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  1. Glad your ok I thought about you and your family. I work for Averitt Express and we have a terminal in Mayfield also in Bowling Green , while I was working Friday night Saturday morning I was wondering about all my friends from my Louisville terminal who had left out and were traveling through Kentucky and Tennessee. I stayed in front of it all night as I traveled to Charleston West Virginia. I hope to find everyone safe when I get back to work Monday night.
  2. Okay I’m updating even though feel like a dummy but I did put a damp rag in the crack and it removed whatever it was in the crack. I really thought it was a hole with foam seeping out but thankfully it was not 😂. Thanks guys !
  3. Hey guys I found a small pinhole in the seam of my seat , what would you recommend to stop it from getting bigger? Thanks
  4. Thanks I’ll take a closer look I had wiped the oil off with a rag and rode it yesterday and didn’t see anything this morning, so wherever it’s coming from isn’t much for right now .
  5. Hey guys I’m being lazy cause I know someone will recognize what this is and how to fix it quicker than I can look it up. Yesterday I was getting ready to ride after bike had sat for a couple of weeks and I noticed a small dribble of oil running down the chrome case cover on left side from above. Here’s a picture of the component that was leaking I think at the bottom is a gasket, so maybe around that. What is this component and have you seen it leak before on your bikes? Thanks!
  6. Yes that pesky shifter. I broke the bolt in the rear that connects it to the engine and is under that rubber cover. Also lost the nuts under the seat. Get some nylon wing nuts cured that problem.
  7. Since I don’t have anything to compare it to I’m not sure what I should be feeling I’m just dealing with it as it comes. I came from the off road world where I raced motocross and some woods riding. That’s why I say I have never had anything this big. Torque wise I’ve had some fast bikes but nothing that drives like a car lol.
  8. Started riding my bike to work which is about 100 miles round trip. This weekend I decided to start checking off a few rides that aren’t too far away from home just to get my feet wet as I have never had a bike this big . Today I rode to Wallace’s cafe and diner on old Frankfort pike . It’s on a scenic route through horse country. There are a few twisties and some elevation changes but nothing too difficult.
  9. Thanks you’ve come through again. Hey if you need any help during the get together next year I’ll lend a hand. Thanks
  10. Hey guys anyone know what size nuts go on the bolts at the front of the seat that attaches it to the frame ? Mine must have vibrated off. And if anyone has a picture to go along with it that would be great too!
  11. You are right , I removed the cover and saw the fluid was a dark brown with some black floating on top . Also noticed some gunky material stuck to the side. I’m gonna give this bike a good going over which I should have done anyway. Thanks to everyone for the comments and help.
  12. So last night I parked it until I got off work. Went over to bike and looked into the oil level glass but to tell ya the truth it’s so discolored I can’t see the level clearly. Next I squeezed the clutch and it felt normal again. So I put it in neautral and started her up. Clutch seemed to fade a bit as I got close to home about a 50 mile trip. So anyway I made it and I’ll be flushing her out this weekend. I hear it’s gonna rain so good indoors project. 😁
  13. Lol thanks guys for the feedback I’m just making sure what’s normal and what isn’t.
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