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  1. Everything is cheaper in Florida than California. That price was a stable, everyday price until the craziness started.....then it was too late to stock up.
  2. At nearly $1 a round that "sale" price is high and the supposed regular price is up in gouging territory. Pre ammo panic buying .223 and 5.56x45 was readily available off the shelf around $0.20 a round. But......that's how supply and demand works.
  3. You are lucky to find any at all these days, much less at a reasonable price......
  4. That's good to hear. I have zero desire to split the fairing yet again......I have done that too many times over the past year for various upgrades.
  5. Nice! My wife would kill for that passenger backrest.
  6. Ok, here is some video taken about mid-morning in the Keys, headed West towards Key West. It is not as visible as I would like due to the video quality not transferring over the YouTube platform all that well. If you watch the road signs you can see them pulsate as the high beam hits them. It is much more noticeable in person than on this video.
  7. Yup, sure does! Functions exactly like the OEM bulb. The high beam is quite powerful as well. I have a Kisan headlight modulator that continuously flashes the high beam during daylight hours. The high beam is powerful enough to make road signs pulsate even in bright sunlight. I recorded our entire trip to the Keys with a GoPro, I will see about uploading a video clip in the daylight so you can see that as well.
  8. We were sitting in a restaurant eating lunch in Key West watching the Weather Channel reporting on the weather up North.....and congratulating ourselves on our choice of where to live. 😄
  9. Saturday my wife and I packed up the RSV and loaded the trailer with fishing gear, then headed South from the Orlando area via US 441. Weather was rainy until we got about halfway around Lake Okeechobee. Once we got on US 27 the sun came out for the rest of our ride to Key Largo. The next day we just hung out and fished behind the hotel with some not so shrimpy live shrimp for bait. Caught nothing, I suspect because the bait was bigger than the fish. 😒 But my wife did make a new friend. 🤣 After a "hard" day fishing, we went out to the Islamorada Fi
  10. I just might for anybody looking to convert headlights and passing/driving lamps to LED without a lot of expense or effort. I have this replacement LED headlight bulb: https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/motorcycle-high-beam-and-low-beam-headlight-bulb/motorcycle-h4-led-fanless-headlight-conversion-kit-with-compact-heat-sink-2000-lumens/3930/8566/?make=105&model=3743&scc_id=1940&year=2008 It is literally plug and play, no modifications needed and I am very impressed with the performance. I also have these 4.5 inch replacement LED passing/driving lamps with equally
  11. Ok, time for an update. The rear sensor has been working fine ever since I put a new battery in it. The front sensor has been eating a battery about once a week. @VentureFar put me in touch with the engineers at FOBO and they shipped me a replacement set. I just changed them out and the originals are headed back to FOBO for evaluation. I will continue to update on how the replacements perform. So far my only gripe has been the battery issue with one of the original sensors. Other than that, they have performed as advertised.
  12. Finally got the headlight and passing lights adjusted properly. Wow! What a difference!
  13. I work in the service division of a Japanese manufacturer in a different industry. The service manuals are written in Japanese by Japanese engineers and translated to English by people who are not engineers and often have no idea what the engineers are actually saying. Sometimes the translation is......interesting as to word choice.
  14. Getting the bike and trailer ready for a trip to the Florida Keys next weekend.
  15. Nice! My wife and I have a motorcycle trip planned for the Florida Keys in a couple of weeks. It will be the first real test of the trailer.
  16. It would certainly be a quick fix for a short windshield. Around town, lower speeds in hot weather the adjust-ability would definitely be an advantage. I am tall so the airflow over the short windshield that was on my RSV when I bought it tried to take my head off at any kind of speed.
  17. Ok, I see how it works now. If I still had the shorty windshield on the bike that the previous owner put on I might be interested. But after taking a 1,000 mile ride with it last year I replaced it with a ClearView XL windshield that I have to say I am very pleased with.
  18. I would have to see pics of it installed.....maybe my imagination isn't good enough.
  19. But...but...but... think of all the poor little snowbirds who came down here just to get warm. 🥺
  20. Luckily I live beyond the range of his snow cannon. 😁
  21. Ok, dead battery has been replaced. Time to find out if it was just bad batteries or if the sensor is draining them.
  22. I just checked and it has me in the right city, but the wrong state. I guess y'all will never find me. 😁
  23. You are doing it wrong. The RSV should be spending the winter in Florida with you. It's the best time to ride down here, summer is too hot. Do it right and you can ride year-round.
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