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  1. Well I'm off today and bored. I'm kinda tired so I don't want to go anywhere and it's gonna be pretty darn hot and humid, so I'm gonna sit here and watch time crawl by. It'll probably speed up once I remember I have to get up by 4 am tomorrow to go back to work. YUCK! I should get a gopro and wear it on my head at work so I can post the videos online of the odd people that stop at the store. I think I can beat out some of them odd folks at walmart, except some of these folks go there too. Maybe I'll just sit here and read some stuff online, but I've been doing that most of the morning. I did d
  2. I will but Don will have to wear his shirt too. He is the official Ass lol
  3. Well Dylan is a good kid I don't think you'll have to worry about him riding, just the rest of the idiots out there. Of course that's whether he's on a bike or in a car. Tell him congrats on his first bike.
  4. Thanks for the pics Peg for those of us who couldn't make it. Was nice seeing folks in the pics at least
  5. Well we didn't get to make it this year, but I do have a question: what do you tell them folks in Ohio? We saw lots of cars with Ohio plates this weekend. Are they scared? Only fighting is if someone runs out of ice cream. I know it wasn't me since I was here lol. Guess that means only you are scared of me hehehehe Have you hidden all the buckets? We are hoping to make it next year as well, but in the meantime I've had lots of time to think up interesting things for the next time I get up there. Hmmmmmmm wonder what I could get up to.
  6. Annie and Alan are in Western Australia. A bit of a distance from Spear lol
  7. Yep you have but it's ok the rest of us are getting grumpy too
  8. This is from the christmas card this year. She will be 4 soon and he's 4 months. Have a great new year.
  9. So I gotta ask, did you wash anything else with it? You do have a reputation to keep up Eck. Margaret
  10. I know Ron will get her running right and you'll be back on the road again. Glad you made it home ok. Margaret
  11. Enjoy your trip. It's nice up there my daughter lives in Brevard. Looks like good weather for you too. Plenty of nice roads to ride as well.
  12. First you came through NC and didn't tell us? Ok now that I got that out of the way. You're probably glad not to be here this weekend. The weather is really crappy, but on the upside no hurricane coming so that's good. Glad you had a good trip.
  13. Better hope she doesn't read that Dan. Margaret
  14. Have fun today Dan. You are just 30 again right? :Happy Birthday: Margaret
  15. We'll miss you both. It was great seeing you again this trip. Love ya lots Margaret
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