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  1. Now that I have a Goldwing I've noticed a few more postings by wing riders. Does anyone know how many of us are on the site now? Just curious. Dennis
  2. I got to take a ride on a leer like jet today just for the Joy of it!.We flew to Birmingham, Al. then to Nashville,Tn. Then Back to Cartersville, Ga. Topped out at 34,000 ft. Had a leer flying with us too it was very cool to look out and see him off our wing tip. It was one of the best days of my life!
  3. Heck, I just might have to give up my wing ............(NOT). This thing looks like a lot of fun. https://www.google.com/#q=quadski&spell=1
  4. Well Mini and I went to New York for Christmas with her family as we do every year and when I got home I noticed that there was one empty parking space in the yard. Has anyone seen a white 12 wing that is missing a fat guy on it? As some of you know I had surgery on my left ankle on 12-6 and the doctor said that I would be off the foot for as long as 4 months depending on how well it heals.So I dont even look over to the bike parking area.No need to depress myself. I think I know who has the wing but am not sure Hopefully my bike will be at the annual even though I will be in a cage with the foot in a boot that I cant walk on. Keep your eyes open and let me know if yall see my bike Depressed grounded fat man (jeff)
  5. Has anyone checked out the new wing? 2013 goldwing f6b! Looks nice!
  6. I have a friend, Bro. Richard, A Baptist Minister and fellow CMA member who owns this Gold Wing. He has asked me a tech question and I don't knw but I assured him that I had other friends (namely youse guys) who might be able to help. He has added rear speakers with volume control and they work; but, now he has no intercom.........he can hear on the intercob but can not talk through it. Any ideas???
  7. Well.. [ATTACH]73111[/ATTACH]
  8. http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/firstrides/122_1302_2013_honda_gold_wing_f6b_first_look/ This new wing is gorgeous!
  9. I just added trunk and saddlebag molding with LED lights to the Wing. I hope they can see me now. Dennis
  10. I've owned a Gold Wing and am currently riding a HD Ultra Classic Limited. Wife hates the ride of the harley. Spoiled by the Gold Wing I guess. Considering a Royal Star Venture. Any feedback on how this bike rates compared to the Ultra or the gold wing would be appreciated (engine performance, handling, suspension). Also what do your passengers think of the seat comfort.
  11. ...and buying this... [ame] [/ame]
  12. when I still didn't have my title after two months I contacted the dealer, which claimed they had been calling me ... on a number I never gave them, but that's a different story. Anyway, I wound up telling them that I would drop the bike of so they could fix this problem, but what would they give me to ride wile they did? That turned out to be a 02 (?) Wing. Not a bad ride, though it had a slight head shake and not something I would want as a daily rider, problem is, driving home this morning I had a situation and the the bike wound up going down the road without me. This is where the problem starts. I called the insurance and got a claim number, I called the dealer and passed on the information and made arrangements to bring the Wing over there. I would have preferred to ride it over to get my own bike back (they have the title now), but hey, I'm mostly OK, so I shouldn't complain. Anyhow, they won't give me my bike! They want me to pay them the difference between the suddenly diminished value of my Valk I/S and this Wing (2500) OR, they want a check from the insurance company. At the same time they already started pushing for me to buy the Wing using the Valk and the insurance money and then I can fix it or have them fix it. They are claiming they did not have insurance on it for me to drive it?! They are also saying that this Wing was under contract and the guy was making payments. I just want my Valk and I just don't see that they can deny me that at this point. Suggestions?? As far as what I can see on the Wing: forks/handlebar twisted/bent, fairing pushed back/cracked/scraped, mirrors, right exhaust, right crash and bag bar, possibly front rim. http://www.valkyrieforum.com/bbs/Themes/SSVR/images/icons/modify_inline.gif
  13. :confused24:I have tried and can't get the fileter off my wing. All my filter wrencehs ate to big. What are you other folks using??? thanks
  14. So Hinshaw in Auburn Wa had Honda Demo day. So a friend (85 Goldwing) and I (91 MKII) rode out and I test rode a 2012 Wing. The last time I was on a Wing was my 1980 (Bought New) then sold in 83 and went to raise a family. The 2012 Wing is all that I've read and heard about. Smooth, Smooth, Smooth. I had it in 5th and took it down to 5 mph and throttled it and it was stlll smooth. All Power, Power, Power. Wow lots of torque. Agle and nimble, nimble, nimble. Very responsive to curves and any little push of the handle bar. Balance, Balance, Balance. I couldn't believe that at a stop light, I was sitting on one of the heavest production touring if not the heavest and I was tossing the Wing left and right with easy. With a little more time on the Wing, I think I could make most complete stops without my foot ever leaving the foot pegs. Slow speed crawls are so effortless. When I first sat on the Wing. It seemed like I was sitting on top of the Wing and I'm only 5 ft 8 inchs. Everything seemed like I was looking down on it. But it took only a few miles before I quickly adjusted to the Wings sitting and gage position. It was something that I been wanting to do for many years. So now I can put it to rest. Would I trade my 91 MKII for it......no... The Wing is Smoother, but so is the MKII. I can ride my MKII 500 miles in a good day and do the vibration test. Which is to touch some stationary object with my hands and my hands does not zing. The Wing has more power. Well that is a given 1300 vs 1800. My VR MKII can get up and really go also. I think the Wing seems to responds quicker and could be more manuverable. But the question is how much more. Like I said I think, but not real sure. The Wing definately seems to have it hands down on balance at the stop light, but then the Wing had foot pegs and my VR had floor boards. Not a real big issue for I'm almost flat footed on my VR with Floor boards and as soon as I get my seat back from Rick Butler I should be flat footed for the seat will be lowered a little over 1 inch. I do miss the smooth ride that the stock OEM springs provided on my VR when on ruffer roads. I just installed Progressive. So I really can't compare the spring acton between my VR and the Wing, but the Wing sailed over the bumps. After getting back on my VR, I prefer the seat position of my VR for I feel like I sit in the VR rather sitting on top of the Wing. All the gages on my VR are out in front which I prefer for viewing. I also like the way the VR engine thumps at low speeds a bit more like a typical m/c then really smooths out as one gets going. I also like the sound of the VR more when I get on the engine, the VR has a really nice throaty sound. The Wing with all that plastic almost seems to be in a slightly different catagory than a motorcycle. I like to see more of the bikes engine and stuff. The VR MKII seems to have the right balance. I'm always looking back at my Shiny VR as I'm walking away from it. The other think is that as my 21 year old VR, just gets better with each aging year like a nice classic car. While any new 2012 bike after the 1st year new newess is over then its just a used m/c with years of payments to come. Its kind of like for me I'm getting ready in a couple of years for a brand new car. My plan is to buy a nicely reconditioned 65 GTO rather than buying a brand new car. So I'm kind of particial to an older vehicle reconditioned that a brand new vehicle. Well there you have it. I'm glad I got the test ride out of my system. My VR pass the test for I still prefer the VR.
  15. It was Harley demo days yesterday so, as in almost every other year, I just HAD to go. Tried the Street Glide first, didn't care for the low "shorty" windshield. It also had a more "stretched out" feeling to it ... probably seat design ... I felt like I needed another 4-6 inches arm length. Next was my fav ... Ultra Limited ... If I had the extra bucks, I'd have one (as an extra scoot). 'nuff said. Just for the halibut, I decided to try out the Trike ... now THAT is a whole different feeling! If you've ridden a quad ATV, cornering would be similar .... slow speed cornering around city streets I felt like I was going to tip it LOL ... out on the highway it wasn't too bad. One thing is ya don't want to be constantly correcting the steering otherwise you find yourself "wig-wagging" down the road. Then there's the bumps ... holy crap! you try and miss them but it doesn't happen and you can really feel them. I also felt that it was geared differently than a reg bike as 6th gear on the trike felt more like 5th on the Ultra. Wind protection on all 3 weren't nearly as good as the Wing. Had me some fun anyway ... and it mostly served to affirm how EASY the Wing is to drive in comparison, not to mention the major difference in power. I had to laff at myself tho as when I got back on the Wing, my legs/feet were looking for the floorboards (riding the Harley and having a 2nd gen for 3 yrs ... it was kinda "natural")
  16. Looking for a trunk light wing for a 2004 midnite venture. Thanks Kelly
  17. I got this weird rattling sound when I pull in the clutch lever on my Wing.... Listen carefully. Ya, I know, it's a "whiner" but mostly only noticable when idling and apparently fairly normal for a Wing. But that rattling sound doesn't seem "normal" to me. Can anyone guess what it is?
  18. Was woundering if Gold Wingers have a site like this? A friend i work with has a Gold Wing and was looking for some tips on tunning it and was looking for some help, was telling him about this wounderful site that the VENTURE RIDES have wanted to know if there was one for WINGERS as well were he could get some help. Thanks
  19. Weather is crappy, haven't done much to the Wing to personalize it since I got it and I'm bored so, been playing with Paint ... waddya think? (the headlinghts are supposed to be smoked ... best I could do without totally blacking them out) Should I leave it stock? Should I smoke the headlights? [ATTACH]64725[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64726[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64727[/ATTACH]
  20. Hi All As most of you know I have bought a 1988 Gold Wing. I had a streble air horn on my venture and my daughter has gotten me a new streble air horn for the wing. So Im looking for places to put the new horn, Still looking do you guys have any ideas on this? Bull463:confused24:
  21. I got a friend who bought a used 85 wing. I am going to loan him my carbtune. Was wondering if any Wing owners has a documented procedure in syncing up the carbs.
  22. Here's a link that was sent to me that you Wing nuts will enjoy. http://gl1800riders.com/forums/showthread.php?304851-I-modified-my-Wing-cat-is-out-of-the-bag This guy has done some major mods on his ride. Larry
  23. Awhile back I read a post on a recall for HD baggers. It was a brake light switch. As it turns out mine is one that needs the recall. Along with all the talk on that subject I remembered that somebody mentioned that the goldwings had a similar recall. I called my buddy today and told him about the wing recall. He called me about 15 minutes later after checking on his bike. Turns out his wing needs to be checked over as well. So a BIG thanks to this site for helping others out..........
  24. Hey I am new to this site but have been on a couple of others. I have a 85 Goldwing Aspencade GL1200 that is NOT Fuel Injected, or computerized. It has carbs. I started riding my wing on morning and it ran fine, then after going around 24 miles or 45 minutes I stopped to call a friend and turned off the wing. After about 5 minutes I started the Wing back up and when I went about a Half a block that is when I started having problems. It seemed to not be running right so I limpped back home and that is where it has been for 2 to 3 weeks. I have checked and there is no Spark to the front two cyliners (Plugs) I first thought it was my coils but I have a hard time thinking that both coils would go bad at the same time. Could anyone let me know if it could be the Pulse Generator or what. Thanks I could us all the help I can get. Since i Live in Florida I ride all the time. Plus the Wing stays in the Garage.
  25. Hi All Ive been trying to what on this. But I have to tell all of you. As some of you know Ive been looking for a new bike for some time now not brand new just newer. Well some of you may recall Christy and I showed up at Big Toms rally on my brother in laws 2002 goldwing. I took some ribbing about it well get set to do it again. I now own a 1988 goldwing there I said it yes a goldwing. Christy and I had a long talk about this and we are just more comfortble on the wing. I still like the venture but this was a great deal so it was hard to pass up. I got the wing for 2000.00 dollars and it needed to to be cleaned up very dirty really dirty. But the rest of the bike ran fine and evrything worked like it was new. As soon as I get it cleaned up Ill put some pics up. I hope Big Tom lets me ride out to ohio with him this year. Bull463
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