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  1. I would say if you are using strength you are not using technique and are doing it wrong. A back injury lasts a long time - don't start down that road.
  2. Generally, I don't like to compress the shocks when tying down the bike. Of course, not every bike gives you perfect choices. Even so, I prefer to cinch the wheels down hard, and let the rest of the weight be sprung. I think it is more secure that way. I have no idea whether compressing the shocks is bad for the shocks, but if the wheels are on a flat trailer surface, it seems to me more likely to get loose and slide that way.
  3. Back to paper maps and magneto ignitions. Take your bike off the grid.
  4. A mercury manometer is still best if you have one. Professional-grade mechanical gauges are super. But after using my digital unit for several years I think it outperforms the other consumer-grade options on accuracy, convenience, and cost for bikes with more than two cylinders. I admit I am a little biased. Four cylinders is more competitive than it used to be. There aren't many other options for bikes with three or six cylinders. I've been selling a lot into Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia this year. Don't know why. My website gets lots of hits from BMW forums. I get inquiries from
  5. We have met the future!
  6. Thanks. Contact me through the website. https://digitalcarbsync.com/about/
  7. Hmmm. Well, first, be sure to subscribe to Venturerider. The info and help here is amazing. Best $12 ever. The downloadable build package makes it easy to make the boards, solder on the components, load the software, and sync your carbs. I also sell the circuit boards on the site if you want to skip making that part. The current version has the RPM feature. The package ships with 4 and 6 cylinder versions ready to load. There is a setting in the software for the number of cylinders would have be set to 2 and compiled before loading. You can hack something together and get it to work.
  8. Head on over to digitalcarbsync.com. The downloadable build package has everything you will need. The board layout files are essentially a wiring diagram if you really are going that way. Good luck.
  9. Very nice. A favorite color of mine for sure.
  10. Spend the money to get a good soldering iron that is adjustable and has several tips including a fine one. As mentioned, get thin solder made for electronics. Practice on something other than your bike's electronics first.
  11. I just sent a pair of boards to a guy in Sweden. That adds to the list of United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, Lithuania, New Zealand, Philippines, Denmark, France. Portugal, Belgium as countries I have sold to in the last year or so. Plus the USA. Where is Lithuania? Now I know. I do no advertising. It has been discussed a bit on this forum. I have an old school website but it is not promoted on Google or Facebook. I just wanted to build something for myself to use. It's kind of cool that you can make a little gizmo in your shop, and it will sell all over the world, without mu
  12. tz89

    Sold it. Ouch!

    You betcha. I'm originally from there and my siblings are there. Lefse every day.
  13. Torquing it to spec with fresh lock tight is cheap compared to redoing the engine again later. With that much play, I'm surprised he didn't pull them and re-do the goop. A fun video to watch through. My dad's shop didn't gleam like that, that's for sure.
  14. Puc sounds like you could be that new CEO. Milwaukee is not too far away! I agree on both counts. A larger touring bike has to be a gas hybrid. A small all electric seems like a maybe for around town, but then you have to have a place to plug it in, and that market doesn't necessarily have a garage in the burbs. So back to hybrid. Please send me a gas hybrid version of my old 750 Midnight Maxim Tour with factory fairings and bags. I'll be happy.
  15. I got my 2009 rstd sold today. A nice local guy who used to own the same year and color. I'm getting ready to move to MN, and moving a big bike was not on the list! Mixed feelings. I really liked that bike, but it was making things complicated. Once I'm re-settled I'll figure out what is next.
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