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  1. Can I get rid of it? I want to remove the breather tube that goes from the crankcase to the intake. Can I remove it and put something in its place like a filter or something? Even with perfect oil level it makes my intake box oily.
  2. Hola, My first post on this site. I am syre the air filter replacement procedures are not difficult on my 2008 RSTD but I am not sure of them. Do I need to remove the cowling? Are there any technical docs on this subject? Thanks:97: Knifeeven
  3. looks interesting. was wondering if anyone tried it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/120813345975?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649.
  4. As I've been going through bikes recently the prospect of spending $ 40 + dollars for a new air filter makes me squirm. Now I'm not the first person to do this, and a friend of mine did a little show and tell himself a few years back. While I was work one day I was inter-noodling and found that UNI-Filter ( makers of foam filters ) was only about 10 miles away from me. With a bit of snooping I found that UNI Filter sells a replacement filter for my bike for about $ 32. Being the KLR-like rider that I am I could buy a 12 x 16 inch sheet of UNI Filter foam for only $ 14.99 so that's what I did. I zipped out at lunch, and picked up some filter element The camera was handy so I figured I'd expend a little effort, and share my actions with you all. http://greenagain.smugmug.com/photos/587534557_EgHYf-M.jpg Here's the filter element along with some required tools. http://greenagain.smugmug.com/photos/587534521_MffM5-M.jpg Here's the dirty starting point. This is the air filter from my 88 Venture Royale. I only added the Royale in there because I like saying "Royale". It's about $ 45 to replace at the local Yamaha store. http://greenagain.smugmug.com/photos/587534322_nconm-M.jpg http://greenagain.smugmug.com/photos/587534341_qoYLp-M.jpg I started hacking out the paper filter element with a pair of scissors, and box cutter. http://greenagain.smugmug.com/photos/587534373_FL4WN-M.jpg I was being careful not to jack up the wire backing. http://greenagain.smugmug.com/photos/587534393_8eoUd-M.jpg// That's a long hunk'o'paper. http://greenagain.smugmug.com/photos/587534416_gM8Qo-M.jpg I then used needle nose pliers to pull out the sticky bits. Notice that foam sealing ring is also rotten. I'll pull that off, and replace it too. http://greenagain.smugmug.com/photos/587534442_4coxT-M.jpg Here's the filter cage cleaned up and ready to start construction. http://greenagain.smugmug.com/photos/587534489_CyTcQ-M.jpg I cut the filter element to fit. Make it a little thicker than needed so it'll bond better. No matter which way I cut it, it required two sections. http://greenagain.smugmug.com/photos/587534585_cUgLM-M.jpg Before the next step where I was going to handle smelly, sticky stuff I had to start dinner. http://greenagain.smugmug.com/photos/587534566_Nh9Sa-M.jpg While I was at UniFilter I asked the guy who was helping me what I should use to glue down the foam he recommended some brand of industrial glue, which I didn't have. He also mentioned that I could use silicone gasket sealer, and I had that so I was off to the races, and started laying a bead. http://greenagain.smugmug.com/photos/587534603_kR69x-M.jpg Here it is stuck in place. I used a strip of packing tape over the joint and let it sit for the night. http://greenagain.smugmug.com/photos/587534667_M4PqW-M.jpg After drying up for 24 hours I went back at it with the silicone to make doubly sure it's well mounted, because remember that in the future you'll be squeezing, and squishing this when you clean it. I stopped at LOWE's on the way home, and picked up some foam tape for $ 2.43. http://greenagain.smugmug.com/photos/587534743_RKz2P-M.jpg It's ready to use, and I still have over half of the filter foam left to use on another bike or two. :thumb
  5. Ok looking for suggestions. When I take out my '84 for a ride & then park her (in the garage) I get a gasoline/exhauset smell. I vent the garage but it comes back. Within 4 hours or so it stops. Bike runs fine & I get great mileage MPG. So far I have changed Fuel lines Vent lines Fuel filter all clamps Air filter PCV vent in air filter IS attached petcock is in good shape nothing is leaking, weaping or stuck Originally the bike smelled ALL the time but replacement of all lines fixed that. It's like she is running rich. I have narowed it down to the carbs & the floats are ok but is there anything ELSE on the carbs (washers fittings set screws etc) that anyone can suggest may be the problem? It's not a huge problem but more of an irritation. Any suggestions?
  6. So I thought I had it licked but back to the drawing board I guess. My 85 is kinda new to me. I bought it awhile ago but until the summer I just sat and waited for my attention. PO needed money and it was to good a deal. I have done alot of work thus far, from draining the gas tank to replacing the fuel lines and filter and ran a can of sea foam thru. After the filter was changed it seemed to run better but today I went for a good 200km ride and its not fixed. I have not opened the carbs yet. I was hoping to avoid that, seafoam has worked on other bikes I have owned in the past.....I believe the bike sat for 2 years ish before I got it. On the road it pulls ok up to 4000rpm then dies....like its running on pilot jets. Check the plugs and they are black? To much fuel? New air filter. The bike starts and idles perfect. Just won't pull on the road, I mean these bike were known to pull.....hell its a vmax motor....ideas as to why it would run aok up to 4000rpm and then die's out....hard to stay at 100kms/hr in 5th?? My Buell would go 100 in 1st/2nd!! HELP! Any, even bad imput is ok with me:) Does someone in Ontario excell at carbs? My budget is kinda tight and it seems to be a big job if the carbs need to come out according to my searches on the site. Thanks a bunch!!
  7. I just made my second attempt at an oil change on my trike. Attempt #1: Bought an oil filter, oil and and oil filter wrench. The filter wrench when attached to the socket wrench will not fit onto the filter. There simply is not enough room between the oil filter and the radiator housing. Since I had already drained the oil, I went to get another filter wrench that would work with an open or boxed end wrench. The only filter wrenches were made of plastic. PLASTIC!! The OReilly guy assured me it was designed to withstand the pressure of the wrench on the nut. It failed miserably! Since I could not get the oil filter off. I elected to simply replace the oil and try again later. Attempt # 2: I bought more oil and three of my friends assured me that the oil filter can be easily removed with a pair of large channel locks. It probably can, but there is no room between the carport floor and the filter to allow the placement of the channel locks!. Can someone with a trike explain to me how on earth do I get that #%$#&^ oil filter off! Am I supposed to forever take it to a dealer for a $78 oil change?
  8. I've changed the filter a few time but ya know. When you assemble the spring goes on the shaft between the filter and the magnessium cover to keep the filter tight to the motor right?!! Total brain fart! Pretty sure I'm right:) Tx Brad:fingers-crossed-emo
  9. I went to the local dealer to get some prices on a few items after I looked in the US online......(Yamahasportsplaza.com) Left Crash Bar - $390.99 CDN - $237.93 US Clutch Plates - $15.99 CDN - $6.95 US Oil Filter - $13.99 CDN - $7.95 US Air Filter - $44.99 CDN - $20.33 US Almost double to support the local CDN dealer......even with freight I'll still be in money. I guess I will have to support the US economy....again! Thought I'd share Keith
  10. I was looking on e-bay the other night and ran across K&N's for a RSTD. The numbers were different than the RSV and like $30 bucks less. I thought basicly they were the same bike except the fairing-gas tank-speedo deal. Looking @ K&N site they show the YA 1399 for both the TD and Venture. Maybe they had the years mixed up or something? Does anyone else make a filter for the RSV thats worth running? Unipro anyone run them?
  11. does anyone have a spin on oil filter adapter for a 86 that you would like to sell? or can someone get the measurements from one so i could make one. thanks,bill
  12. First a little history: I've had my 84 Venture Std for about 1 yr, but before that she sat idle for quite some time. I know she has some rust in the tank, but I'm not yet ready to pull & treat the inside (I'm relying on the filter for now). Over the past year, I've disassembled/cleaned the petcock and replaced the fuel filter (which was suprisingly clean). I've also had the carbs off and cleaned the bowls, jets, etc. She'd been running just fine until... Now on with the current situation: My buddy & I recently went on a 1400 mile trip to Michigan's UP:biker:, and I put a bit of Seafoam in the tank at each fillup (per some recommendations here). On the way back I began to notice that the bike had more oil than when I last checked . I babied it, got home, drained the oil and it smelled like gas. It appears that 2 of the carb float levels are too high, 1 carb on each side. The filter still looks good, so I'm theorizing that some "gunk" has been loosened up from inside the fuel pump and migrated to the float needles/seats. Perhaps after shutdown, the excess fuel is draining thru the carbs and down into the oil. Has anyone disassembled their 1st Gen fuel pump, cleaned it, and managed to get it back together ? Anyone ever added another fuel filter, between the pump and the carbs? Any ideas on cleaning the mesh screen filters at the needle/seat assembly? Honestly, I'm thinking about just changing the oil, adding a whole can of Seafoam to the next tank of gas and seeing if that breaks up the debris that might be stuck in the needle/seat/screens. Any thoughts? Thanks all! BTW, M-22 west of Traverse City & M-58 west of M-77 are great roads! But stay on the roads...the sabertooth black flies of the shore & beaches along Lake Superior are really something else .
  13. I am trying to change the fuel filter on my 1988 Venture and I can't locate it. Does anyone know where it is located?
  14. Its funny. I go around to Napa, Autozone, and O'Rieley AutoParts... and no one has the K&N HP1005... 1004 and 1006, but NOT 1005, SPECIAL ORDER. Lovely, none the less Amazon has come thru, for 11.92, its coming this Saturday (Prime shipping) so this Saturday, I'll be doing a oil change, oil filter swap, spark plug swap, and maybe if I man up. A check of my diaphragms; I'll go with just... doing the on bike carb cleaner trick. Its mostly a lot of hope, the sliders, and diaphragms, I can't do anything with if they're busted, and I'm guessing the sliders are fine--the bike starts, and go its whole tank just fine--but the sliders are injured... and noticable scaring was evident on them when we had the carbs off for checkage during the whole three month snafu, and actually don't slide as GRACEFULLY as they should... so new sliders, new diaphragms hopefully next month, or the month after. Though I will point out, the diaphragms were actually FINE then. So hmmm. Though anyone got any info if I could use OTHER slides than the ones that come with the diaphragms on Ebay (VMAX slides)? some sliders are shiny metal........ So thats the plan..... now all I need to do is fine a nice size rubbermaid bowl for top ramen with sliced sausage this saturday while I work. but none the less... WHY IS THE K&N HP1005 A SPECIAL ORDER?!?!?!?!?! Oooh, should I stick with the NGK spark plugs, the DPR8EA-9 NGK is what I got in my memopad for spark plugs (and X24EPR-U9?) Oil if anyone asks, was thinking of 15w40, 50/50 blend from our local motorcycle dealer. --And if anyone wonders, K&N HP1005 is the screw on oil filter that fits on the Rivco Screw on Oil Filter Adapter. Took me a hour to find that... I think I use a jump from a NAPA number... or was it FRAM?
  15. :confused24:I have tried and can't get the fileter off my wing. All my filter wrencehs ate to big. What are you other folks using??? thanks
  16. Fighting another that don't want to go. I don't change this thing with every filter but was this time and can't get it to lay down in grove as it should. Not the 1st time!! What do the rest of you stick them on there with. Don't really want to see oil on my new floor. I leave enough spots on Skid's.
  17. Friend of mine just stop by the house.... said he went to 3 of the 4 Walmart's here in Amarillo to get a super tech filter for his Goldwing. He could not find any of the filters. Ask at the counter and was told they do not carry them any more.
  18. I stoped and tryed to get some gas at a local station and it was pumping slow I got about 3/4 of a tank and went in to pay and said must be something wrong with your pump and she says oh I will tell the owner when he gets here. I get about 12 miles on the tank of fule and I am wondering if I will even get home. So to work I go on the cycle clean conections all that I can find move the TCI as long as I am at it. Still doent run very well take it for a ride it starts to run better but not like it did. Telling a friend of mine and he says sound like fule filter I just put a new one in a couple of days before I got the gas. So yesterday after checking plugs wires and everything else I could think of I decided to check the fule filter and here it is full of crud brown nasty stuff. And guess where it came from, found out that they let their tanks run empty and thats why it was puming so slow. So another new filter and its runing better but not the same as it was so I am sure that the screen on the petcock is coverd with this stuff and I hope that the tank wont have to be flushed out. Still waiting to talk with the owner I guess that he has been avoiding some other upset people.
  19. Just wanted to post this for feed back. I have been trying to think of ways to dress up the air intake/filter box area. Not looking for high performance just visiual appeal. My bike is an 08 RSV and I have added some RK mufflers. This is the only mechanical modification that has been done. I first started off by trying to find out how much CFM the stock filters drew so I would not be messing with fuel/air mixtures. Let me state I have no technical skills at all. Just about everyone that I've seen that has altered the air intake has had to adjust or re-jet and shim needle valves!?!? Seems the filters they used drew way to much air and exceeded the cfm required by the RSV. The only way I could come close was to call K & N and they gave me the info on CFM of the replacement filter for the RSV. Part #YA-1399 has 338 cfm. Then I looked at different types of "Pod, Pancake" type filters. Nobody making filter is willing or knows how much CFM there filters draw (except K&N). I wanted to keep the filter size small so that I would not exceed the 338. Thinking that K&N was a high flow filter, the stock must draw less. Also the stock air box has only a 1.5 inch hole drawing that air through. I was able to get info on several filter that looked good and had the low cfm draw. I decided on a small 4.5" round chrome pancake filter that is 1" thick. The filter is reusable/washable and oil charged. I fabricated small brackets to secure it solidly and also got some muffler pipe to form a connection between filter and intake hose. The filters draw 127 cfm each. I've had them on for a couple days now and have ran the bike on the highway and in town. Running through the rev limits and down shifting. There has been no hesitation of sputtering at all. Lots of get-up and go. Have only put about 20 miles on her so far. As for the filter being small my thinking was the stock flliter box is roughly 9.5L x 5W x 4.5D with a small 1.5 inch hole drawing air into a filter that is roughly 5.25L x 3.5X x 3.5D. The outside box makes the filter look bigger than it really is. If I need to go up in filter size or cfm K&N also has several round and oval styles with cfm draw of 172 to 269. Have included some pictures to show how it looks. Sure would like to here some of your thoughts (good/bad, postive/negative). Or if anyone would like more information just let me know. Thanks for reading, Dennis
  20. I was all packed up, helmet on and ready to go. Planned on an all day ride up to Ottawa for a new car-topper for the trailer, then down to Cornwall to pick up a set of carbs on the rack I had bought from Thirdbike. I kissed my wife goodbye....turned the key and ....NOTHING! I was up late last night playing with the running lights and I guess I killed the battery. "no problem" I thought, Just boost it off the car and I'll be on my way....a minor delay. Not so! It would not run. I could get it to fire, but it would rev up and die. It wouldn't stay running! Now I know my battery and charging system is OK because I NEVER have issues under normal operating. I suspected fuel delivery... I opened the one screw all the way out thinking it was the drain ...(it was the one that usually is 2 1/2 turns out) but no gas came out. I opened up one carb and removed the slider and diaphram to check and as I tried to start it I couldn't see any fuel misting in there or any other indication it was getting fuel. (Is that even a way to tell?) I checked the fuel filter. (What a pain to get to!) Sure enough when I blew it out I THINK a slug of something came out. I felt something bounce off my hand but it might even have just been a drop of gas. ( As gas was pouring out of the bike I realized I should have turned off the fuel supply first!!!) I charged up the battery while I was working and once I got it all back together I went for a ride for over an hour and it ran just fine. So now I don't know for sure if it was the fuel filter, or if the dead battery could have prevented it from running somehow. I had it connected to the car battery (car not running) so I have to believe it was the filter was plugged. Any thoughts?
  21. I LOVE the Oil Filter Purolator "Pure-One". I have seen the PL14612 mentioned here as the equivalent stock replacement. My question is the PL14610 is 3/4" Longer than the above stock 2.5" thus 3/4" of extra superior filter media. Will it fit? FYI: I climbed under RSV 2008 and measured about 1.25" between existing 2.5" Filter and the Frame. Approaching 600 mi Oil Change will be using Shell Rotellta T-5w40 from here on out. Any additional 2 cents welcome too.
  22. At the end of the riding season last year, I bit the bullet and Installed a K&N Air Filter. Since the weather has been so bad here, (snowing again today, 3 ins. by morning) I have had an extended amount of time to do all of the things to my 87'VR that I would never do during the riding season. I removed the Air Box Cover and to my surprise there was a BIG messy oily spot on my brand new filter where the Crank Case Vent Tube enters the Air Box. I was not happy. Well the old 87'VR has 75,000 miles on it now and I figured that there is probably going to be some blow by. I remembered that on my 86' V65 Magna, before I rebuilt the engine I had the same problem and added a Crank Case Vent Filter and disconnected the Crank Case Vent Tube from The Air Box. So, I did the same thing on the 87'VR. The pics below show the plumbing that I removed, How I plugged the two holes in the Air Box, The New Vent Filter, and the final result. Any Questions, Feel free. Earl
  23. I read that this filter WIX 51358 is not recommend for our bikes and I slap one on mine when the part cross reference it.. I found out about this after the fact Now do I swap filters now or wait till next oil change.
  24. Trying to find the part number for a alternate fuel filter. Not interested in relocating it just one that will fit for less than 21 bucks plus tax. Suppose to be in the library but my searches keep coming up blank.
  25. Does the same Spin-On-Oil Filter adaptor fit both the 89 and 91 VR. Are there any special tools needed? Are there any special instruction tips? Are there any thing to be carefull of?
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