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  1. First, thanks for all the replies on this thread! My dealer is quoting MSRP. They also claim, as mentioned above, that they will only receive 1 Venture every three months. They were really pushing the one they had coming in next. I also checked into the tires. Replacing both Front & Rear tires, with labor, was over $900. I tend to be tough on tires and only get 5-6K on a rear (Stratoliner). So, I am going to hold off until 2019 and let things settle down. I look forward to getting one these bikes. It is a sweet ride!
  2. I have a 09 Stratoliner & a 2015 Anniv Edition Gold Wing.
  3. As a long time Stratoliner fan, I was pleased when they finally announced a new touring bike was coming. I demoed the Venture last week. Loved the way it rode. I like the looks and all the modern appliances. I am a bit concerned with the heat that I felt coming from the bike. WAY more than the Stratoliner. Also concerned about the cost of tires. When I received my quote from the dealer, it was straight up MSRP pricing. And they were only going to give me $3500 for my 09 Strat. For those you that have bought one: Did your dealer move off of MSRP? Or did you pay the full monty? Thanks in advance for any replies.
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