ recall what tires were on it when I bought it. My 2 cents
  12. I would do the simplest things first. Clean the battery terminals, tighten everything up, maybe even have the battery tested. Battery die in hot weather as well as cold. Just my G
  13. For any of my fellow Ventureriders that need these items. Two flag holders that fit the luggage rack on the second gen trunk. Three pocket windshield holder for second gen Venture. I'll box either or both and send them to you. Only ask that the shipping be reimbursed.
  14. The ships from Japan are full of toilet paper
  15. Looks like its based on the cz 75b. The cz is a great service type pistol. I like mine, you hold it up and it points naturally. please do a review after you shoot it.
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