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  1. Ford transmission fluid works for me its good on the seals.
  2. Yea, thanks too all that step forwarded and took the oath instead of looking for an excuse not. A brave man only dies once a coward dies a thousand deaths.
  3. Hey it was canceled last year also under the previous administration.🥵
  4. I’m afraid you got it mounted off centered used the wrong holes in the stator. Stuff happens when your distracted.
  5. Post on here when your primer plant is up and running. I’m almost out of small for my 9mm and larger for 45’s.
  6. Enjoy yourself,”Just don’t ride faster than your Guardian Angel can fly,”and always watch for those Bogeys ahead.
  7. Adjustable ice block tongs for lifting or moving ice blocks.
  8. You got a couple of options drilling it out or take a Mig Welder and weld a bigger nut on top of it and wrench it out.
  9. I just can't see putting a Matel Toy stock on a perfectly good Ruger 10/22. I know the reputation the M-16 had in Vietnam. M-14's were heavier but had more range and a lot more knock down power.
  10. Permission only works about 50 percent of the time. Go for forgiveness and dinner with jewelry. Also, if your determined to fix your problem look at replacing the ignition switch they are known for failure.
  11. After reading about the staple removal I went downstairs and jumped on the elliptical and from there to the weight bench. Hope you never have to unzip that zipper.
  12. Thanks for posting this more people should read and head what these Doctors are saying about this so call vaccine. It’s not a vaccine at all it’s a Chemotherapy synthetic drug unlike the flu vaccines which dissipates in your body. The COVID shot is going to be a part of your DNA from now on.
  13. Ballistically, it’s like comparing oranges and apples. My money on the .45 with the match grade barrel. Great looking 10mm good hog and deer gun.
  14. Yes, for the simple reason it modifies your immune system unlike the flu vaccine. Side effects is a temporary condition modifying the T cells in your immune system is permanent. Just not ready to be altered at this time . Masking, distance and washing hands works for me so far.
  15. That is just simply amazing “Puc”, you are a “Tuff Old Bird”. Hope to meet you some day.
  16. Maybe some day all these want to be revolutionist will get their basements and garages full so I can get some 9mm 147gn XTP reloading bullets for home defense purposes. I even use those for taking back yard deer. Head shoot fat does they usually drop like a rock.
  17. Forget the $5000. price make me a reasonable offer if your interested in this Trike.
  18. “👊A strong defense always beats the hell out of a weak offense “
  19. “Don’t Worry be Happy “
  20. Well I guess, “Ignorance is Bliss”
  21. “To be led by a coward is to be controlled by all that the coward fears. To be led by a fool is to be led by the opportunists who control the fool”
  22. “Drive like Hell and You will soon get There”
  23. Variety is the spice of life.
  24. “Easier for a Camel to pass thru the eye of a needle; than a rich man to enter the gates of Heaven “
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