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  1. I've got up to (8) years out of my AGM's using a battery tender occasionally. I use Deka brand batteries in my bikes.
  2. Good too hear X-Ray Man hoping for the best out come.
  3. Sounds good Don lay back listen to some good music and take it easy the next couple days.
  4. Praying for you Don this weekend.
  5. Don’t look like a hole to me. Take a little WD40 on a rage and clean that paint drop off.
  6. Lucky the Motorhome didn't go up in smoke from the battery gas explosion.
  7. “Happy trails to you until we don’t meet again “.....,🤒
  8. Absolutely, it’s still a Free Country and opinions keep it that way.
  9. This is “Hog Wash”/“Bum Wad” people don’t believe this crap! She is not even a MD! She is a PhD. Short for “Post Hole Digger “!!!
  10. Thanks, Marcarl I'll try to remember this in the future, but at this age will see. Good information though.
  11. So where is my heart symbol so people can respond? Guess I’m being sensored....
  12. I don’t look at wearing mask as being a political thing. Not all courageous people live through the cause to see another Day. I wore masks at work too keep from getting emphysema. I was dumb founded by the people who wouldn’t wear them. A lot of them retired with lung problems. Your personal health is your responsibility it’s not a peer pressure thing!!!
  13. Ford transmission fluid works for me its good on the seals.
  14. Yea, thanks too all that step forwarded and took the oath instead of looking for an excuse not. A brave man only dies once a coward dies a thousand deaths.
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