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  1. I already have pants that perform well, they are just hard to get into. At $400 ($200 for me, $200 for my wife) I will find something a little more reasonable at some point. For now the ones I have work.
  2. Those are nice, but that $200 price tag makes it a no-go for me.
  3. My 17 year old is desperately wanting a motorcycle but she is still working on her driver's license. I told her that once she gets that and gets more experience driving a car we can discuss a motorcycle. My wife keeps talking about getting her own motorcycle but her brain processing speed is too slow. Anytime she has to make a split-second decision she locks up, then almost always makes the wrong decision. That's dangerous enough when driving a car. On a motorcycle it could have much deadlier consequences. So, it looks like for now I am stuck playing chauffeur...... poor me. 😁
  4. My wife and I took an 11 year hiatus for much the same reason, selling our '06 Vulcan 2000 Classic LT in '08 because our kids needed parents. By the time our youngest turned 16 in 2019 we could wait no longer and purchased the '08 RSV we have now. My life now is rough - my wife, my 22 year old daughter and my 17 year old daughter fight over who gets to ride with me. We live about a 45 min ride from Daytona so I have to make a minimum of three trips to Bike Week and Biketoberfest each year so that all three can attend.......poor me. 😁 This was my wife and I on a bike trip to North Caro
  5. Here is the rain jacket I have and am very pleased with. The hood is designed to fit under a motorcycle helmet. Tour Master Sentinel LE Rain Jacket Have not found the perfect pair of rain pants yet.....
  6. I know it has already been mentioned several times, but I am going to go ahead and beat the dead horse. Rain gear......not just any rain gear, good rain gear.
  7. Notice the gas can strapped to the trailer tongue in the pic I posted above. I brought it as insurance......and actually did have to use it once on the trip. We took back roads on the way down and gas stations got a little sparse.
  8. 3" Actually not hard with the right holster and an un-tucked shirt. I have a custom kydex holster made by a friend of mine that keeps it tucked up nice and close.
  9. Back in November my wife and I took a 4 day trip to the FL Keys. We actually fit everything in the saddlebags, trunk and extra bag on the luggage rack. The trailer was full of fishing gear. I was impressed that fully loaded, two up and pulling a trailer the RSV was able to cruise down the Turnpike at 80+ mph like the trailer wasn't even there.
  10. My youngest on her first motorcycle ride......Ok, it was about 2 blocks to daycare, but it counts! She is now 17 and wanting her own motorcycle. To this day she still remembers her first ride.
  11. Most days I carry my M&P Shield in 9mm......but occasionally I feel like changing it up and strap on my Smith & Wesson 686 Plus .357 Magnum.
  12. I am in my 29th year in the HVAC trade. But I am employed by a manufacturer now so I don't have to work for a living anymore. 😆
  13. I am guessing it was a slow day at the shop and he was bored. 😆
  14. Everything is cheaper in Florida than California. That price was a stable, everyday price until the craziness started.....then it was too late to stock up.
  15. At nearly $1 a round that "sale" price is high and the supposed regular price is up in gouging territory. Pre ammo panic buying .223 and 5.56x45 was readily available off the shelf around $0.20 a round. But......that's how supply and demand works.
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