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  1. I'm really considering it. I would make a great conservation starter. How much do ya suppose it would weigh? Or would it make a better hack? http://eauclaire.craigslist.org/mcy/3195565558.html Bill
  2. Sorry, not picture but let me describe. On my 84 that I am working on there is a rubber flap about an inch square on the left side of the motor right about where the shifter is. It covers a hole that obviously leaked when by friend laid this bike down (oil?). Anyway, what is this and how secure is this little flap suppose to be? It does not seem very secure and I am trying to do some cleaning without getting fluid in it. Thanks, Mark
  3. Trying to find the part number for a alternate fuel filter. Not interested in relocating it just one that will fit for less than 21 bucks plus tax. Suppose to be in the library but my searches keep coming up blank.
  4. I went for a ride today and all of a sudden when I put the left turn signal on it was very dim so I thought I had a bulb out but it would work normal sometimes so when I got home I turned it on the the bulbs would not flash but the taillight would flash. I suppose there is some control box that works it all and this is leaning me more to the Kawi and selling the VR.
  5. Our daughter and granddaughter Ella, are moving the end of this month to Kansas City, Missouri. We found this out right before Christmas. Ella's daddy is getting a big promotion, which of course means more money. This is all good, except the part about not being able to see our Ella. I know I am spoiled. And I also know many of you have grandchildren who do not live right near you. It is just getting used to it, I suppose. It is a new start for our daughter and her family. I need to think positively of course. I am just used to seeing Ella all the time. I usually rush home from work to get to see her. They lived only 20 minutes away. Now it will only be 10 hours away. It is another reason to go for a trip, only more often I suppose. This is good. It is also half way to Sturgis. A free place to stay! See I am trying to cheer myself up. Just sharing with you. I do not know how long they will be there. Maybe they will come back, sooner or later. I just am worried about Ella. She is going to be 4, March 6th. She is not going to understand why MiMi & Papa are not coming over to see her like she is used to. I know she will adjust but that part is very hard to deal with. Thanks for listening. Yama Mama
  6. I looked around in various areas on the site but didn't find the answer to my question. Does anybody happen to know the approximate weight/load bias on these bikes (in my case 1genMK2)? I'm real curious what % is up front vs. out back. I suppose I'd be interested in knowing both without a rider(s) and with.
  7. Just found this drop of antifreeze while i was trying to route aux cable for Ipod suppose to leave on the 14th and I know there is no way the dealer can get to it. Going to try an post pics.Its on the left side of motor between the cyclinders. IMG_0355.jpg IMG_0356.jpgIMG_0354.jpg Also any suggestion on fixing these tabs Last pic I installed two bolts here are they suppose to be there had a zip tie in one hole. IMG_0362.JPGIMG_0363.JPGIMG_0364.JPG
  8. Think I saw a First Gen Trike today... not sure .. is this what they look like? j/k Resourceful for sure..Use what you have available I suppose..
  9. Well as best as I can search. There is no easy install Baron risers for me. I will have to go with the Flanders bars I suppose. Shucks, I thought all along that the Baron risers for the Venture would also fit the Royal Star Tour Deluxe.....Wrong... Fuzzy
  10. Back in June 09, I purchased a RSV and finally got my wife on the back of it after 27 years of hearing that there is no way she would ever get on a motorcycle. I guess after a couple of years working in ER that would do that to you. Well, I got her on and the question I have is, I feel the bike is a little top heavy and sometimes hard to control even when she is not riding with me. I have been told and have read that I should get a lowering kit, to help the balance and control of the bike. Just wondering if I should go ahead and make the adjustment or wait. I am suppose to get it done tomorrow. Any Ideas? Well all, I went and had the bike lowered, and for the short time I took it for a ride and come to a stop it was great. Just that short distance of 1 inch did make a difference. Thanks to all for the advice.
  11. Noticed last night when I went to log in that SOMEBODY (I won't say his name but he just moved to Texas and likes "Cupcakes!) is havin' a bit o fun with my screen name. I suppose he'll jump in here soon and let us all know WHY! Dano "aka Jinxed" aka Skinny SQUIDLEY:shock3:
  12. ok ..... I've read through a few threads and would like to ask a simple question as to how my 2002 midnight ventures gauge works. At about 175 miles odometer switches to F and starts to count up. Is that when I should switch to reserve ?? also some say to just run it set on reserve all the time ?? So my first question is how is it suppose to work and what works best for my friends riding these bikes ?? Dale ps. I haven't run out of gas yet, but have had it in sputter mode a few times.
  13. Has anyone seen these Rechargeable Heated Boots? http://www.columbia.com/Bugathermo/Bugathermo_Landing,default,pg.html They are supposed to last for 8 hours, and your toosties are suppose to be warm. Yama Mama
  14. I am getting ready to wire up my scoot for a trailer and this place has everything I needed including an adaptor for the lights which plugs into the light plug under the seat.....suppose to be no splicing. It's made for the RSV's. It is so new that they don't have it listed on the web page yet. I haven't gotten it yet (but it is ordered). It is suppose to be a plug and play sort of deal. I'll let yo know how it turns out. http://www.electricalconnection.com/index2.htm
  15. Hi, I recently developed an afterfire on my 84. Upon further inspection, I have one fair sized crak near the very rear of my collector.. I imagine there may be more.. Time to fix I suppose...How much effort and job to remove this and weld....I think the baffles are okay. Any tip or trick to speed removal or make it easier? Thanks Clay
  16. Just got a call from Jeff he's in Kandahar. He's not gonna work on the 60's though he said he'll be working on Apache's. He's staying in temp housing which is a big tent with a bunch of other guys till he gets his permanent set up. Also his tools haven't gotten there yet. Not sure where they are. But he's gotten to where he's suppose to be. So now he can get into a routine. Hopefully that will make time go faster for him. It's gotta be better then sitting around waiting. Especially for him he gets bored so easily. Margaret
  17. GOOD MORNING EVERYONE. It is still raining here in Michigan :rain2: . We do need it as the old saying goes. It is suppose to go all day long. We have a family reunion at 1:00 and is suppose to be outside today. We will see. Take care everyone and have a great day if you want to.
  18. I have an 83 sitting around, and last weekend I ran into an old friend who has an old VW microbus in the back yard with a 1600. How do ya suppose a VR/VW trike would look? Who do ya suppose you would talk to to make the fiberglass bodywork? I wonder how I could run the shift linkage.
  19. Just wanted to jump in and say hi from Cleveland, GA. Just bought a Black Cherry 06' Venture. Will be selling my custom 96' Royal Star. I live close to Steve {from the famous Wagner Custom Grills}. He told me I could not buy any bike that did not already come with one of his grills. He said if they did not already have one then they didn't REALLY take care of their ride to begin with Anyway, I look forward to riding with some of you soon. Snowed here yesterday and I am suppose to be on SPRING BREAK Dennis
  20. BuddyRich


    I know this is a Motocycle site but I trust the members here more than anybody else. Thinking of buying a used boat. Wanted to know some of the things I need to watch for. I know its not suppose to have holes in the bottom ? Right ? Found this one close. http://www.boattrader.com/listing/1986-BAYLINER-16-92184658 And this one a lot further away. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=017&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&viewitem=&item=270233744559&rd=1 Any recommendations would be great.
  21. Just curious, I wonder what the bike would look like without them. If no one has pictures I Suppose I could just yank them off and see for myself.
  22. Just wanted to let you all know that my incident on ebay is suppose to get resolved. The seller is suppose to send me a shipping label and refund me the purchase price. Of course I will be out for the shipping cost, but that's better than the whole amount. Can you purchase this from any where in the United States? My wife doesn't like the idea of ordering this from the United Kingdom. For those of you who have purchased from the United Kingdom do you pay with credit card or what? Thanks hairman
  23. Greying


    Well it is finally here. I am now a grampa. Loghan was born Sunday 9lbs 13.9oz to my daughter Jessica and her partner. I guess a new stage of life has begun. Am I suppose to be more serene and wise now? Even got a temporary promotion at work. What a week!
  24. Have not seen any thing on here yet so here it is>>>>>>> HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! I suppose I am in the dog house with all the men now?
  25. This web site may be of some interest. http://WWW.expertvillage.com If you search motorcycle (top right of screen) there are suppose to be 268 videos of all sort's pertaining to motorcycles. Keith
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