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  1. Just completed my beginner rider safety class held by Man of war Harley in Lexington Ky. It was challenging and on the last day it rained and the wind almost blew me over . Now I can put my motorcycle endorsement on my license and practice practice practice! Spring is here and like all of us I’m anxious to get out and about after a difficult year . I got my second COVID shot today! I know everyone wants to put this last year of this virus behind us and get back to some kind of normal so stay safe everyone and I’ll see you on the road!
  2. Well it’s not stripped out but it is broken off of course just enough where I can’t get to it to get it out. The zip ties were holding the broken screw in the shaft so it would shift .
  3. Does anyone have the online version ? I could put it on my tablet. Or watch it from my tv screen in the garage. Was wondering if it’s Amy different from the paper bound service manual or may even better it might have more info . Thanks!
  4. Got some parts on the way but you just made me think about that part in the diagram number 28 I might be needing if indeed it stripped out . I’ll put it on the jack this weekend and post some pictures in case anyone else had this happen.
  5. I thought he said the screw had maybe vibrated out . But looking at the pic I took it looks like there’s one in there. It does look as if the boot is not in line with the linkage on the front side. It was shifting as I rode it home that day but it doesn’t look like anything I want to leave like that.
  6. I’m posting some pictures and maybe someone can tell me what I’m looking at and how big a job is it to fix. So when I purchased the bike the previous owner said he had rigged the linkage one day after going for a ride it had stopped shifting. He used a zip tie from what I can tell. So did it loose a screw or what actually holds it in place I can’t tell from looking, but it doesn’t look like I would trust it for long. So I’m gonna post these pics and say it’s at the end of a long rod connected to the shifter linkage in between the frame and exhaust.
  7. Here’s the video with the product I was thinking about. I didn’t know if something like that is available for the Yamaha.
  8. Don’t know if you guys ever saw his videos but these bolt onto the bend in the crash bars and stop it from laying completely over and doing more damage. But the ones he showed are for Harley. Just wondering if someone makes them for our Yamahas.
  9. No pics of the deed lol but I did have to ask my wife to help me get it back up . That was enough shame for one day!
  10. Hi guys ! I just saw a YouTube video with Jerry Paladino advertising drop guards for Harleys . Are there similar products for the venture 1300 midnight star? I haven’t had it long but I already dropped it in the garage and I’m unsteady with the massive weight of the bike. Just don’t want to damage anything if I can avoid it. Thanks!
  11. Hi I’m James I am a Trucker from Frankfort Ky. I purchased a 2004 midnight star this past fall. I just got my riders permit in 2020 and am waiting to take the Harley rider course in the spring.
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